You can’t carry money to them to pay for your meal utilizing the PayPal app.

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However, over there are means you deserve to use PayPal indirectly at Taco Bell and we candlestick look into these below.

How to usage PayPal at Taco Bell

The only method you have the right to use PayPal at Taco Bell is by indirectly utilizing it with the Google pay or Samsung salary apps.

You can usually set up PayPal in one of two people Google salary or Samsung Pay and also present your mobile device to the cashier come pay.

However, we recognize that PayPal doesn’t seem to work in Google Pay and also Samsung pay in all places so this will depend on wherein you live in the world.

Unfortunately, Apple salary does not assistance PayPal and also therefore you cannot usage Apple Pay with PayPal to acquisition your food.

Does the Taco Bell application take PayPal?

The Taco Bell app does not take PayPal but you can use Google Pay in ~ the app.

You can additionally use your credit or debit card in the Taco Bell app.

Can You use PayPal in ~ the Taco Bell Drive-thru?

You deserve to only usage PayPal at the Taco Bell drive-thru if you have actually it collection up ~ above Google salary Or Samsung Pay.

If friend do, then you have the right to just present your mobile machine with Google pay or Samsung salary to the cashier and you can pay for your food.

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Does Taco Bell expropriate Checks?

Unfortunately, Taco Bell does no take checks, so you will require to obtain your inspect cashed before you can use it to buy your food.

I certain love the examine scanning mechanism many financial institutions are using now.

A lot of of banks now provide a business within their banking apps where you have the right to take a photograph of her check and upload it come the app.

The inspect is then cashed and the money goes right into your account, typically the following day.


Other ways to Pay in ~ Taco Bell


While PayPal isn’t well sustained at Taco Bell, there’s lot of of other methods to pay.

Check the end these other options:

Cash (in store and at the drive-thru)Debit/credit map (in store, app and also drive-thru)Google salary (in store, app and also drive-thru)Apple salary (in store and drive-thru)Samsung salary (in store and drive-thru)

So over there you have it, lot of of ways to pay because that those taco without using PayPal.

Bottom Line

It’s a shame that PayPal isn’t widely sustained at Taco Bell, but we feel it’s only really a difficulty in the Taco Bell app as we do like the option when using food ordering applications.

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However, in-store or at the drive-thru, we find the lack of PayPal support much less of a problem due come the other payment choices available.

We love apologize Pay, Google pay or Samsung Pay as mobile options to salary in store or in ~ the drive-thru as they’re therefore convenient and effortless to use.

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