OZZY OSBOURNE: 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' layout Song obtainable For Download

August 23, 20040Comments

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OZZY OSBOURNE"s original theme song for the brand-new TV show "Dog the Bounty Hunter", has actually been posted online in MP3 format at this ar (780 KB).

"Dog the Bounty Hunter", i beg your pardon will start airing top top A&E top top Tuesday, Aug. 31, through back-to-back half-hour episodes starting at 10 p.m., adheres to the show"s star, a bounty hunter called Duane Chapman (nicknamed "Dog"), as he tracks and then traps various fugitives — usually guys (and occasionally women) who skip their reserved trial dates and also are hiding out somewhere in Hawaii, generally in some of the islands" seedier locales.

Bringing them in is the job of Dog, his wife, Beth, 34, and various associates, including one that Dog"s sons, Leland, 27, (Duane and also Beth have 12 children between them) and also one of Dog"s nephews, Justin, 21. Read more.

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