There were plenty of great horror reflects designed because that kids, however none had actually a feeling of feeling on the exact same level together Cartoon Network’s courage the Cowardly Dog. Favor several an excellent shows on the network, Courage acquired its start as a one-off cartoon top top the show What A Cartoon. The pilot established a storyline the was repeatedly revisited transparent the show’s four-season run—the Chicken indigenous Outer space and exactly how Courage would certainly defeat it. 

As the present went on, number of episodes encountered unique problems that could only be presented with this horror/comedy lens. One, for instance, comes from the very first half-hour illustration of the series, “The Tower that Dr. Zalost”. Considering most episodes of ship were two 11-minute segments, this was rather a unique episode together it would primarily deal with people handling depression and long-term sadness. 

The episode starts with the eponymous tower being shown roaming transparent Courage’s hometown the Nowhere, Kansas. The launches cannonballs that don’t ache people, however rather reason them come lose every one of their happiness and also energy. When hit, a human being becomes emotionless, too exhausted to function, and also their skin i do not care a grayish-green color, similar to Dr. Zalost. We then satisfy the antagonist in every one of this, Dr. Zalost, who has actually perfected his “unhappy cannonball project” and is now demanding that be paid $33 ⅓ billion no to proceed unleashing lock on the citizens. ~ the Mayor and the city manager refuse, Dr. Zalost manages to do the remainder of the city depressed with his cannonballs, however soon the town agrees to his demands.

He presume that having all the money would allow him to be happy yet as the old saying goes, “money can not buy happiness.” Meanwhile, Courage and his owner Muriel room making ‘happy plums’, which got their name since Muriel insists they deserve to make something happy. Meanwhile, Eustace, Muriel’s husband, is wondering wherein his newspaper is because it’s late and also has not been yielded yet. When he enquires around it, that learns that the newspaper wasn’t made for that day since the staff is also tired, a result of Dr. Zalost’s cannonballs. 

Eustace goes come the newspaper office to carry out what the does best, complain about anything, and also is spotted by Dr. Zalost and his henchman, Rat, a rat that is mainly interested in just helping Dr. Zalost it is in happy. Dr. Zalost decides that if the is unhappy, then everyone have to be unhappy, so they decision to pursue Eustace to see if there are any kind of other happy people. Dr. Zalost quickly finds them and manages to shoot Muriel v an dissatisfied cannonball. However, once he shoots Eustace through a cannonball, naught happens because Eustace is already an unhappy person. Courage manages come dodge every one of the cannonballs, leading Dr. Zalost to believe he has obtained them all. Courage, learning well indigenous previous experiences, realizes the cure to every little thing is sick Muriel need to be located inside the tower. And also for the very first and possibly just time in this series, Courage and also Eustace work-related together top top a plan. Eustace poses together a pizza shipment guy and also gets Rat to carry Courage into the tower. 

The story take away an interesting turn from right here as Rat make the efforts to protect against Courage simply as ship accidentally knocks over hills of cannonballs. As the two struggle to maintain their balance, vessel accidentally throw a cannonball at Rat, that becomes a large buff evil version of his former self. Vessel attempts to escape the brand-new Rat’s wrath, by utilizing the happy plums which turn Rat right into a baby. Despite this arrangement working, it only brings him into the clutches of Dr. Zalost. Due to the fact that this a cartoon and also heroes worthy a opportunity to spare their lives, Zalost forces Courage to play Hangman or hazard being shot v a cannonball. 

Willing come go in addition to this, vessel plays because that dear life. At one allude he manages to cost-free himself indigenous the ropes just to provide Dr. Zalost $15 for 3 vowels. He manages to guess 2 letters as soon as he screams “O”. He ultimately manages to guess words which to be aptly enough, “BOOM”. Despite saving his life, Zalost tho attempts come shoot Courage v a cannon, though the dog conveniently jumps out of the way. He finds self on a ledge with just Dr. Zalost to save him. However, he conveniently remembers what taken place with Rat and also the happy plums earlier. 

Courage dumps the rest of the cup that happy plums right into the serum used for the unhappy cannonballs and also manages to adjust them. The serum transforms bright pink and also spews cannonballs the end of the tower, destroying it in the process. As the new happy cannonballs fight the townspeople of Nowhere, lock are revitalized to their previous selves. Meanwhile, the tower the Dr. Zalost explodes together Courage, slightly charred from the explosion, runs into the home carrying a happy cannonball and also Baby Rat. The once infamous tower lays in ruins. 

Just together he is around to conserve Muriel, Dr. Zalost to walk in v one last unhappy cannonball. Courage litter his cannonball in ~ Muriel and restores her. Meanwhile, Dr. Zalost misses her and hits Eustace who turns into rock after detect his mallet. Courage and also Muriel take it refuge under the table and also hide native Dr. Zalost. However, he finds a cup that happy plums on the table and also eats some. He remembers they room his favorite and also turn him right into a happy version of himself. That no longer has environment-friendly skin and is not depressed. Rather, the is smiling and embraces baby Rat with glee. 

The episode contains numerous allusions to the idea of being depressed and trying come get assist for taking care of mental illness. That a triumph that an episode as it likewise shows that occasionally the cure because that an infinite depression deserve to be something as straightforward as eating your favorite food. The ton of the episode is an extremely lighthearted however if girlfriend look previous the comedy, you deserve to see the battle of dealing with mental illness. At part points, this episode really taps into those moments once things simply seem lost and also there isn’t much hope left. 

When looking at the character of Dr. Zalost, he can be seen as an anti-hero in the end, fairly than one antagonist. Because he has been depressed for so long, it have the right to be difficult to number out what provides a person happy. The cannonball deserve to be viewed as just how a human who’s been depressed for so lengthy can impact others. Sure, there space those who deserve to snap them the end of those awful thoughts and also emotions, but it’s a lot of harder as soon as they aren’t willing to try reasonable means to make themselves happy. Much like Dr. Zalost, part people try to buy happiness or effort to eat your feelings.

A mass of the illustration really concentrates on the idea of ship finding a magic cure-all for Muriel’s depressed state. However, depression is something that cannot it is in cured overnight. The takes lot of of time. Because that Dr. Zalost, his story concludes through him recognize some pleasure in his favorite food, though he is not necessarily end the hill yet. Rather, the probably had to take some happy plums for the road.

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Also, the idea that him remaining in the tower stands come symbolize just how he desires to isolate self from the rest of the world since of his mental/emotional state. But, in stimulate to obtain over something like that, that takes someone choose Courage to come follow me and help you take the rocky road of confrontation to resolve your problem.