Found a rare version of the funimation dub (Gohan's SSJ2 revolution in particular) just on this one website. Any type of idea what that is?

Just a small back story - I newly (few months ago) rewatched DBZ for the an initial time because I to be a kid. Full nostaliga overload and all that. Today, i was city hall Gohan's revolution against cell (because it's fucking awesome and also possibly my favorite moment in any type of anime I've seen), and I realized something was...different.

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The initial dub ns was the town hall a few months earlier was funimation and so was this video. Yet it just wasn't the same, so i watched a bunch of various videos: Kai, the ocean dub, the initial Japanese version , the funimation dub, funimation v japanese music, remastered funimation yet none that them sounded right. I couldn't placed my finger on it until I found the website wherein I rewatched the totality series.

It transforms out it to be the music. Not only was it various from every video clip I observed on youtube, there was also a lot much less of it sort of favor the Japanese version. During Android 16's speech and much the Gohan's revolution there is merely no music. It is quiet all the means up till the next episode.There's no backround music play constantly. I have actually a connect here for this reason you can listen to it

Feel cost-free to go forward one episode too to see the other part of Gohan's revolution where the music ultimately kicks in Honestly, I choose it a lot better. It's much more dramatic v the silence. It makes 16's speech and also and Gohan's stunned shock much an ext believable. When the music finally kicks in, it feels method more epic than once it was just playing the whole time. It also does a an excellent job (imo) of once Cell claims "incredible". Just the means the music type of in the interim stops, Cell claims the line, and also then starts building up again is awesome. The various other version really renders that line much less convincing. In this one, you can reall tell cell is like comletely fucking blown away by Gohan's power.Let me recognize what you think. I know human being tend to it is in partial to the people they first watched for mainly nostalgia purposes.

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More importantly though...what fucking version is this?? Animeonhand is the only website I've seen through this soundtrack. Sorry for the long post and thanks!

TL;DR: discovered a variation of DBZ that seems not an extremely well known that I like to any type of other kind. To be wondering what everyone's thoughts to be on it and also if lock had any kind of knowledge about it.