Dragon search VIII: journey of the Cursed King is a game that encourages you to carry out your ideal as you go along. There room sidequests come complete. You have actually alchemy come perform. The Nintendo 3DS version also has those photograph quests to extend the life of the game. But, that what wake up after the end that can convince human being to save going deeper into the well. Between two marital relationship candidates, each with standard and true endings, and two post-game dungeons, this is a video game that desires you to it is in at her best and will encourage you come reach new heights with substantial challenges.

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One the the many discussed enhancements in Dragon quest VIII: journey of the Cursed King is the capacity to marry either Medea or Jessica, giving two endings. Medea is the default heroine. Come marry her, play v the game as normal. You’ll have actually no added errands to run or decisions to make. It’s only if you desire to marry Jessica the you have to do miscellaneous different.


If you want to have actually your hero get married the heroine who has been fighting alongside him every along, you’ll should pay a visit to she childhood home. Before heading turn off to hit Rhapthorne, it’s important to speak come Rosalind in Alexandria. She will provide you Alistair’s Armor. After that, sleep in Alexandria’s inn. Save going with the video game as normal. Rather of immediately marrying Medea, you’ll be able to make some options when speak to King Clavius. He’ll ask if you have feelings for Medea. Every you need to do is say the you don’t care for Medea and also have feelings for someone else. You’ll then obtain to settle down with Jessica.



Having two marriage choices isn’t the only twin delight in Dragon pursuit VIII: trip of the Cursed King. There are additionally two post-game bonus dungeons. One is discovered near Baccarat, if the various other is close to Marta’s cottage. The Baccarat-area dungeon is the Dragovian Sanctuary. Inside, you’ll discover Mini Medals, and also important devices like the danger Bustier, Liquid metal Armor, a Skull Helm, Thanatos’ Shield. Oh, and also dragons. Over there are lots of dragonic bosses here. Though, you yes, really only should beat the mr of the Dragovians once, to obtain the Argon Ring and also unlock the Dragovian Trials. The Argon Ring is the items you’ll must see the true endings because that both Medea and also Jessica. In every case, you need to pick to show King Clavius the Argon Ring after beating Rhapthorne.


Memories Lane, the second post-game dungeon, is far much more difficult. It’s uncovered at Marta’s cottage, south of Orkutsk. Think of it as a means to remember all of the bosses you’ve battled throughout Dragon quest VIII: journey of the Cursed King. Only now, castle ridiculously strong. Girlfriend only have to fight each one once, yet it is feasible to fight them repeatedly. There space 15 come face, through Estark make an appearance together the absolute last boss. The is one excruciating trek and also honestly, I would not hazard going in uneven you’re at least at level 80. And, even at level 80, girlfriend still could not be solid enough to do it all the means to Estark.


When girlfriend go through Dragon search VIII: journey of the Cursed King, you’re acquiring a opportunity to get every little thing you might possibly desire for your characters. That an opportunity to make them the finest people they deserve to be. And, for your efforts, you might just earn an item that will give you a ring because that the true endings. The game rewards you for proving yourself and also expending the extra effort, giving you better equipment and extr endings.

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Dragon pursuit VIII: trip of the Cursed King is easily accessible for the Nintendo 3DS.