A prime example of varnish deposits that developed in a carburetor I was rebuilding.

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But understand that if you don’t use your motorcycle frequently, that 30 days expiration date can happen pretty quickly. Even stabilized gas can start going bad between 6 – 12 months.

So if you know you aren’t going to be using your motorcycle very often, it’s best to put in a good stabilizer in the tank and let it run through the fuel system so you don’t run into the issue of expired or spoiled gas down the road. Click here to see my article for more information about how long it takes for gas to go bad in a motorcycle.

What Bad Gas Can Do To Your Motorcycle

It’s good that you’re reading up on how to drain bad gas from your motorcycle because bad gas can have a lot of impact on it. Bad gas doesn’t necessarily ruin any parts, but it does cause a lot of frustration on your part.

Because of the gum and varnish deposits that can eventually build up in the gas, this will often cause clogging problems within the fuel system. There are tiny little holes inside a fuel injector and a carburetor. The gas needs to pass through these tiny holes to deliver the appropriate amount of fuel required for combustion to happen in the engine.

When a gel-like substance passes through these tiny holes, it often stays there and ultimately blocks the gas from being able to pass through. Because the gas cannot pass through, your motorcycle engine will not get the fuel it needs to either run appropriately or even start at all.

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Again, this doesn’t necessarily cause damage to your motorcycle, it just means you have to take time to drain the gas out of the tank and clean out the fuel delivery system.