When it involves beautiful urban with southern charm, girlfriend can"t beat Savannah, Georgia. And, v a quick drive indigenous Atlanta, it"s simple to discover two the America’s most hospitable destinations. Pick up a rental automobile from one of centregalilee.com’s 40+ locations and also check out these optimal spots follow me the way from Atlanta come Savannah. Be ready for the open road by visiting ours checklist of road pilgrimage essentials.

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Drive Time indigenous Atlanta to Savannah: approximately 4 hoursDistance from Atlanta come Savannah: approximately 250 miles Recommended auto for this road trip: Full-size sedan

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5. Savannah


Savannah, Georgia. Picture Credit: iStock

When you"re prepared to finish the critical leg the the road trip, continue driving east on federal government 16 for about an hour and also 55 miles to with Savannah. Here you"ll discover several exciting and historical attractions precious exploring. To experience among the many beautiful components of the city, head to the Savannah historic District - the perfect ar to see the city’s well known 18th and 19th-century architecture and also urban environment-friendly spaces. The historical district is also where you"ll have actually an opportunity to see well-known historical buildings, such as the Isaiah Davenport House, Owens-Thomas House, and Green-Meldrim House.

Other hotspots roughly town incorporate a riverboat cruise, shopping about the City Market, and visiting the Juliette Gordon short Birthplace. Outdoor enthusiasm will desire to kayak through the river system or invest some time at the coast on Tybee Island.

Savannah is complete of history, but it’s also well-known because that an epic culinary scene. Head come The Olde Pink residence located in one elegant early american mansion and discover a food selection that supplies innovative southerly dishes. Lowcountry cuisine is the template of this iconic restaurant that blends sophistication with a casual setting. Indigenous goat cheese stuffed artichoke fritters and fried eco-friendly tomatoes come a bone-in cowboy ribeye, The Olde Pink residence will delight any palate. A good meal isn"t finish without dessert though. Avoid by Leopold"s because that handmade ice cream cream from Savannah"s historical shop.

Explore every the southerly charm over there is between Atlanta and also Savannah, and enjoy a level of hospitality that"s difficult to uncover in various other areas.

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Atlanta to Savannah FAQs


What is the best time that year to visit Savannah, Georgia?

March and also April are great times come visit Savannah. The weather is cooler, with typical temperatures ranging from the 70s to 80s. The flowers and foliage space in full bloom currently of year, providing beautiful scenery. There are also several occasions that take it place here in spring, including the Savannah Music Festival and also St. Patrick"s work Parade.


What is Atlanta recognized for?

The city the Atlanta is known for a variety of things, including attractions prefer the civilization of Coca Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, and The Fox Theatre. The biggest airport in the unified States, Hartsfield Jackson global Airport, is located here as well. Atlanta is also home come Martin Luther King Junior and also is known as the birthplace the the Civil rights Movement.