Here’s the best path for your san Francisco to Seattle roadway trip. Every little thing you require to know for the mountain Francisco come Seattle drive….

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While people simply love to drive v the gold coasts of California, along the Pacific shore Highway, you could be surprised to learn that this is not the most popular route to do a road expedition on the West Coast. The title for the finest route goes to the san Francisco to Seattle journey – there space some incredible places to stop.

If you’re plan a west coast USA roadway trip, then add this come my san Francisco to LA route and you’ll be every the means down the coast. Or, the mountain Francisco to Seattle drive is stunning in itself.

You’ll see…

– very first stop ~ above the mountain Francisco to Seattle road Trip: mountain Fran!

There’s something beautiful about seeing the scenery slowly adjust and revolve greener while girlfriend reach cooler parts that the USA, and any roadway trippers that love to be in touch with nature and also a little history will gain a kick the end of this trip.

For those who aren’t looking come hit the Interstate-5 to conserve time, these almost 800 mile that separate both cities have actually some real surprise treasures you can’t miss. So, keep analysis to uncover out the 10 ideal stops top top a san Francisco to Seattle road trip.

Your mountain Francisco come Seattle roadway Trip

I’ll begin by listing several of the an excellent things to see on a SF to Seattle roadway trip, prior to delving into what to lug on your mountain Francisco to Seattle roadway trip, and also then answering a few FAQ and itinerary tips. Just want come make sure you have everything you need!

1. San Francisco, California

First stop on your mountain Francisco come Seattle road trip is that course, the almighty mountain Francisco. In mountain Francisco you deserve to go down to Fisherman’s Wharf and also see the Pier and the seals, walk throughout the golden Gate Bridge and also head out to Alcatraz.You can book your Alcatraz tickets right here to make sure you obtain in top top the day you want.

Union Square, Lombard Street and also Chinatown are all great places to cave out prior to you journey from SFO come Seattle too. I’d to speak at least three job to discover San Fran, and also to make the many of these san Francisco vegan restaurants together recommended by The Nomadic Vegan.

San Francisco come Seattle road expedition planner

Here’s your map of the mountain Francisco come Seattle road trip

2. Sonoma, California

Your mountain Francisco to Seattle road trip starts off with the appropriate foot by payment a visit to the gorgeous an ar of Sonoma. Located a little north of mountain Francisco, Sonoma is composed of tiny and picturesque towns such as Healdsburg, Guerneville (the ideal option to a night the party) and also Forestville.

Sonoma is additionally a wine-region with an excellent farm-to-table food options to choose from. Therefore on your san Francisco to Seattle journey we advise you to get to this stop at an early stage to inspect out one of the many small tasting rooms, and maybe later fill your tank at a good restaurant.

Obviously you don’t want to drink and also drive, so you can select from one of many little inns or cabins in the area to spend the night prior to you move on.

3. Napa Valley, California

Napa sink is almost an obligated protect against on a san Francisco to Seattle road trip. This internationally renowned wine an ar holds some of the best vineyards and also exclusive tasting rooms in the country, and the world.

Are girlfriend undecided around which vineyard to visit because that a manufacturing or cavern tour?

The most recommended options are the Alpha Omega, silver- Oak, Nickel and also Nickel, Chateau Montelena, Heitz, Merryvale and Shraumsberg grounds.

– The vineyards are among the highlights of the san Francisco to Seattle drive

Sure, Napa Valley could be renowned for that is wine; yet there’s something rather that provides this place worth visiting and also staying in for a couple of days: the cuisine.

The Napa region holds some of the ideal restaurants and eateries in the country, indigenous affordable spots to Michelin Star restaurants where you should make bookings months prior to your visit. You could want to placed some planning right into this.

4. Mendocino, California

You’re a third of the method through your mountain Francisco come Seattle drive once you get to Mendocino, California. This coastal town was developed entirely v redwood in the 1800s, which do for that is rustic appearance along with the old water towers the now host cosy restaurants and also B&Bs.

Probably the ideal thing you’ll discover in this picturesque city is art and also everything about it: several artists live in Mendocino, and they have actually private galleries which you can discover in search for the perfect piece for her house.

There are additionally several unique shops to gain something unique you won’t uncover somewhere else.

Another can’t-miss in this city is the Headlands State Park, wherein if you visit in winter you could spot whales breaching offshore.

5. Fort Bragg, California

About 170 mile in ~ above your mountain Francisco come Seattle road trip you’ll with the beautiful and also calm city of fort Bragg.

While this city is all around nature, windy beaches and also open parks, the most notable attraction in fort Bragg is Glass Beach, the owes its surname to the sea glass that have the right to be uncovered all over the ar as a result of old glass bottles that eroded into the sand.

If you want to keep trying out the California coastlines on this part of her trip, store walking v the Noyo Headlands Park (this is wherein Glass coast is located), and also breathe in the Pacific s breeze.

For gastronomy fans, a can’t miss spot is the Eggheads restaurant, a ‘Wizard of Oz’ themed restaurant with good options to have actually breakfast.

6. Shasta Lake, California

On this component of the san Francisco come Seattle drive you’ll component ways with the beautiful shore of California. Shasta Lake is a beautiful spot come visit and a really popular one in the state for nature lovers.

Shasta Lake is gorgeous and also shockingly big, this lake was ‘formed’ by the Shasta Dam and it’s popular since it resembles an oddly shaped hand. Similar to the perfect postcard come send your relatives, Shasta Lake is surrounding by enormous mountains filled v bushy trees, and it sits listed below a breathtakingly blue sky.

Like any an excellent lake, you deserve to engage in activities such together boating, fishing, water skiing and even camping in the site. This is the last Californian prevent of the road expedition so you better enjoy it!

7. Crater Lake, Oregon

And similar to that we’ve skipped state lines in our mountain Francisco to Seattle road trip!

Visiting the Crater Lake national Park is a can’t-miss prevent for you. The Crater Lake, i m sorry is the deepest lake in the unified States, was formed when a at sight volcano erupted about 7,000 years ago.

– An absolute highlight the the mountain Francisco to Seattle drive: Crater Lake

The Crater Lake has an excellent deep blue colour since it has actually no inlet or outlet that water like most lakes. Whether you visit this point out in winter or summer there’ll be a fun task for girlfriend to do on your expedition from Sfo come Seattle.

On the hottest month of the year you deserve to take a boat ride come Wizard Island, appropriate in the middle of the lake, and also go hiking. However, on winter, you have the right to visit the serene waters and engage in some nation skiing and shoe snowing. No wonder it’s among the ideal places come visit in Oregon!

If you have the time to cave deeper there space some good places to see along the Oregon shore too.

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8. Willamette Valley, Oregon

California could be the most recognized state to make wine, however it’s no the just one!

If you desire to visit a much more affordable wine region in the US, it’s indeed Willamette Valley. This an ar has an ext than 1,300 wineries and vineyards whereby you can enjoy delicious wine such together the forgive Pinot Noir. Some of the most well-known wineries in Willamette Valley room the Alloro Vineyard, the Durant Vineyards and the Eyrie Vineyards, whereby the Pinot Noir that’s ‘better than the French one’ is made.

– little bit of greenery top top your san Francisco come Seattle roadway trip? The Willamette Valley

As funny as wine sounds, this is not all there’s to check out at Willamette Valley. Make sure to examine out the Evergreen Aviation & an are Museum, wherein you’ll learn an ext about aviation and also see The Spruce Goose – the biggest wooden plane ever made by Howard Hughes.

This san Francisco to Seattle road trip itinerary is about to get also better!

9. Portland, Oregon

Getting closer to our destination, a an excellent stop in every mountain Francisco to Seattle drive is Portland, in Oregon. Once you get there, you’ll be greeted by mount Hood and the Columbia gorge filled through waterfalls.

Portland is a really affordable alternative that’s filled with activities such as open-air markets, live independence bookstores and also grabbing a bite in among its an ext than 500 food carts with the widest range of cuisines.

–Portland makes for an amazing stop on a road trip from san Francisco come Seattle

If you desire a good way to examine out the impressive Victorian style of the city or few of its countless murals, rent a bike and also roll about town enjoy it the view. At the finish of the day, Portland is worth continuing to be the night so you have the right to visit one of the countless local pubs around.

It’s a an excellent place to invest a couple of days – if you have time.

10. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Driving west of Portland you’ll get to Cannon Beach, a little town that’s precious visiting particularly in the summer. Cannon coast is the finest viewing point out of the Haystack Rock throughout sunset, a sea stalk of enormous proportions.

To expand your visit right here dip in and also do part surfing, clock the birds pools indigenous afar or have actually a warm bonfire at dusk. We need to warn you that the waters at Cannon Beach room cold virtually every day and also at any suggest of the day, yet that doesn’t seem come discourage tourists from enjoying a quite swim.

When night falls, Cannon Beach has actually a nice pier where you can obtain lunch or even good dinner among its many cosy spots. A great little point out on this road trip itinerary.

11. Mount Rainier nationwide Park, Washington

Almost at our last prevent in this long San Francisco come Seattle road trip!

The almighty mount Rainier is only 85 miles southeast of Seattle. Mountain Rainier is the greatest peak of the Pacific Northwest and also the many recognised landmark in Washington state.

Mount Rainier is in reality an active volcano that last erupted in 1894 and also has 25 breathtaking glaciers that occupy 10% of the park’s total surface. This park has two main areas called Sunrise and also Paradise where plenty of hiking trails can be walked by tourists.

Enjoy some of the best and most differed sceneries that encompass alpine forests, waterfalls and flower-carpeted meadows. If you reap extreme activities or you simply enjoy being in the outside, mount Rainier national Park is a must.

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12. Seattle

Made it!

You’ve completed the san Francisco to Seattle road pilgrimage itinerary…

–From san Francisco come Seattle roadway trip

And so we arrive to the finish of the san Francisco come Seattle drive!

This road trip has actually some that the best landscapes found in the joined States, and some that the most unique tasks you’ll mental forever. So, get your backpack ready and fill your tank due to the fact that we guarantee you this route has a small something for everyone in your take trip party.

FA Questions around the road pilgrimage from san Francisco come Seattle

What to lug on your mountain Francisco to Seattle roadway trip

The weather in the Pacific Northwest have the right to be kind of unpredictable. I’d absolutely recommend packing a rain jacket and warm trousers, along with your summer clothes. Carry snacks for the journey, one umbrella, and of course, execute not forget her camera!

How lengthy does it require to drive from san Francisco to Seattle?

The mountain Francisco to Seattle journey time is roughly 13 hours if you simply drive directly down the I-5N. Do that though and you’ll miss out on every these good things to see along the route.

How far is Seattle from san Francisco through car?

If you road pilgrimage San Francisco come Seattle you’ll covering at the very least 807 mile –that’s if you do the abovementioned route and also go directly down the I-5N. Perform this roadway trip and you’ll most likely do around dual that. Life is all around the journey, not the destination!

Where to continue to be on the mountain Francisco come Seattle drive?

There room some an excellent places come stay in between San Francisco and Seattle. I’d certainly recommend remaining in part Airbnbs along the way – friend can find some really distinct ones if you spend some time looking. This way you acquire to examine out some cool properties too.

What is halfway between Seattle and San Francisco?

This mountain Francisco come Seattle road pilgrimage planner place Crater Lake in ~ halfway between the two. This is great spot to take stock that what you’ve seen, and also the impressive sites still to come.

What candlestick I perform in san Francisco?

There space so many great things to perform in mountain Francisco – you’ll entirely be spoilt for choice!

Of course the essentials like gold Gate Bridge and Pier 39 need to be peak of your list, but my insider reference would it is in to head to the Castro. This is what’s recognized as the gay area that the city and also has a good nightlife. Spent countless a boozey night here.

What chandelier I execute in Seattle?

So, you’ve done your road trip to Seattle from mountain Francisco and also you need principles for things to perform in Seattle?

–Ok, I’d recommend Pike Place market for a fascinating look at at one of the coolest sectors in the world.

–Go and eat in ~ the an are Needle – a 605-foot monitoring deck and rotating restaurant –for your final night.

–And then go visit the Olympic Sculpture Park to check out a yes, really beautiful part of the city.

Or, this video does one amazing project at showing you more of the city…

Driving from mountain Francisco come Seattle

I hope this mountain Francisco come Seattle road trip blog has helped you arrangement your trip. Please perform let me know if girlfriend have any questions below – constantly happy come help!