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What"s happenin nigga? Hell yeah, what"s up my nigga?Ain"t notin just out here grindin, mine nigga you recognize what that isWhat"s increase nigga what friend need? I need some weed Aw, male I don"t also fuck wit da weed no more What? Aw, hell naw, male I acquired this new shitMan this shit referred to as ecstasy man Ecstasy, what? nigga this tha shit, manWhat the fuck? nigga this shit will have you ~ above the level wit ya female and everythang, niggaLook I"ma provide you among these muthafucka"s allow you shot this muthafucka out, manAnd i bet you it is in callin me tomorrowTalkin "bout you desire some much more of this shitMan I"m tellin you; shit have actually you ~ above the levelMan you should put the weed under fuck wit this shitBoy, I"m tellin girlfriend boy This nigga tripping This shit will have you ~ above the level straight fuck it. Gimme one of them muthafuckas dere man Here, take that one and call me in the morning niggaI feel so zigidy zigidy zigidy, reason I"m floatin in ecstasy. <4x>As you have the right to see ns took the pill (took the pill), best to the houseGrab a shoot of liquor and also pop popular music popped the in mine mouthAn" I"m thinkin come my me that this might be a rubbish of my time,Cause what if i don"t even get highThirty minutes dun come by, ns didn"t even seem high,Until ns stood up and looked at the ceiling for part reasonNow I"m tweakin, then ns tried to walk yet I to be sslloowwI assumption: v I"m floatin in ecstasy (Just prefer the nigga called me)I fell so realish realish realish, reason we floatin in ecstasy. <4x>My surname come lively .An I"m pokin in sumpin oh damn yet it ain"t no jokeCut guards and red beansAnd because that them niggaz the follow me approximately for mine mojoFeelin therefore see... Cause I"m floatin in ecstasy(Alright) Ahh, my nigga just contact up the homieTo hook united state up on that liquid GAn if these hoes don"t wanna see, lock gotta examine the clues quicklyI"m feelin way high, however I"m likewise feelin means lowBut cursed I"m stuck in between.Fuckin wit broad boys and neva gain usedJust help, simply throw in a few more.Diablos, nigga flesh Bone therefore chillI"m feelin it hump v my body, feelin warm an exoticFeelin knocked out, feelin also s*** for my muthfuckin selfGotta uncover my bitch and I"ma fuck she ass come deathI feel so realish realish realish cause we floatin in ecstasy. <4x>Whose my nigga the told me the level I began to check out the devilNigga to be floatin in ecstasyShit, i took the pill. Couldn"t feel nothin so I"m breakinBut around thirty an ext minutes later, nigga was on the couch faintedArms sweaty, male why in the fuck y"all allow me do this?I"m lookin at my residence girl choose I wanna, nigga this some new shitI realized, nigga take it one action an started stumblinAn i was tryin to call my nigga yet he couldn"t listen me,So i guess I"m mumblinFall off into sumpin. However I assumption: v I"m ~ above a missionTellin my niggaz that ns love "em now however it ain"t no one listeninWhistlin hangin the end tha window, require me some indo.Till ns let walk like, me soft fine. Ine. Ine.Flown the expo, knock, knock, knock in ~ tha door.But nigga to be paranoid therefore I got hold of the gun bucked it in ~ the doorOoh-wee, shit happens, my household got me fadedBut I"m runnin a mystery cuz... Cuz a nigga can"t take it.Shake that if i can however I"m blendin wit da killasAnd ns wish E was here to feel pillishI feeling so violent violent fuckin wit the ecstasy. Come roll wit me.<4x>I"ve been smokin weed because that a an extremely long time, why should I change?And plus castle say the ecstasy shit fucks increase ya mind (brain)Ah, ah, why should I (I) just to obtain high, when weed it s okay me high?Nigga try this here. They claimed betta then the thereThey say, Ya like it, ya favor it. So ns tried it, ns tried it.I assumed the shit will have actually a nigga high and also hornyI"m high, yet I"m come high. Wanna ache somebodyNigga girlfriend trippin, obtain a hold of that shit, and also ride that highBut I"m trippin, human body moves, won"t nobody get hurt hurt.Groanin, groanin, groanin and she ain"t also in the carLayzie won"t believe me high off the lsdWhat y"all don"t know, we ridin ~ above the highwayGet the wheel so I have the right to go under on ya, ns sever that on my very own wayShe reachin feelin so zigidy zigidy zigidyGot this bitches, fuckin this bitchesBaby it is in peeled off, peelin top top movin slowAn Bizzy be absent hard, tongue-well and mean slowWe in the club dropped, fucked up, and still rollinThey recognize my pockets swollen. Host up show"dem us rollinWe rollin, rollin, rollin and also rollin, rollin, rollinI feel so zigidy zigidy zigidy cause we rollin ova" ecstasy