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The final chapter of To death a Mockingbirdbegins v Scout taking Boo Radley up to Jem "s room come say a quiet goodbye to Jem. Scout speak readers the she to be getting great at analysis Boo"s "body English," therefore she might tell once he was prepared to leave....

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The final chapter of To death a Mockingbird begins with Scout taking Boo Radley as much as Jem"s room to say a quiet goodbye to Jem. Scout speak readers the she to be getting good at analysis Boo"s "body English," for this reason she can tell once he was all set to leave. She leader him downstairs, and also Boo asks enlightenment to take him home.

I led him come the former porch, wherein his uneasy steps halted. He to be still holding my hand and also he provided no authorize of letting me go.

“Will you take it me home?”

He nearly whispered it, in the voice of a child afraid the the dark.

She and Boo walk arm in eight from the Finch house to the Radley house, and Scout is proud of being escorted along the way. 

I slipped mine hand right into the crook of his arm.

He had to stoop a small to accommodate me, yet if miss out on Stephanie Crawford to be watching from she upstairs window, she would check out Arthur Radley escorting me down the sidewalk, as any type of gentleman would do.

Scout and also Boo arrive at his former door, and he top inside. Scout speak readers the is the critical time she ever before saw him. Together she turns around to head home, Scout sees the community in a brand-new light. She realizes the Atticus to be right around standing in someone else"s shoes and walking around in them. 

Atticus was right. One time he stated you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk roughly in them. Just standing ~ above the Radley porch was enough.

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Scout then renders her method home v the rain. Everyone in the home is asleep except for Atticus. The is silently reading a publication in Jem"s room. Enlightenment asks Atticus to read it aloud come her, and also she conveniently falls asleep.

I willed myself to remain awake, however the rain was so soft and the room to be so warm and also his voice was so deep and also his knee was so snug that i slept.

Atticus climate leads a fifty percent sleeping Scout right into her room for bed. Enlightenment sleepily narrates around the parts of the story that she heard before falling fully asleep. She end by saying that once the civilization finally experienced the Stoner"s Boy, castle realized that "he was actual nice."

Atticus responds by saying, “Most world are, Scout, once you finally see them.” It"s a great quote since it uses to the story he was reading, and also it applies to Boo Radley together well. The chapter ends with Atticus return to Jem"s room where he will continue to be the entire night.