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The Five discover Outers (15 of 15)

The an enig Seven (15 the 15)

The Malory Towers (12 that 12)

The renowned Five (22 that 22)

The Adventure series (8 the 8)

Mystery series (6 the 6)

The St. Clare"s (9 the 9)

Secret collection (5 that 5)

Adventurous 4 (2 that 2)

Others books (21 of 21)


Enid Blyton was probably the most successful british children"s writer that the twenty century, she to be born in London on 11th august 1897 and she passed away in 1968

Enid Blyton"s books have received much literary criticism, indeed the perspectives displayed in countless of the books can be considered as sexist and outdated. At the finish of the fifties countless librarians refused to stock publications by Enid Blyton on the grounds that youngsters would not review the great works of literature, this had actually the an outcome that Enid Blyton offered even an ext books. Every I have the right to say is that as a kid I really took pleasure in reading her books. I would certainly say that as result of Enid Blyton i went on to read countless other authors.



Enid Blyton"s first book was boy Whispers, released in 1922. In 1937 she created her an initial full size novel The Adventures the the Wishing chair. She walk on to create a huge number of books, most likely exceeding six hundred though Enid blyton is probably best known because that her series books, the famed Five, the an enig Seven, the Adventure series, the secret series, the Barney Junior mystery and she school books (St Clare Books, Mallory towers books). In enhancement Noddy was likewise extremely successful.CRITICISM

Enid Blyton"s books have received lot literary criticism, without doubt the attitudes displayed in countless of the publications can be considered as sexist and outdated. Without doubt at the end of the fifties plenty of librarians refuse to stock publications by Enid Blyton ~ above the grounds that kids would not read the great works of literature, this had actually the an outcome that Enid Blyton sold even an ext books. ~ a period of attacks from the press, Enid Blyton allegedly declared that criticism native the over 12"s did not really count.


For a variety of years just a few Blyton fanatics accumulated her books and indeed the view of numerous dealers is the it was hard to offer Enid Blyton books to collectors . The instance is now completely reversed with most first editions having actually risen significantly in price and the early (war time books) in the popular series becoming extremely challenging to find.

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This may be partly because of the fact that 1997 was the centenary the the birth of Enid Blyton.