The official video clip for the tune "Broken Heart" indigenous ESCAPE THE FATE deserve to be checked out below. The tune is taken native the band"s sixth full-length album, "I to be Human", which will be released on march 30 via Better Noise Records.

"I to be Human" sees ESCAPE THE FATE in ~ its most raw, real, and also relatable. Helmed by Grammy Award-nominated supervisor producer Howard Benson (MY chemistry ROMANCE, IN FLAMES, ALL the REMAINS), this record sees an development of ESCAPE THE FATE"s sound that brings the band back to the excited of their roots.

"We"re acquiring older, and also we"re an altering — so our music should change with us," singer Craig Mabbitt says. "At the same time, us rediscovered what made united state who us are. Ns felt choose I was 17 years old again. I haven"t been this excited to relax something due to the fact that I an initial joined the band and also we placed out "This battle Is Ours"."

"I to be Human" monitor listing:

01. Beautifully Tragic02. Broken Heart03. Four Letter Word04. I will Make It up to You05. Bleed because that Me06. Do You Love Me07. Ns Am Human08. If Only09. Empire10. Recipe for Disaster11. Riot12. Digging My own Grave13. Resistance14. Allow Me Be

ESCAPE THE FATE has announced its return to North America for a number of headline appearances, days supporting PAPA ROACH, and a run of Australia and new Zealand celebrating the 10th anniversary the its classic sophomore album, "This war Is Ours". Beginning on Wednesday, April 4 in Spartanburg, south Carolina, the tour will certainly visit significant markets such as Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Saturday, April 14; Detroit, Michigan top top Thursday, April 19; Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, April 21; Seattle, Washington on Friday, might 4; Houston, Texas top top Saturday, might 12; and also many more. ESCAPE THE FATE will likewise perform "This battle Is Ours" in Australia and new Zealand indigenous Monday, might 28 with Monday, June 4, visiting urban such as Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and also Wellington.

Photo credit: Jeremy Saffer


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