Every party needs a pooper, that"s why I"m inviting you,Party pooper, party pooper.You deserve to play your Mantovani, Debby Boone and Dan Hill, too,Party killers, party pooper.Won"t girlfriend come and also tell united state all about your Branson holidays -Bring a ream the photos, too.Walk appropriate in through your camcorder and also shout, "Where"s the party, Dude!".We really need yoo-oo, we really need you!Every party needs a pooper, so the might also be you,Party pooper, party pooper.Bring numerous lutefisk and haggis, fruitcake, kim chee, too,And we"ll eat it and also get nauseous.You can dis mine cuisine, to speak my home is a mess,You can snoop around, too.And don"t forget the toilet humor and the songs around poo.We really require yoo-oo, we really require you.

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I am so happy to uncover your song! I have looked forever for the words! I additionally heard that on the radio plenty of years back (I i graduated HS in 1961). Would you please tell me who videotaped your song and when? ns LOVE Party Pooper and also would like to find the recording! alwaysjustme1
I don"t think anyone ever recorded this parody. Candid Sinatra taped the original song. Friend may find it on friend Tube. I picked up "Party Pooper" when I was in grade school and also made increase the remainder of the lyrics. By the way, I i graduated from Burbank High in 1963.

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Can "Party Pooper" be uncovered on itunes? If so, what would I look at under? Please email me at heatherariee
Does anyone have the initial lyrics? There were no camcorders earlier in the work nor was the phrase "Party Killer" used
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