Every star shall song a carol!Every creature, high or low,come and also praise the King of sky by everything name you know.

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God above, man below, holy is the name ns know.

When the King the all production had a cradle ~ above the earth,holy to be the human body,holy was the person birth.

God above, guy below, holy is the name i know.

Who can tell what various other cradle,high over the milky way,still might rock the King of heaven on one more Christmas day?

God above, male below, holy is the name ns know.

Who have the right to count how numerous crosses,still to come or long ago, crucify the King the heaven?Holy is the name ns know.

God above, male below, holy is the name ns know.

Who have the right to tell what other bodyhe will hallow for his own?I will praise the child of Mary, brother of mine blood and also bone.

God above, guy below, divine is the name ns know.

Every star and also every planet,every creature high and also low,come and praise the King of heaven by whatever name you know.

God above, guy below, holy is the name i know.

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Sydney Carter (1915 – 2004) was an English poet, musician, and also songwriter. Among his works is the famous “Lord of the Dance”, set to the melody that “Simple Gifts”, the American Shaker song. From Wikipedia I find out that a compilation of Carter’s songs was created and also released in 1981 by an all-star collection of English individual musicians; it’s referred to as Lovely in the Dances, and features john Kirkpatrick, Maddy Prior, and also Shusha._____________

Though I’ve hummed along to “Lord that the Dance”, I’d never ever heard of Sydney Carter before coming across “Every Star Shall song a Carol” in The Hymn book of the Anglican Church that Canada and the unified Church that Canada, 1971 (1974 reprinting). Carter wrote both the words and its music. It stood out for me immediately, first, because of the an easy language, meter, repetition, and also conversational style. Over there is a wonderfully imaginative intelligence and farseeing understanding obvious here. However the clincher because that me is the melody, somehow unusual for a contemporary carol: it’s in a minor (aeolian) key, through octaves and fifths throughout, really haunting, very interesting. It’s become an ‘earworm’ that I’m happy to host.The poem, as I experience it, positively shimmers with metaphor . . . For simply one example, “God above, guy below” in the stop evokes the worlds of the eternal and the temporal (the ‘cities’ of God and also ‘Man’; in Christian terms, Christ and Jesus) . . .However girlfriend hear it, I do hope you gain it!(It just emerged to me the I could photograph the web page with the music and attach that here, and you can sing it because that yourselves . . . Well, that took a while; yet here the is :)