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Guests more than likely don't desire something v you and your partner's name on it. bootsie322/iStock Brittany Finkle, founder and CEO of bridal-accessory rental firm Happily ever before Borrowed, called that personalized wedding favors room oftentimes a rubbish of a couple"s money and also effort.

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"Trust us, nobody remembers the tchotchke you offered away at her wedding," said Finkle. "And if you monogram something v your names and wedding date on it, guests certainly won"t desire to take it home. Why would certainly someone desire a carry bag reminding lock of your friend"s wedding?"

If you simply can"t bear to let her guests leave without a token of her appreciation, Finkle claimed you might want come opt for something edible, like a crate of sweets or a locally produced food item.


You can want to store your style simple. Tiffany Rose/Getty photos for Wedding document Divas

Finkle said that, for many couples, over-the-top invites with elaborate extras like an essential chains and decorated envelopes are an unnecessary expense.

"There is no reason to waste every one of that file and weigh under your invitations. The envelope is the very first thing the goes in the trash. If you want to make a statement, put more money in the direction of the invite itself and get a thicker card-stock, or pay because that embossing or engraving. That"s the component that human being will save on the fridge till your wedding day," she explained.

In addition, some couples could want to skip physical invitations altogether and also instead count on a wedding website to save track the RSVPs.


You could want come pass out disposable cameras instead. Bogdan Sonjachnyj/Shutterstock

Elopement and wedding planner Karen Norian told the pricey booths aren"t always the best and also most affordable method to capture special moments.

"Many service providers charge through the hour, so having a photo booth throughout the totality of her reception likely way you"ll it is in charged numerous dollars. And also the only thing the photograph booth is really doing is taking added photos that you and also your guests," she said.

Instead, Norian said relying on her wedding photographer to record candid moments of your friends and family throughout your reception. You can likewise consider purchase a few disposable cameras and also asking your guests to capture the magic on their own.


They space sometimes valuable for big weddings, though. Shutterstock

Wedding planner and designer Brian Worley said that published wedding programs can be an expensive and unnecessary extra.

"Program ~ above the seats because that each guest are a complete waste the money — unless you are having a wedding exterior in the heat and also it can dual as a fan. These programs just wind increase in the trash, and the guests at your wedding should already have a pretty great idea of that is in your bridal party," said Worley.

That said, programs may be helpful if you"re having actually a wedding with hundreds of guests or if numerous of your attendees may not be familiar with the spiritual or social traditions in your ceremony.

A champagne toast is oftentimes a wedding staple, but supplying bubbly because that your whole guest list have the right to put a dent in her budget.

it can obtain pricey if you additionally have to pay for flutes. Shutterstock

"The truth is that most of the champagne in the glasses will certainly not end up being consumed. If you setup a toast, let your guests use the glasses they already have with everything beverage they have chosen to drink," Worley said

If you decision to go for a champagne toast, inspect with her venue to see if they have actually flutes you have the right to rent or use for complimentary so the you deserve to avoid security even much more on glassware.

walk overboard ~ above flowers can wreak havoc v your budget and an outcome in piles of wilting greenery at the end of the night. miodrag ignjatovic/Getty photos

Las vegas wedding coordinator Whitney Cox said that you don"t must spend a many on flower to wow guests.

"Cost doesn"t have to equal influence when you"re talking about wedding flowers. A lot of people assume you need to spend a lot to have a nice floral display, yet choosing a few "statement blooms" that could be an ext expensive and also balancing them out through well-placed greenery deserve to have just as much of an impact," said Cox.

If you desire an unconventional look at on a tight budget, friend can additionally opt for centerpieces make of other materials like uncut ripe fruit, colorful sand, or fragrant plants choose mint or eucalyptus.

Oftentimes girlfriend won't have the ability to keep a floral arch or large sign. Shutterstock

Floral arches, customized signage, and also expertly draped linens room all methods to make a ceremony ar pop — yet all the decoration comes through a cost.

"Though friend can"t deny the ceremony decor certainly enhances the space, the price tag for a awareness set-up deserve to easily complete thousands that dollars. Her wedding day at its main point is around the commitment you"re making to her partner, not about what is going come look best for photos," claimed Norian.

Instead of throwing her cash at a photo-friendly ceremony backdrop, Norian said focusing instead on smaller ceremony details, such as customized vow publications that you can keep with you lengthy after your wedding day ends.

having a variety of decadent treats sounds enticing, but donuts, cookies, and pies through the dozen don't run cheap. Milkos/ iStock

If you"re thinking of forgoing a standard wedding cake for a buffet of sweets and also candy, you might be in for some sticker shock.

"Ordering lots of different sweets for a crowd deserve to burn a feet in her pocket, and because they"re perishable, there is very small you have the right to do v the desserts when the huge day is over. There"s a people of variety when it come to contemporary wedding cakes in both look and flavor, so sticking through this timeless dessert can actually conserve you some serious cash," stated Norian.

Wedding cakes have a reputation for being costly, but you deserve to skirt few of the cost by requesting that just one section of the cake it is in real. The remainder can be cardboard decorated v icing, and also guests can be offered slices from a more affordable paper cake ~ the cake-cutting consciousness is over.

You might be fee a fee because that the chaos it makes. Hinterhaus Productions/Getty pictures

Alice Bil, wedding photographer and also owner the StudioEPIC Photography, said that consisting of confetti in your wedding festivities is usually an ext of a hassle 보다 it"s worth.

"Confetti is a vast pain. It lasts because that a couple of seconds and amuses the guests, but constantly requires a large cleanup and is typically frowned ~ above by a lot of venues. Some venues will also charge you because that cleanup if confetti is used, and also that have the right to be costly," she called

If you"re in love with the idea of points flying through the waiting after your ceremony but don"t desire to salary a hefty clean fee, ask her venue if they permit bubble-blowing as an alternative.

some guests could already be gone. Shutterstock

To store their guest comfortable together they party right into the wee hours, some couples decision to serve a second small meal later in the evening.

However, this snacks have the right to tack on lot of of extra dollars to your final wedding bill.

"A most couples arrange because that a late-night food table. However, in most cases, several of the guest are currently gone and also the rest are already full or don"t want to eat late," stated Bil. "Most the the time, this food mainly goes come waste and also can be expensive come provide."

Instead of a full spread the post-dinner snack options, take into consideration serving a late dinner or setup out a couple of small bites such as fresh fruit or antipasto.

In general, couples may want come reconsider security money ~ above anything too many trendy, specifically if it has no sentimental value.

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Remember, the day is about you and your partner. Jecapix/Getty images

Extravagant touches choose releasing live doves, setup off fireworks, or hiring skilled dancers deserve to actually odor from the true emphasis of the wedding: the couple.

"Wedding blog are always showcasing new trends, and it"s basic to get captured up in wanting to have actually the latest and also greatest at your wedding," said Worley. "It"s important to emphasis on your layout as a couple, so when you look in ~ your images years later, the occasion feels favor a depiction of you."

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