1.       therequired usage of judgment in nonstatistical sampling.

2.       theelimination of nonsampling hazard with statistical sampling.

3.       theuse of the legislations of probability in statistics sampling to identify sample sizeand develop a confidence interval about the results of the sample.

4.       thatmore representative samples space attained v statistical sampling

Jun 11 2021 11:27 AM

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MD Aanswered top top June 13, 2021
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The difference between the two species of sampling is the the sampling danger of a statistical arrangement can be measured and also controlled, while also a perfect designed nonstatistical plan cannot provide for the measure of sampling risk.

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The auditor have to use experienced judgment to assess audit risk and also establish appropriate procedures because that the transactions and accounts tested. ... Non-statistical sampling does not permit quantification of risk, leaving large margin the interpretation, exposing the auditor come a high threat of...
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