Golf dare clutches feature a special an innovation called CVT or consistently Variable Transmission.

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The CVT consists of two various clutches joined making use of a belt.

Essentially, there are two contents that are part of the clutch system, namely the main or drive clutch and the an additional or driven clutch.

It is usual to challenge issues about both this components and can be diagnosed if the golf cart reflects the signs.

Let’s take a look at at this issues in addition to fixes for each one.

How to Diagnose If the Clutch Is Faulty

If the dare is being thrust on a smooth surface and it appears that the transmission is no smooth, that is obvious that the difficulty lies in ~ the clutch system.If the cart is being driven up or down a hill and faces unexplained transmission jerks, the issue also lies in ~ the clutch system.When the golf cart is started and it deals with jerky movements while starting, the clutch system have the right to be blamed for it. It may smoothen the end afterwards, but due to the fact that the jerky activities were present at the start, it means that the clutch needs to it is in looked at and also could be faulty.If the golf dare is being thrust up a hill and also the transmission change is not smooth or if the acceleration and also deceleration is erratic with uneven variations, the fault additionally lies in the clutch system. The major and an additional clutch system needs to be functioning in synchronization as a solitary unit. Furthermore, both these components have to be in a an excellent condition come ensure that any problem does not arise.

Any that the over issues can be attributed come a faulty clutch system, however there are other issues also that come through the clutch.

Types of Problems faced with the Clutch

The clutch can not engage, can slip or could be stuck.

There are different ways to attend to these issues.

How to resolve a Clutch that Is no Engaging

While driving up or under a hill, the clutch will refuse to communicate in part cases.

This might not it is in a problem with the clutch itself yet could be connected to various other parts of the cart.

If the clutch is not engaging, the adhering to steps must be thought about to fix it.

The battery could be the vital reason because that the clutch not engaging. If the battery is faulty, the clutch equipment will fail come generate enough power and will not function. If this is the case, it is recipient to change or fix the battery and also the worry should be resolved.If the battery has been changed and the issue still persists, girlfriend will have to inspect the throttle. Just jack increase the golf dare from the earlier and examine the accelerator cable. Once the golf cart is jacked, pushing the accelerator will develop movement in the tires and they will spin. Must they no spin, that method the problem is in the accelerator cable and it will have to be replaced.Some clutch systems space old and rusty. Cleaning out the rust and also spraying a lubricant top top the system may get the clutch earlier to functioning condition.It is vital to have a physics inspection excellent on the journey belt. If the drive belt is loose or go not have actually the correct tension, that can properly stop the clutch indigenous engaging. This method that the belt have to be readjusted or have to be correctly fit using appropriate tools and must have actually the correct anxiety to ensure that the clutch is engaging properly.Even after all this, if the clutch still seems to be no engaging, the is finest to take it it to a mechanic or an skilled to diagnose the difficulty thoroughly and also come up with a solution.

How to resolve a Clutch that Is Slipping

Sometimes, even though the clutch is engaging and disengaging, it can slip when it shifts from neutral.

One way to diagnose a slipping clutch is by noticing squeaky sounds in the transmission and also a lack of smoothness in shifting.

This is a common issue confronted by many users, but before actually diagnosing the problem, try minimizing the weight on the golf cart.

Sometimes, the clutch can slip as result of the included weight.

If the problem persists v the pack of just a single person, right here are some remedies you can consider:

The belt is one of two people too loose or as well tight. In both cases, the belt will certainly make a squeaky sound and also will result in the clutch slipping. Instead of or addressing the belt can be a an excellent idea and also a quick and also easy solution.If the belt is fixed and also the issue persists, it is time to open up and also dismantle the clutch assembly system and physically examine the performance of individual parts to uncover out i beg your pardon ones are faulty. This calls for a many time and effort and could possibly typical that a expedition to a mechanic or company center is due.The problem might lie in rusty and also worn out parts. Worn out parts obviously perform not carry out at the very same level as brand-new parts, and a dilute system might mean that the clutch will slip native time to time. Shot replacing the parts with brand-new or used ones or shot fixing the current parts to examine if the concern can it is in resolved.More often than not, the dirt accumulated inside the clutch device over time can hamper the capability of the clutch to function properly. Simply cleaning the clutch completely can assist resolve the issue.Apart from simply cleaning the clutch, shot lubricating the mechanism using a lubricant or WD40. Spray the WD40 onto the parts so the they can easily move, i m sorry might help resolve the issue by freeing up the clutch and also removing the squeaky sounds.Another concern might be the incorrect location of weight inside the system. Ideal placement and also correct placing of the weights might aid solve the issue.

How to solve a Clutch the Is Stuck

If the clutch system of your golf cart is stuck and also not rotating, it successfully stops the clutch from functioning altogether.

This is a common issue faced by many golf dare users.

In most cases, together the clutch is old and also worn out, that becomes the primary resource of it gift stuck.

It is relatively easy to eliminate the clutch mechanism all on her own.

All you have to do is take the end the oleoresins in the center and also the clutch have the right to be quickly removed.

However, if it cannot be removed also after the bolts have actually been removed, there room other ways to settle this issue:

Adding PBBlaster come the clutch system thoroughly and letting it remainder for a couple of days could ease up the procedure and have the right to easily allow you to eliminate the clutch.

BEST SELLER - The #1-selling penetrant due to the fact that 1957! The PB B’laster outperforms leading rivals with that is high-performance formula.EFFECTIVE - PB B’laster easily busts loose rusted or frozen parts caused by rust and corrosion. Strike rust from all angles making use of the unique capillary action.SAVE TIME - This rapid acting penetrant additionally contains a non-evaporating lubricant that conserves time and also equipment. It makes rusted nuts and also frozen bolts a struggle-free job. Don’t worry about the future, PB B’laster likewise protects against further rust and corrosion.MULTIPLE offers - Rust can build up in countless places. Usage the the PB B’laster on auto parts, fishing reels and tackle, every tools, firearms, sporting activities equipment, naval applications and more.
If that does no work, leveraging the clutch making use of a crowbar by placing that behind the clutch deserve to also help you eliminate it. Shot not to break the clutch by applying too much pressure. Gently place it behind the clutch and also give it a little jerk for the clutch to slide off and also come loose.It is always advisable to use an even pressure ~ above the clutch plate. If the part breaks, there will be no choice but to acquire a brand-new one, i beg your pardon will finish up costing girlfriend a lot more.If the abovementioned methods do not work, another way to loosen up the clutch is by using a chisel to reduced out the relief. This way, the clutch will loosen up and can be conveniently removed.Should all these techniques feel like a problem or too lot effort, try sending the dare to a surrounding service facility or mechanic. Organization centers and also mechanics have actually special tools which are offered to dismantle the clutch.

Types the Golf Carts and also How to Troubleshoot Them

Perhaps the two many common types of golf carts obtainable in the industry are the EZGO and also Yamaha golf carts.

They space both trustworthy carts and come in electric and also gas variants.

They room the leading golf dare manufacturers in the market and also the chances are that countless golf carts roaming roughly golf courses room either the the two brands.

Hence, this short article can’t be complete without talking about how to deal with clutch issues arising in these specific brands.

You would have to know how to troubleshoot worries related come these 2 models.

Troubleshooting the EZGO Clutch

The most usual issue the an EZGO cart user encounters is the clutch plate gift stuck.

This will effectively stop the clutch from moving and also will need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Here room some steps to aid fix this issue:

Apply WD40 completely on the clutch and also let the stay. If there is any type of dust or dust clogging the clutch i beg your pardon is avoiding the rotating parts from moving, they will certainly be settled and the clutch have the right to be eliminated easily.Try using a clutch puller, i m sorry is a committed tool, to remove the clutch through ease.If both these approaches fail, you could have come jack the cart and fully remove the clutch. Unscrew the clutch indigenous the bolts and also open the height cover come physically examine if all the parts and also weights are effectively aligned.Another common reason because that a grounding clutch in an EZGO dare is the springs. The springs can typically wear the end over time and become faulty, thereby limiting the use of the clutch. They should be changed or fixed as per requirement to ensure that the clutch go not gain stuck.If the concern is still not resolved, you are left through two options. The very first is that the user must totally dismantle the clutch, clean it completely using WD40 and also anti-rust agents and also let that dry. A thoroughly cleaning could just have the ability to remove the rust and permit for smoother motions within the clutch system.Finally, if every one of the over techniques fail, you have actually no an option but to change the whole clutch system and install a new one. There room multiple EZGO dealerships obtainable which can help you get new or supplied parts for her cart.

Troubleshooting the Yamaha Clutch

The G29 Yamaha golf cart is one more common model used by plenty of people.

The most frequent concern that this design brings is that the clutch comes turn off the shaft.

This is as soon as the pushed clutch, i beg your pardon is the an additional clutch, keeps fallout’s off because it is loose and drops off the shaft.

In order to troubleshoot clutch problems in the Yamaha cart, the adhering to steps deserve to be considered:

The bolts which host the clutch have to be tightened, in order to ensuring the clutch go not loss off the shaft by being also loose.Try using solid and resilient adhesives to host the object of the clutch in ar so that even with movement and vibrations, the clutch is hosted securely in place.Physically examine for problems in the bolts and also see whether they space bent, damaged or missing as that can be the source of the issue. Ensuring that no parts are damaged can also assist resolve it.The washer is one more important ingredient of the clutch system and also helps host the clutch in place. The washer is a delicate part and has been reported to cause the most frequent issues, generally within 3 mainly of usage. This is a significant problem in the Yamaha models. Therefore, the is vital to inspect whether the washer is in place and also if the is work properly.As is the situation with the EZGO, if all these approaches fail, the is again advisable to take the dare to a designated business center where experts can check the cart and replace or fix parts as necessary.


In order to prevent instances in i beg your pardon the golf cart gets stuck in the center of the food due to problems with the clutch, that is advisable to constantly check the dare thoroughly prior to heading out.

It deserve to either be confirm physically by yourself or be sent out to a service center to avoid any kind of potential mishaps that may occur.

Like any kind of other machine, a golf cart needs maintenance which needs to be excellent timely and also effectively.

The golf cart has small, detailed parts that have to be preserved regularly.

As the dare travels top top a mix of muddy and also grassy surfaces, the build-up of rust and also dirt is typical within the parts, especially along the chassis.

Therefore, thoroughly cleaning and timely lubrication the the rotating parts have the right to always aid increase your lifespan and also prevent enlarge issues.

Lubrication that the clutch has to be done every 6 month or every 500-750 mile of being thrust to get the many out of your golf cart.

Timely greasing the the rotating parts in and also around the clutch system is additionally a good preventive measure up to ensure that the components do not become faulty in a short duration of time.

Another crucial factor to take into consideration when owning a golf cart, specifically a Yamaha one, is whether the tires mounted in it are the traditional size.

Some carts use a high-gear engine and also 10-inch rims, i m sorry are as result of modifications used to the typical cart.

People through such carts have much more frequently experienced problems with the clutch.

Therefore, always check if the dare comes through the main specifications provided by the agency to ensure that the parts perform at your best.

In part cases, the warranty also becomes void if over there are any modifications made that affect the power or operation of the cart.

Hence, the is a great idea to avoid modifications if you desire to save the guarantee intact.

So, there it is – a round-up of all the feasible issues the a golf dare clutch might present, what might reason them, just how to diagnose them and the precautionary measures and long-term remedies to these problems.

Ensuring suitable maintenance is key.

At the same time, having an extensive information and knowledge on just how the golf cart clutch functions is vital for every golf dare owner.

Always save a lookout for designated agency service centers.

They are your finest bet once it involves getting your cart repaired together they space professionals and also have an perform of preventive parts.

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However, in some cases, the job is doable in ~ home as well because a clutch is no super facility and sometimes just needs proper cleaning come get back in running condition.