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The key story is completly the same, when you win the key story most of the lost chapters execution kicks in with an ext quests to do, an ext weapons, armor and just simply an ext land come explore, in mine opinion no a good expansion but it does no hurt the game at all so obtain it rather of the original.
In TLC over there is a prostitute house.
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I"m almost specific that the whore home you stated is in the original game referred to as a brothel uneven I"m mistaken. Or maby there room two?
easy...the difference is like 15+ hours of gameplay, much more cutscenes, one avenged sister n a method to screw lady grey..." title="Peace " data-shortname="" />...
the whorehouse is just in TLC. The door to gain to that is in darkwood lake however is never openable in the original. And lady gray is boinkable in both games. And the last boss in TLC is cooler than the last boss the the original. Especially cuz you gain to fight both in TLC. And also you can obtain the sword of avo. And fight summoners.
above*SPOILERSu deserve to only get married lady gray in the TLC u deserve to blame her for killin her sister...
No you have the right to marry her and do she in both. I recognize I did. Climate again i am a true stud.
" title="Rolling eyes " data-shortname="" /> currently if you played the original already I wouldn"t bother through TLC(even though ns did!), but if you desire to recognize which come play for the very first time then TLC for sure.
above...really?? simply played fable 1 when as en evil character...but TLC was a different thing..its wort the time, IMHO, its much better that fable 2..." title="Peace " data-shortname="" />...
TLC was a different thing..its wort the time, IMHO, its better that fable 2..." title="Peace " data-shortname="" />...

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TLC is much more replayable 보다 fable 2. And also TLC has actually a pair minor things that space different around a pair side searches throughout such as***SPOILERS*** the way you get married lady grey (If you pick to do so)and extr side quests such together barrow areas massacre or trader over there isnt arbitrarily wasted space like a vast cave that only has a chest through 200 gold in it. Plus demon doors space worth opening and money is harder come come by.