The actual conversation is cut from the game, except for alien babbling. People use the cut dialogue native the tape to bash Beth's writing as "ruining the Fallout template of battle Never changes by having aliens perform missiles" which to be a pass out tape at best.

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It to be intentionally reduced from the game, for this reason yes, I'd say it's non-canon. Probably since of that exact implication; I really much doubt the was ever what castle intended, but someone probably realized civilization would (and did) take it the way, so had it removed from the final product.

Going off of that, even if that exact recording to be canon, there is no conclusion. You can easily think that the soldier didn't offer up his nation's secret.

I'm not going to pretend choose I understand what this is about at all, but even if you add an alien gyeongju with every one of their brand-new technology, battle still doesn't change. Bethesda isn't talking around the methods whereby the battle is won or lost; they're talking around the reason for war. War is provided by the greedy to try and overcome things and also claim them together their own.

From analysis the dialogue included in the recording, it's clear the the aliens were making use of some form of mind-reading tech...hence him saying/thinking 'get the end of my mind' which is the biggest giveaway there...that can additionally be bound into how alien tech has been provided on planet for similar purposes, specific the psychic nullifier indigenous FO1, and Skynet in FO2 informing you the he to be made using some kind of alien tech. And also those aren't easter eggs, those instances are established canonical fact.

And why wouldn't the aliens shot to acquire the codes? Wouldn't an advanced race watch to make use of every advantage they could?

It wasn't a soldier being interrogated, much more somebody serving in defense on behalf of the president, explaining why they recognize the start codes. Lock didn't hand them the end to all and also sundry I should imagine.

I cannot view why everybody gets so placed out by this DLC, it does not readjust the main theme that war never changing, all we see is one alien gyeongju looking to make use of our cumulative folly.

EDIT: come summarise, the record is canon, it can be described perfectly fine using contents we currently know come exist in ~ the fallout universe, is in reality a really interesting part of the lore imo, i cannot watch why there's any controversy, and also have however to be encouraged that there's any need for any type of controversy.

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TL;DR: 'get out of my mind' is the greatest giveaway the they're analysis his mind. Not even intending to be sarcastic here, there simply seems to be an awful lot of confusion.