A guide on exactly how to obtain the All-American indigenous Vault 34. (This is for the guide on All distinct Weapons)

Part 1

WARNING: have a radiation fit and/or Rad-X before entering this area. Be prepared for countless Glowing Ones.

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Locate Vault 34 (Northwest of Camp Golf, tucked away in the hill next come a truck)



Enter the vault and go come your appropriate after the vault enntrance gate room.


Turn right. Open up the door in prior of you. Go under the stairs as soon as again.


Go into the water and follow the path.


Take the Vault 34 protection Terminal Password.

Go through the clinic and enter the close up door door behind the screen.

Swim straight (do not revolve right; you will should go over there in a fat sec; but not now) and also find the Vault Technician under the workdesk again.

Again, take it the Technician’s Vault 34 utility Terminal Password.

Go come the terminal to the difficult left that the door and open it.

Click System, then Disengage Lock to Overseer.

Part 2

Leave the room, go ago down the hallway and also kill the various other ghouls the spawn. Exit through the door and turn left to go back up the stairs the you came from.

Kill the Overseer.

Use the terminal behind the Overseer’s desk.

Finally, go all the method back with the Clinic, but this time, walk all the way down the hallway to with the door labelled Armory, i beg your pardon is situated right next to the Utilities door.

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The room is complete of guns, take it what you want! The All-American the you came for is on one upside-down table to her right.

I expect you enjoy the overview we share about Fallout: new Vegas – just how to acquire the All-American/Vault 34 Armory; if friend think us forget to add or we need to add an ext information, please let us know via commenting below! watch you soon!