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Just like many other suppliers in the late 1980s, Fender chose to begin manufacturing assets in Korea. Just like any brand-new product line, Fender came up v a brand-new numbering system for these guitars. You would think after nearly 40 years of creating guitars, Fender would have a standardization serial number device down by now, right? Well, lock didn’t.

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The Korean Fender serial numbers are just as scattered and confusing together all the remainder of their guitars. Let’s take it a look at the different serial numbers and see what castle mean.

1988 – 1993 oriental Squier Fender Serial Numbers

Fender began producing korean guitars in 1988, however they didn’t save digital documents of any guitar serial numbers prior to mid-1993. Fender admits the there is little to no information about the serial numbers from 1988-1993. Some of the serial numbers have actually lettered prefixes and some don’t.


What we carry out know about the early Korean work was the there to be three different plants: the Samick pant, the Young Chang plant, and also the Sung-Eum plant. Guitars created by Samick offered a serial number beginning with one “S” followed by 6 digits. Generally the very first digit represented the year that production. The Young Chang and also Sung-Eum guitars provided a serial number starting with an “E” followed by 6 digits. The an initial number on the “E” serial number is a small confusing. The does was standing for the year of production in a way. The very first year Young Chang created guitars through in 1987-1988, however they didn’t usage a “7” or an “8” as the an initial number. They offered a “1” since it was the very first year of production. One “E2” serial number to be then supplied for 1989 because it to be the 2nd year that production. At this point, they decided to start corresponding the serial number with the really year, for this reason in 1990 they provided an “E0” serial number. In 1991, lock reused one “E1” serial number. It doesn’t get much more confusing than that, right? Here’s exactly how to call the duplicate serial number apart. The 1980s guitars’ serial number were written in silver- ink. The 1990s numbers were composed in black.

Some early on Korean serial numbers didn’t have a lettered serial number at all. Castle just had actually six, seven, or eight digits v the an initial number representing the year. Some of these no prefix serial numbers have actually been discovered on guitars created all the way through 1996. Fender did part crazy stuff earlier then. Korean serial numbers beginning with “M” are claimed to actually be made the end of plywood. Watch out for these! Here’s a reference for the first few years.

1988 – 1993 oriental Squier Fender Serial Numbers

NumbersYears6 Digits1988 – 19967 Digits1988 – 19968 Digits1988 – 1996E1 + 6 digits in Silver1987 – 1988E2 + 6 digits in Silver1988 – 1989E0 + 6 digits in Black1989 – 1990E1 + 6 number in Black1991 – 1992E2 + 6 digits in Black1992 – 1993E3 + 6 number in Black1993 – 1994S9 + 6 Digits1989 – 1990S0 + 6 Digits1990 – 1991S1 + 6 Digits1991 – 1992S2 + 6 Digits1992 – 1993S3 + 6 Digits1993 – 1994


After 1993, Fender really cleaned up your serial number process. Lock switched come two different plants: the Cor-Tek or Cort plant and also the Saehan or Sunghan plant. Due to the fact that Fender was using new plants to construct their guitars, they chose the adjust the numbering system again, but this time they readjusted it come something much more like the American guitars. Both the Cort and Sungham tree used distinctive numbers. Every Cort serial numbers started with the letter “C”. You would certainly assume Sungham would usage the letter “S”, yet that was currently taken by the Samick tree a couple of years earlier. Sungham finished up utilizing the letter “V”. Both of these serial numbers supplied an “N” to represent the 1990s followed by a number the stood because that the specific year. This is similar to the American Fender serial numbers. Therefore a guitar created by Cort in 1992 would have a serial variety of CN2 adhered to by 5 digits. Sungham guitars would be the exact same only beginning with a “V”. These serial number were offered until 1997 once Fender stopped developing guitars in ~ the Sungham factory.

1993 – 1997 oriental Squier Fender Serial Numbers

NumbersYearsCN0 + 5 Digits1990 – 1991CN1 + 5 Digits1991 – 1992CN2 + 5 Digits1992 – 1993CN3 + 5 Digits1993 – 1994CN4 + 5 Digits1994 – 1995CN5 + 5 Digits1995 – 1996CN6 + 5 Digits1996 – 1997VN0 + 5 Digits1990 – 1991VN1 + 5 Digits1991 – 1992VN2 + 5 Digits1992 – 1993VN3 + 5 Digits1993 – 1994VN4 + 5 Digits1994 – 1995VN5 + 5 Digits1995 – 1996VN6 + 5 Digits1996 – 1997

Since every guitar manufacturing was relocated to the Cort factory, Fender made decision to readjust its numbering system again. Starting in 1997, the korean Fender Squiers supplied a “KC” prefix that stood for oriental made in the Cort factory. The 1997-1998 serial numbers to be a tiny messed up. Fender supplied “KC97” to represent 1997 and followed this prefix v six, seven, and eight digits. Native 1998 on, Fender supplied the “KC” prefix followed by a two-digit year identifier and six digits.

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1997 – present Korean Squier Fender Serial Numbers

NumbersYearsKC97 + 6 Digits1997 – 1998KC97 + 7 Digits1997 – 1998KC97 + 8 Digits1997 – 1998KC98 + 6 Digits1998 – 1999KC99 + 6 Digits1999 – 2000KC00 + 6 Digits2000 – 2001KC01 + 6 Digits2001 – 2002KC02 + 6 Digits2002 – 2003KC03 + 6 Digits2003 – 2004KC04 + 6 Digits2004 – 2005KC05 + 6 Digits2005 – 2006KC06 + 6 Digits2006 – 2007KC07 + 6 Digits2007 – 2008KC08 + 6 Digits2008 – 2009KC09 + 6 Digits2009 – 2010KC10 + 6 Digits2010 – 2011KC11 + 6 Digits2011 – 2012KC12 + 6 Digits2012 – 2013KC13 + 6 Digits2013 – 2014

As you have the right to see, the oriental made Fender Squier serial numbers room no less confusing than any type of of the other guitars. In some ways, it helps to understand the story behind the numbers to recognize their meaning. I hope this short article helped you figure out how old your korean Fender etc is. That’s enough looking at numbers. It’s time come get back to playing!

You can also find an ext information on the Fender site.

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John Tara
January 28, 2019 at 5:39 pm

Hi, nice write up, but I very own a Sungham do Squire Precision bass and also itsserial number starts with VN7 through 5 number while your chart only goes up VN6.I’d be happy to send friend a pic of it if you like!


Hi there. Any means to recognize which year approximately was my fender made? I have an 8 number serialnumber starting with 0011 however i i do not know see any kind of other marks on the guitar itself. Not on the neck or back, anywhere. This serial number is published on a brand inside the human body saying “Made in accordance come specifications of the Fender music Instrument Corp. USA manufactured in Korea”. Then bellow states the serial number as it follows:S/N KA: 00119224

Above all this over there is the Fender logo and also this:DGJOCE NS

The instrument chin is an electro-acoustic guitar. Please if friend have any info, aid me out. Thank you. Have a exorbitant day