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This page includes Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn cheats list for WII version. Now we have actually 8 cheat in our list, which contains 3 unlockables, 1 glitch, 4 secrets. Us hope details that you"ll uncover at this page help you in playing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on WII platform. If friend didn"t discover needed cheats placed request or questioning question around this at special section of the game. Additionally you can subscribe on all brand-new cheats the we"ll discover for friend in the future!

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Oh, boy. The translators really screwed ~ above this one. XDKnow how the difficulty levels the this video game are "Easy, Normal, and also Hard"? Well, actually...There is NO simple mode. There"s really only Normal, Hard, and Maniac. (I"ve heard the Maniac setting is unlockable.)The game"s translators more than likely thought that they only had actually to put "Easy, Normal, and Hard". Well, apparently, they"re wrong. Fools. XD

Now you"ve finally made it to the Tower that Guidance, though you can only select 11 people ((or laguz.))This decision have the right to be very difficult, therefore I"ll give you males a heads up on who to choose.Highly suggested characters:TibarnNaesalaCaineghisGiffcaNailahPretty much all of the Laguz kings/queens will end up being extremely beneficial from right here on out, for this reason be sure to traction them together with you. Plenty of of the Greil Mercenaries will come in handy. Titania - Titania is very useful, Ike will gain an Axe dubbed Urvan ((view conversations)) and also by providing it come Titania, she"ll be ever scarier than before. If somehow you males didn"t realize she power and also never gained her good, then don"t even bother dragging her around. This, though, gets applied to all characters.Shinon - Shinon is just... Good... If you didn"t gain him come level 5 Marksman yet, ns would indicate to not also bother dragging him around. He"s exceptionally good, yet he needs high level, favor everyone else.Soren - If Soren is at the very least an Arch Sage, please, please, you re welcome take Soren with you. Well, only do the if you have any long ranged magic through you ((ex, Meteor, Blizzard.)) The reason is because after hte 2nd battle, Yune will certainly bless all equipped weapons and you"ve got an endless uses lengthy ranged magic attack. This will end up being extremely beneficial in countless ways. This also goes for Micaiah, make certain that you didn"t waste your Purge yet, otherwise she"s useless. However of course, she"s coming along with you.Haar - If he"s a Dragonlord, he"ll be extremely helpful as well. Especially due to the fact that of the reality that he has Canto ((can move after attack or making use of an item)) he"ll prove a strong ally.Zihark, Mia, or Edward - The 3 swordsmen ((and woman.)) currently only take it Edward if he"s at the very least a level 15 Trueblade, he all at once isn"t very an excellent unless you waste some great items ~ above him. Mia and also Zihark, ~ above the other hand, are extremely an effective when they change to Trueblade. The other thing is the after the 2nd battle in the Tower that Guidance, you"ll recieve a really an effective sword dubbed the Alondite ((sound familiar?)) Zihark and also Mia ((as well as Edward)) have the right to use the Alondite, which is quite much similar to Ike"s sword, Ragnell. Exact same power, countless uses, only difference is color. Give the Alondite to one of them and they"re also stronger.Volke - If you take it him in the previous battle with Elincia, he"ll prove precious too, though only in the an initial 2 war of the Tower of...