Last minute trip deals from brand-new York come Rome

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too so late to publication a trip. This is our pick of the finest last minute flights.

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Direct flights from new York come Rome

Want to fly non-stop to Rome? We’ll help you uncover your ideal route.


Hotel Napoleon



Generator Rome



COVID-19 travel constraints are transforming fast, but we're below to help you find the advice you need. Examine our live page on travel limitations to check out if you can travel from new York come Rome, and also if you'll have to quarantine ~ above arrival.
The finest price discovered on because that a trip from brand-new York come Rome is $267. This was discovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and is the cheapest price because that the whole month.

Cheap flight Information native NY to Rome

Average flight TimeDeparture AirportDestination AirportDirect AirlineMinimum Round-Trip Ticket Price*
7 hours and 55 minutes
John F. Kennedy international Airport, Newark Airport
Rome Fiumicino Airport, Rome Ciampino Airport
Norwegian Air, KLM, Alitalia, brother Airways

Flight Frequency

Average flight Price*

Ticket Search

Norwegian Air

7 days a week




7 job a week




7 work a week



British Airways

7 days a week



Flights native NYC to Rome: commonly Asked Questions

What Attractions have to I check out if in Rome?

Rome is affluent with background and architecture. Right here are several of the most iconic attractions to check out and also a pair that are off the to win path:

Trevi FountainColosseumPiazza NavonoCat SanctuarySan LorenzoRoman ForumVatican CityPorta Portese Market

How lengthy is the flight from NYC to Rome?

The NYC to Rome trip covers over 4277 miles whereby you will fly over the Atlantic Ocean and then v Europe. This trip takes between seven hours and 55 minute to eight hours and 45 minutes relying on the airline you fly with and also current weather conditions.

Can Me conserve Money top top My travel Expenses?

Yes, us are here to aid you conserve money on every your travel arrangements. Use our trip booking tool, hotel booking tool, and car rental device to uncover the cheapest prices for her trip. We also monitor the prices so you have the right to spend an ext time plan what you are going to do when you obtain to Rome and less time worrying around how much it will cost you to acquire there. Download the app and set price alerts with your preferred travel information; when the price of her tickets walk down, we will notify you so you have the right to book and also save.

What new York City Airports have the right to I Depart From?

You can record a non-stop flight to Rome from john F. Kennedy worldwide Airport, Newark Liberty Airport, or LaGuardia Airport. Head end to's flight booking web page to see the flights obtainable on the work you want to travel. The airline you travel through will recognize the airport girlfriend depart from.

Do I must Arrive in ~ the Airport at an early stage for my Flight?

For an worldwide flight, TSA recommends you arrive three hours beforehand to ensure girlfriend have enough time to acquire through airplane security and also clear customs. Be certain to have all of your paperwork comfortable to avoid any unnecessary delays.

*Round Trip trip prices were found at time of posting and are subject to change. Be sure to perform a flight search to examine most recent prices.

Taking the flight route from brand-new York City to Rome? your journey from the large Apple will take girlfriend to one of the richest social outposts in Europe. Whether it’s motivating your inside gladiator through the architecture wonder of the roman Colosseum, astounding your artistic eye through the functions of Michelangelo, Raphael, and Bernini, or just charming you with it’s cobbled streets, gleaming sunlight and delectable local cuisine, Rome is bound come inspire. These take trip tips indigenous will assist make certain you have actually all the essential information you need to pick the finest flight, therefore you have the right to sit back, relax, and also enjoy the “Eternal City”.

Flight course Options

Direct flights from brand-new York City come Rome go from one of two people Newark or JFK. If you’re paris from Newark, your trip will be organized by united or Lufthansa, when flights native JFK are carried by American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia, british Airways, Alitalia, KLM, AirFrance and Delta. Direct flights last about 8 hours and 20 minutes. All transatlantic flights typically provide cost-free meal services and at least one complimentary checked bag, but do confirm v your airline ahead of time, as plans vary native airline to airline.’s airline information pages will provide you a quick look at every the essentials for her airline the choice.

Getting to her NYC Airport

Both NYC airports room reachable by vehicle or a variety of public move options, consisting of train, metro and bus, so examine which is ideal for girlfriend after you’ve made decision on your flight. If you driving, make sure to arrangement ahead for city traffic, as rush hour can double your travel time.

Landing in Rome

Rome Fiumicino Airport, additionally known together Leonardo Da Vinci airport, has actually three terminals. Terminal A hosts residential flights, Terminal B hosts domestic and also international flights, and transatlantic flights go to and from Terminal C.

The Leonardo to express Train bring away you directly to the center of Rome,

with trains departing every 30 minutes. Girlfriend can also take the subway train FM1 to acquire to locations throughout the city, and also you can affix to the metro at either Tiburtina terminal or Ostiense terminal (this train doesn’t go straight to the Termini central train terminal though). You can also take the Terravision shuttle bus or the cheaper city buses to acquire into the “Eternal City”.

Taxis are available from the airport, but make sure just to take it the yellow or white taxis, and check because that a licensed meter and also ID. If the meter isn’t running, be certain to agree top top a fare before leaving the airport. If you want to take the wheel, and make this roman inn holiday your an extremely own, then rental car are accessible from the airport together well, and’s Rome car rental search page will help you find the finest deals for your vehicle to discover bella Italia.

Immigration, Currency, Language

You will need to current your passport in ~ the border upon her arrival in Italy. U.S. Citizens have the right to stay in Italy together tourists for up to 90 work in any type of 6 month period. Italy uses the Euro, and is in the Schengen Zone, an interpretation they have an open up border commitment with bordering Shengen countries. That course, if you do take place to it is in travelling phibìc by land, for instance by the trainline connecting Milan come Paris, girlfriend may need to pass with Switzerland, which no a Schengen country, and does call for you to current your passport in ~ the border.

The language in Italy, is of course Italian, and also while most people in large tourist cities prefer Rome speak at the very least some English, it’s always great to understand a couple of key phrases. People in enlarge generations specifically may not be able to speak English as well, for this reason it’s a perfect opportunity for friend to pick some up words that this beautiful language and try them out. Italians normally tend to it is in pretty encouraging with attempts in ~ Italian, and also appreciate it once you do the effort.

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Rome is reasonably safe, but just like most significant tourist destinations, you’ll want to keep an eye the end for pickpockets, specifically at huge tourist locations like the Spanish procedures or Trevi Fountain. If you’re traveling on the subway at night, it’s usually finest to bring a friend along, or take trip in a team so you’re no alone, as some stations are rather deserted depending on where you’re acquiring off.