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After my last thread on right here 2010 Ford emphasis won"t start (no crank) or transition out... , I replaced the shifter together suggested and replaced the starter associated fuses together a precaution.It starts, but won"t change out of park. Act so through the override, turning back doesn"t seem to work. Would an issue with the selector lever wiring harness reason that too?Both issues came up at the very same time, so that seems likely that they space connected. Section 307-05 of the workshop manual talks about checking because that an open and also a ground problem on the auto side the the harness, yet doesn"t talk about where the connects in much detail. It is up by the ignition switch in the steering column or is it roughly the junction crate on the vehicle drivers side?

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" turning back doesn"t seem to work. " might be influenced by worn linkage and also not moving into the correct position . You never ever answered whether the brake lights were operating appropriately .Is the interlock actuator operation / acquiring power ?
That renders sense. Apologies if I"m asking stupid concerns The brake lights space operating effectively at this time, yet the actuator doesn"t enable moving the shifter lever - any type of movement in ~ all needs using the override. Ns am not aware of any type of electronic issues. The workshop hands-on mentioned checking the fuses. I"ve changed each with an equivalent new one.If the cable is off enough that park top top the shifter place the transmission into neutral, would that keep the actuator indigenous operating once the auto is running and the brake pedal is pressed?
Thank you because that your assist
I"m walk to take a look at the link on the transmission in the morning to see if anything isn"t right.

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An open circuit in the shift interlock electric system can cause the shifter to end up being stuck in Park if the open circuit interrupts communications in between the brake light switch or the ignition switch and the interlock solenoid.Check for power at the transition interlock solenoid. Through the ignition move in the “ON” or “RUN” position and also the brake pedal depressed, use an digital multi-meter to inspect for power at the solenoid. If strength is present, the shifter interlock solenoid is bad.If no strength , have you checked fuses in all locations ?
I"ve localized the problem to the shifter cable. When I push the selector into PARK, it"s quiet leaving the infection in neutral. I have the right to manually shift it into PARK making use of the manual bar on the chauffeurs side the the transmission. As soon as I do that, the selector is able to come out of park normally. This appears to suggest that the TR sensor is associated in determining when to send power to the actuator and also let that work. The workshop hand-operated mentions the sensor as a feasible cause being unable to transition from PARK, but it doesn"t seem to cover this certain circumstance The bushing shows up to be fine, however it"s tough to be certain as i was functioning from an awkward position with tiny space. When the cable is enclosed the hands-on lever, it doesn"t seem come have any type of play if I press or traction it up and down respectively. If I shot to rock the cable clip a bit, that does relocate (the bar stays in place) - yet I wouldn"t mean such activity to define what"s happening.I"m walking to watch if ns can get a new bushing locally (as the kit girlfriend mentioned earlier is an ext expensive than the replacement cable itself) and see if the helps at all. Otherwise ns guess I"m spring at replacing the cable.