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ok, so I\"ve had this problem since I bought the truck. Once you open the door, the dome/map light, plus mine ohc light wont rotate on. Now, my passenger side DID work. When you opened the door, every the lamp turned on. However it no much longer does it. So now when I open both doors, mine lights never turn on. Not sure if there is a sensor of part sort? also, I understand in my moms car, and also my sister, when you roll the dimmer for this reason far, the lights revolve on, mine don\"t. Any help or advice is significantly appreciated.thanks.
alright, therefore I situated the door move thingy, take it it to oreillys, and also all the people they have in share look nothing prefer mine. He experiment it and also it appears to work and also not be sticking. He referred to as the ford stealership and also they desire 75$ for the whole door latch mechanism. Therefore I\"m probably going to end up going to the junkyard and also getting one. Any type of other advice or assist would be appreciated. Thanks.
i would start with tracing the wires at the points were they can be pinching or rubbing and checking for broken wires.
went to oreillys, and they tested everything. Since my dimmer switch wont rotate my lamp on, that told me to change the dimmer module.. However I got quoted 90$. So I\"m going come hit increase the junkyard below shortly and see if ns can acquire a transaction on one. If thats no my problem, then I\"m just gonna speak screw it, and also forget around it.
wow... I had actually this exact same problem. Involved find out, that was one of the fuses. Over there is a fuse just for the dome light. Might want to examine that.
I ordered a replacement door switch from ebay, new for roughly 15 dollars shipped to mine front door, finest investment therefore far.
I confirm all the fuses reid. Also had the man at oreillys check light every one of them. I was called it was my dimmer module. When I acquire my parts truck below tonight, an initial thing I\"ll do in the morning is switch end dimmer modules and also see if it is the problem. Because that some reason my vehicle drivers door move is various than mine passenger. However if the dimmer module doesn\"t carry out the trick, ns may simply swap doors from components truck and see if that is certainly the door switches.

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I had actually the exact same problem but I just figured out what was wrong through mine. The wire that connects to that harness was reduced just a small and reduced off the power. It didnt also look choose it was reduced in fifty percent but it certain was
well the dimmer didn\"t perform anything.. So mine next shot is walking to it is in dropping the head liner and also checking the wire.. Ns wouldn\"t be surprised if that melted.

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