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I disconnected the battery terminals to clean them and also I put them ago on and also now the vehicle won"t start and also it simply clicks as soon as then nothing, fuse? deserve to someone provide me one idea what to look for?! Thanks!
If you hear a click. Your starter might be stuck. Shot tapping it kind of hard while someone transforms the key to start it. Also, if it to be fine prior to the cleaning... Make certain the the starter cable did not come off the terminal connector.
I tried again and it clicked once then did 17 rapid clicks within the cabin that you can hear... Any idea what the means?
Try getting a jump. Sounds prefer a poor battery. Why did girlfriend clean the terminals? shot getting a run or take the battery to your local Auto part store and have it tested. The clicking is since not enough juice.
I to be assuming girlfriend cleaned her terminals for a reason. More then likely your batter is no good. Just make sure the wires top top the terminals are tight.

First thing is to make certain your relations are tight. You might not have obtained them back on well sufficient after cleaning.#2 is definitely going to it is in the battery. Test it if you can. As soon as you crank the headlights must stay bright.

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A many times if the starter simply clicks once simple trick is to quickly cycle the vital from begin to run until you hear the engine crank. The call disk in the solenoid is an alleged to rotate to avoid burning of the copper. Occasionally they stick and burn slightly causing no power to be moved to the armature.
Whenever I acquired starter clicks, the was always due come an old weak and discharged battery. Shot to jump her engine from another car, fee the battery then watch if this helped. If this ultimately happens again climate you recognize you should replace her battery. A lot of store brand batteries room pretty lot "2-year batteries" under harsh conditions, even those that come with 3-year warranty. It would certainly certainly aid to additionally replace part power cables and the battery terminals. On my g3 car, the terminals were always terrible and also made a negative contact v the battery terminals. The battery come ground cable was ridiculously thin. Simply transforming the terminals and also that wire made a huge difference, as I discussed here:
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