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In chapter one of Philbrick"s Freak the Mighty, Maxwell describes his previous in daycare and also his current pubescent life v Grim and Gram. Back in daycare, as soon as he was around four year old, Max had issues with world trying to hug him. Max"s solution to this trouble was to...

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In chapter among Philbrick"s Freak the Mighty, Maxwell explains his previous in daycare and also his existing pubescent life with Grim and Gram. Earlier in daycare, as soon as he was about four year old, Max had problems with world trying come hug him. Max"s systems to this difficulty was to kick everyone. Through humor, Max says the following:

"I invented games like kick-boxing and also kick-knees and also kick-faces and also kick-teachers and kick-the-other-little-day-care-critters" (1-2).

That could be rather normal for young children as they space going v phases and also learning exactly how to get in addition to others, but since Max"s dad is "Killer Kane," Grim and also Gram wondered if he would revolve out like his father.

Now the he is twelve and physically large compared to children his age, that is also starting to look more like his father, i beg your pardon scares Grim a tiny bit. Max even overhears Grim talking to Gram around him and his dad in the kitchen one night.

"Grim says that night in the kitchen, the boy is like him, we"d better watch out, friend never understand what he might do if we"re sleeping. Prefer his dad did. And also Gram appropriate away shushes him and says don"t ever before say that. . ." (3-4).

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Therefore, Grim and Gram room nervous the Max could do something bad because he to be a divine terror in daycare, and now the he"s bigger and looking much more like his father, they problem that he will do bad things prefer his dad did. This is a perfect example of stereotyping, and worst the all, it"s about their own grandson who hasn"t get an impression up v his dad to also learn his ways. But, as a literature device, this helps to create mystery and suspense in an effort to develop the setting and characterization the the story.