Unfortunately i don't mental anything around Pinhead. I haven't watched Hellraiser because I was prefer 12.

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Just gonna disregard him. Sorry.

First of every the order walk something prefer this:

Jason > Freddy > Michael > Leatherface > Ghostface > Chucky

Jason is the strongest and hardest come kill. Freddy more or much less actual beat Jason in a physics fight, yet I think he obtained a little lucky and also used the atmosphere a pair times. So while Michael is only slightly weaker and also less resilient than Jason, i think it's enough for Freddy to repetitively beat him. Leatherface is still just a normal human being as much as ns know, albeit a rather big and strong one. Ghostface is literally just a 20(ish) year old dude in a costume. In spite of the awful showings of everyone in his movies, Chucky is only a doll, that shouldn't have the strength, speed, or weight, come fight any type of of them.

Round 1: Freddy rofltomps every one of them. Castle can't hurt him, and he can much more or much less do every little thing he wants.

Here is when Jason remained in the dream civilization vs Freddy.

Round 2: now that castle aren't in the dream civilization Freddy doesn't stomp and it simply becomes who wins the physics brawl. Freddy is most likely the smartest the the bunch, and also can in ~ least organize his very own for a while versus any of them (again based upon him almost beating Jason and Jason being more powerful than all of the others) so he'll endure for a while. It doesn't really matter who Chucky/Ghostface struggle they space gonna it is in the very first ones come die. Leatherface is solid enough come take the end Ghostface and also Chucky but none the the others so he dies soon after. Seeing how Freddy has actually a background with Jason, the might shot to help Michael take the end Jason (or at the very least avoid dying). Seeing just how both Jason and also Michael like to walk everywhere, they will probably fight each other rather 보다 chase Freddy. If either Jason or Michael is seriously hurt (like losing an arm or something) in the fight, climate Freddy most likely can finish it. Otherwise I'll give it to Jason through the strength advantage over Michael.

Round 3: ar doesn't affect any of lock as far as i know, exact same as R2.

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Bonus: Chucky can't really carry out anything to Jason. Jason have the right to beat one of two people Michael or Chucky. Freddy deserve to hold his own versus Michael and also probably to win Chucky relatively easily. Seems relatively one-sided.