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complete Metal scare Invisible success Episode 11 + 12 (Final) Review: A Storm Is Coming and Makes my Day

After three weeks of waiting, together promised, episodes 11 and 12 lastly dropped. Last review, made me nervous at just how Invisible victory was going come conclude itself. In the last scenes of episode 10, it to be revealed the Kalinin had actually joined Amalgam, hijacking what I believed was the brand-new Arbalest, however finding that it was not so. Nothing was left top top a high note, yet this is complete Metal Panic; there is constantly a turnaround. I’m an ext than happy to report, full Metal panic is not done through concluding chin yet. As for Invisible Victory’s big finale was complete of unexpectedness and also epic action. I’m one happy fan right now as I create this, however let’s gain into the review!Japanese initial Titles: 嵐が来ている and 私の一日を作る


Sousuke is totally recovered and has to be training difficult with Courtney. Lemon discovers Amalgam basic somewhere in Mexico. Sousuke plan to do it solo in the expect of rescuing Kaname. No-one is conscious of the trap Leonard has actually laid the end for everyone. Naught goes follow to plan whilst Leonard plans to escape with Kaname. It transforms out to be fairly the amazing conclusion for full Metal Panic and not one you would expect.

Epic Highlights

The pan Confession: Well if you’re an old, avid fan of full Metal Panic, choose obsessed me, unlike in the first three seasons, we finally got the closeness growing between Kaname and also Sousuke. It was never put in the spotlight till Invisible Victory, offering us until currently just little snippets that sweetness. It provided you the hope the something, might happen. Illustration 12 had actually my fangirling heart racing like never ever before. Kaname pulling her tiny stunt, to have actually her last opportunity of talking v Sousuke. It seemed at first Kaname had given up, see herself just as a load to those around her. Conveniently Kaname bounces back, demanding Sousuke to put those stunner military an abilities to use and come conserve her. Climate the heart racing component came. Exchanged words of love were talked between the pair, reaffirming the affection castle felt. Ns cannot lied in this review… I might have shed a tear… since it had been a lengthy wait to hear those, three small words. Native this stunner pair, it suck Sousuke was no able to conserve her!!

This only declared even more things were much from various other with Amalgam. Though Kaname and also Sousuke’s reunion was so brief, that confession, five my god, the words i will not ~ come out. It was hilarious and beautiful at the exact same time. Particularly funny the part Kaname informing Sousuke ‘ Don’t treatment if you need to kill millions’ in order to conserve her, was a figure of speech. Smug Leonard: My dislike for Tessa’s brother with the course of Invisible Victory has grown. I dislike the guy. Leonards repulsive mindset towards Kaname, handing her his gun, giving her the chance to kill him, discovering Kaname can’t carry out it. This sort of trust is grindly and annoying to watch. This sound bad. I in reality laughed when, accidently the gun goes off, whoops. Leonard is knocked the end from the shot. If he had died at that moment, the would have actually been majorly disappointing. Us won’t be seeing the critical of him. Kalinin WHY!!: I desire to think he is quiet on Mithril’s side secretly. But, damn, the made it hard these 2 episodes. This is one annoyance I have with the conclusion of Invisible Victory, is Kalinin the adversary or not? Ugh. Tessa’s Fanclub: Eccentric military men Courtney and also Seals space hilarious. An especially at the finish of illustration 12, they lastly get come Captain Tessa then just to it is in taken far moments later. Ns didn’t understand Tessa was the popular among her superiors.

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Perfect Music: At the finish of episode 12, it was so perfect throughout two scenes. First, Kaname and also Sousuke’s confession, they played the ending theme from Season 1, ‘Karenai Hana’. The a beautiful song that signifies the toughness both Kaname and also Sousuke give one another. Secondly, as soon as Sousuke is reunited with his Mithril comrades after 6 months, Season 1‘s opened theme, ‘Tomorrow’ signifies a new beginning or turn roughly for the group. Loved that the series used these two key tracks perfectly.Arbalest 2.0 Is A Beast: While the confession to be my key highlight, ultimately getting to see the new-improved Arbalest collection my love ablaze in excitement. The way Sousuke interacts v Al’s computerized personality has always been hilarious. Finally, once the 2 were reuniting, naught had changed in how they operated together. Al kicked some unbeatable ass, with all this fancy brand-new specs. Taking out those Behemoth’s choose their ants, especially shooting the one the tried come flee, through that gorgeous Demolition Gun.It was hilarious in many moments, Sousuke’s reaction to Al’s power upgrade, – Al stating he’s never had actually a check run. Al mech style is amazing and also it was ‘oo, lala’ when a ponytail come flowing out as soon as landing in prior of Sousuke. Al is a beautiful beast now, not to trifle with.

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Themes and Trivia

Demolition Gun:  Apart the Al’s brand-new design the demolition gun deserve to shoot off a selection 165mm. Likewise switch to Gun Howitzer mode which permits the pilot also farther range. Risk that All: Kaname tells Sousuke come do every little thing it takes come come save her. Sometimes you gotta perform what the takes. Taking dangers in life is no a poor thing, it shows you’re gutsy and also brave. Kaname’s Resolve: Kaname might have tried to escape from Leonard but she felt staying with him. Kaname would certainly not it is in endangering those she loved, reflecting on her friend Kyoko comes to harm. Cause Kaname thinking this way.


It’s been difficult to procedure all that taken place in Invisible Victory. Honestly, I thought I’d it is in ranting in my disappointment if complete Metal scare had involved a close for good. But my face is beaming with delight that the overall conclusion stands the end the fact that this is no the critical of complete Metal Panic.

It made me really happy that in the last few minutes of episode 12, Sousuke rejoined with his Mithril buddies and also it was heartwarming. It had been for this reason long because they were all together. It marked a new beginning for the group and also I feeling that next round Amalgam would be excellent for. The the very first time emotion satisfaction in a non-ending even though Sousuke and also Kaname, mine babies room still apart. I feel weird, I’m no distraught end this, though feeling I need to be. Probably that is since of Sousuke’s and also Kaname’s love confession…which stopped me in my tracks. Actually had actually to pause the illustration to acquire what had actually just transpired. After every the previous periods of constant teasing in between the two, the romance variable was lastly implemented. Ns was laughing and also crying, Kaname demanding Sousuke use his crazy an abilities to come conserve her, to hold her shortly as he had actually grip of Kaname. As soon as they discussing kissing… my fangirl heart had actually never passed away so fast, within seconds. Do you view why ns so glad Invisible Victory exists? It was the perfect long-awaited confession. I had actually been yearning because that this for all these years. 

But I have to state quickly that Arbalest’s 2.0 is a beautiful beast. The wait for this robot’s return was worth it, people. Ns loved, loved every second of seeing Sousuke and Al fighting once again. It to be majestic. In all seriousness, both illustration were major kick-ass and full that high energy. Over there no method for me to deny this fact, even though wishing Kaname and also Sousuke were at the very least together. Now we simply need a movie or season five, Studio Xebec. High expectations will certainly be had by the complete Metal scare fans, such as I.

The complete Metal stunner Is not Over

Well my fans of complete Metal Panic, I’m an extremely sad mine time of reviewing this stunner series. That has pertained to an end, yet THIS IS not THE END. Isn’t that better, than a quick, cramped conclusion? ns think so. Complete Metal scare Invisible Victory despite the unnecessary recap episodes and delays. It has been truly a blast to watch, an ext the reality Full metal Panic will get a conclusion. After ~ so many years reasoning it wouldn’t. Ns truly happy at the end of the day, now waiting for the next season or a movie. Which perform you think would certainly be better? Tell united state down below what did you think of Invisible Victory’s conclusion? was it non-conclusive for you? are you happy it’s not over yet? inspect out centregalilee.com other spring 2018 reviews here!! Hopefully, I’ll view you following round for much more Full steel Panic in the future!!