She became an overnight sensation with her debut film, Swades, the opposite superstar shaman Rukh khan in the year 2004. Yet Gayatri Joshi Oberoi left all the limelight to gain married and also settle down.

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Gayatri Joshi Oberoi- The present

Now 12 years after that movie, Gayatri Joshi is happy married to business tycoon, Vikas Oberoi, who is the owner the the Oberoi Realty and one the the richest family members in India. Gayatri married Vikas in 20o5 in an extremely private awareness in ras Vegas and also has two sons, born in 2006 and 2010 respectively.

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If reports room to be believed, Vikas has actually a network worth the 10,000 crores, i beg your pardon is only enhancing by the day courtesy his prospering real legacy business.

If reports space to be believed, Vikas has actually a net worth the 10,000 crores, i beg your pardon is only raising by the work courtesy his flourishing real heritage business. The family members is exceptionally private and also does not share their personal details on society media like other businessmen and celebs.

However, when Gayatri Joshi has never yes, really come the end in the open up and spoken about her hush-hush marriage and life after ~ that, Vikas has often spoken about his an individual and professional life come finance magazines.

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In one together interview, he revealed that he knew Gayatri Joshi from before and from the an initial meeting chin felt like that she was the one through whom he can spend the remainder of his life.

"I had known Gayatri for a long time prior to we gained married. Us were just friends, an ext like acquaintances. Luckily, we maintained bumping into each other and I strongly felt she to be the one I want to spend the remainder of my life with," states Vikas in one interview come Forbes magazine.

A Sunday filled through laughter and sunshine #treehuggers

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Gayatri is often seen hanging approximately with she Bollywood friend such together Twinkle Khanna and Suzanne Roshan in the photo above. However it"s surprising the Gayatri has fully taken the backseat and lets her husband do the talking. In fact, she Instagram and Twitter accounts are also set as private. In one more interview, Vikas speaks around how lock both love traveling.

However, her husband keeps on sharing anecdotes from your life. In an additional interview, Vikas speaks about how they both love traveling.


"Gayatri and also I re-superstructure a passion for travel. Our pre-requisites for the perfect vacation are great food, exceptional weather and loads of out activities. We invest our summers either in Europe or on the beach in Thailand. As soon as it concerns all-time favourite holiday spots, we each have actually our various choices. Gayatri loves Capri because that its old-world charm, whereas for me the Maldives is the perfect location to unwind. We’re both excited about discovering brand-new places, together we constantly come residence with such wonderful memories," he claimed in an interview to a take trip magazine.


Perhaps, Gayatri Joshi Oberoi does not desire her sons and also family to be influenced by their star status and wants to save them far from the limelight.

In one of her rarely comments, she has mentioned that she yes, really values the time that she spends through her family.

“The luxury of time through the household is of large value. The ability to switch off the phone and spend two-three days together,” says Gayatri.

How to do the most of your household time

In fact, all of us should take some time turn off every now and then and spend with our kids and families.

1. Speak no come screens: As far as feasible keep your phones and screens away once you room alone v your family to store all distractions away from her kids. Besides, your children should recognize that that is necessary to bond through the household by not just watching TV and playing games but by means of talking and also sharing things.

2. Hear to everyone: Make sure you listen to all that your kids and other members need to say for this reason that even their slightest uncomfortable is conveyed to you. This would certainly only aid you understand them better.

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3. Store the fun intact: You have the right to just sit idle in a room while spending some time off through kids. Break your ice and make lock comfortable by playing board games and other activities that they room fond of.

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