With the holidays just around the corner, don’t it is in surprised if one of your co-workers or household members decides to “do something different” this year and also propose a gift-giving theme.

Just in instance you’re an alleged to store to some sort of “C is for Christmas” theme, you’re in the ideal place.

Check out the adhering to list because that 36 an excellent gifts in a wide selection of budgets the all start with the letter ‘C’.

35 Cool Gift ideas That begin With The Letter C


Perfect for the competitive Family: Corn Hole collection by OOFIT Solid timber Premium

If her friends or household members room all competitive people, buy among them this amazing cornhole set, and also you can all beat together. It’s an all-around an excellent set. That looks nice, and also it’s make of 100% wood, for this reason it’s durable and also can stand up to a lot of hefty hits.

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It’s scratch-resistant and also can be provided either at home or outdoors. It additionally comes v eight cornhole bags, so her loved one will have actually a complete set to use upon opened it.


For the extreme DIY’ers: Cricut pleasure Machine

If you have actually a friend in her life who’s really much into DIY, the Cricut Joy maker is a great gift. It has a ton of an excellent features for this reason that even experienced DIY’ers can enjoy the machine, but it’s straightforward enough to usage that even human being who’re just beginning to craft deserve to use it without trouble.

It permits your friend to use pre-loaded fads or style her own, and also it can cut all kinds of various papers. Even if it is she desires to make personalized greeting cards or decals for various other projects, she’ll have the ability to do the all v this compact machine.


Calling every Caffeine Addicts: Coffee Gator French press Coffee Maker

If you have a love one who’s crazy around delicious, intense-flavored coffee, she’ll certain love this Coffee Gator french press. The stainless steel push will keep her coffee – or tea – warm for practically an hour much longer than any kind of glass coffee maker, and there’s even a mini canister for storing extra tea bags or coffee beans.

This is a nice, insulated french push with a unique, resilient design. It’s the can be fried mixture of delicious flavor and also ultimate convenience.


For the an important Thinkers: Chess collection Made that Glass

This gorgeous glass chess collection is a beautiful gift for the strategy grasp in her life. It features a ten-inch glass board and 32 frosted glass and also clear glass pieces. Despite being made totally of glass, it’s extended in a high-quality finishing that provides it extremely durable.

The chess pieces have felt bottom on them to store them securely in location on the board and also to protect against them indigenous scratching it. It’s a good gift because that anyone in her life who loves to play games that challenge him intellectually.


Something to do with she Hands: Crochet Kit Katech 85-Piece Crochet Hooks Set

This 85-piece collection is a good addition to any type of hardcore crotchet fan’s collection, however it likewise includes just about everything a crochet newbie would require to acquire started as well. The kit comes with nine crochet hooks, 20 locking stitch markers, 14 plastic ring markers, 12 aluminum alloy crochet hooks, six plastic yarn needles, 6 sewing needles and also so lot more.

There’s also a tape measure, yarn remover tool, ruler and a pair the scissors. Every little thing comes in a convenient storage instance that zips up because that ease of transporting.

Kicking it Old School: Converse lining Taylor all Star High optimal Sneakers

When it concerns awesome pair of shoes that’ll make world feel all kinds of nostalgia, girlfriend can’t really beat Converse chuck Taylors. This come in ten different styles/colors and a myriad of different sizes for both men and women.

They feature a timeless, classic architecture that looks great with many casual outfits. They’re make of quality, sturdy material, and also in true Converse style, they’re supremely comfortable. They’re also good for skateboarding or other species of amazing activities, which also makes castle a good gift because that the younger civilization on her gift list.

A new and distinct Clock: FirsTime & Co. Gray character Farmhouse Windmill Clock

When it pertains to gifts beginning with the letter ‘C’, it doesn’t obtain much an ext basic and practical 보다 a clock, yet despite gift an obvious choice, it’s also a great one. Clocks serve a valuable purpose, however you deserve to also include a the majority of style and flair come them once you choose one.

This one is quite if you have actually someone who has a much more rustic decor or who who just loves windmills. That is 24-inch diameter also way it’s a great one for human being who can’t watch well.

For the Camping Enthusiasts: Camping Cookware 15-Piece set for two by Odoland

If you have actually a love one – or a pair of loved ones – in her life who love to camp, get them this practically camping cookware set for two. It comes with 15 the the most vital things anyone could need to deal with delicious food in the wilderness.

In addition to two sets the cutlery, 2 plates and two cups, there’s additionally a kettle, frying pan and a pot. The collection also comes through a cleaning towel to keep things nice and tidy, and it’s all stuffed right into a lightweight, easy-to-transport transporting case.

whatever if food-safe, and also the cutlery is do of stainless steel and also is foldable for convenient storage.

Easy Elegance: Charm Bracelet by Pandora Mesh Charm Sterling silver- Bracelet

A charm bracelet is an extremely thoughtful gift for any type of woman or girl in her life who enjoys jewelry and who prefers jewelry that’s an individual and represents the sort of human she is. This beautiful sterling silver mesh bracelet is make by the jewelry professionals at Pandora, and honestly, it looks an excellent with or without extr charms.

If girlfriend want, girlfriend can even purchase she the an initial charm for she bracelet. Just make certain it’s something personal or miscellaneous that’ll assist her keep a favorite memory.

Chic, Cozy and Comfortable: Cashmeren standard Soft Knit open Cashmere structure Cardigan

This lover cardigan comes in six different colors and can be purchased in sizes varying from small to XL. It’s make of 10% Mongolian cashmere and also 90% merino wool, so it isn’t a true cashmere cardigan.

However, girlfriend won’t have to pay a true cashmere price because that it either, therefore that’s a identify plus. It has actually an open up front, long sleeves and also is slightly oversized, falling to past the hips on most women. It’s warm, elegant and also a gift that’s sure to joy whomever obtain it.

Note: that does often tend to operation a small small, so the company suggests you size up when choosing the correct size.

For the Friends v Faith: Cross wall surface Art through Polly residence 12-Inch holy bible Verses

For the human of faith in her circle that friends, there’s no better gift than a gorgeous cross to decorate she walls. This is among the many lovely options. Its size are approximately 12″ x 7″, and it’s do of high-quality resin, therefore it’s as durable as it is lovely.

it comes all set to hang v a observed tooth hanger on the back, and while it deserve to be used as a door hanger, it’s recommended for use on doors that are covered by a display or storm door or for usage inside. The fist to detail in the cross is stunning.

the looks together though it’s make of bricks and also has a big cross in that is center. It additionally has numerous encouraging message etched onto its surface.

For the crazy (Creative!) Cat Lady: Catry Cat Tree large Activity Scratching Post

This huge Catry cat tree is perfect because that the kitty lovers in your family. It’s over 4 feet tall and also has all kinds of an excellent stuff for your loved one’s cat to enjoy. The tree is covered practically entirely in actual carpet v the exception of one short article done in file rope, which lets it dual as a scratching short article as well.

over there are different levels and also shapes for her cats to explore and enjoy, and also there are also a couple of dangling toys to keep them entertained. There are four various color choices to much better suit her decor.

A convenient Spot for Charging: Charging terminal for Multiple maker with 8 brief Mixed Cables

This five-port USB charging terminal comes in five various colors and also is good for the girlfriend who’s constantly questioning you, “Can ns borrow your charger?” It likewise comes with 4 lightning cables, two micro-USB cables and also two USB-C cables.

It can charge as much as five gadgets simultaneously, and also the innovative style will certain the cords don’t acquire tangled or damaged. Best of all, all 5 ports will certainly charge gadgets at the same fast speed, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting one thing charged and having to wait a couple hours for whatever else to record up v it.

Something Every True Hostess Needs: CTFT Cheese Board/Knife collection Bamboo Charcuterie Platter

This is a good option for blind gift exchanges or because that a friend that entertains often. The plank is make of 100% for sure bamboo. It’s basic to clean and safe to reuse after cleaning without having to worry about the hazard of bacteria.

It features a hidden tool tray that also comes completely stocked. Contained with the board room the following: two little ceramic bowls for sauces or small foods (olives, grapes, etc.), 2 slate labels, two chalk markers and four cheese knives.

The hidden tool tray has certain slots for each of these items with the exemption of the bowls.

A soothing Aromatherapy Experience: Candle – bathtub & Body works Japanese Cherry blossom Candle

Candles are another one that those “starts v ‘C"” presents that a lot of of world buy, yet that doesn’t make them any kind of less appealing as gifts, especially if you obtain really an excellent ones choose the exciting smelling three-wick candle from Bath and Body Works.

The Japanese Cherry flower scent is one of the store’s bestselling items, therefore if you’re unsure of what scent her friend would certainly like best or if you’re purchase a candle for a White Elephant gift exchange, this one is a pretty good option.

May the force Be through Him: Chewbacca Onesie Pajamas because that Men

This Chewbacca onesie for grown men ranges in size from tiny to XXL. It’s a Chewbacca onesie. It’s the ultimate in cool gift-giving ideas. What more is over there to say? Chewbacca pajamas! obtain them for any type of Star wars fan in her life.

They’ll be a hit.

An exceptionally Fun evening In: Cards against Humanity

Despite the fact that Cards against Humanity has come to be an very popular game over the last numerous years, there space still some world out there who’ve never played it. If you have a loved one who hasn’t gained to endure this amazing game yet, remedy that instance as shortly as feasible by obtaining him the initial deck.

It has 500 white cards and also 100 black cards, therefore it have the right to be played over and over again for a various game every time. Plus, if you give someone this gift in ~ a vacation party or gathering, you get to spend the night enjoy it it with him!

The Coolest Coffee Mug Ever: Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Buying someone a random, boring coffee mug isn’t going to victory you any popularity contests this holiday season, even if it does stick through the ‘C’ gift theme. However, buying someone – an especially someone who loves photography – this coffee mug that looks precisely like a camera lens will certainly be a identify win.

The attention to information in this mug is certain amazing. The looks specifically like a real camera lens and comes with 3 spoons because that stirring together well. The inner lining is made of stainless steel and is perfectly safe for drinking, but if your friend isn’t a huge coffee drinker, she could additionally use it as a yes, really cool pencil cup.

Another Fun household Sport: Croquet set by ROPODA Deluxe collection with wooden Mallets

Although the game has fallen out of fashion a small over the last few decades, croquet is tho a really fun game, and it isn’t tough to learn. This croquet set is yes, really nice and includes 6 handles, mallets and also balls, two finish posts and nine steel wickets.

everything comes in a convenient delivering case and is make of premium, sturdy materials. The handles and mallets room made indigenous hardwood, and the balls space made native crack- and damage-resistant resin.

This is one especially an excellent gift because that younger children who may have actually never also heard of the game.

For the alcohol Lovers: Cork Holder by JHY design Metal alcohol Cork Storage

This simple, stylish cork holder is the perfect gift because that the friend who loves to save up with her alcohol corks simply for present or because that crafting projects at a later on date. The sleek, basic design and black lacquered finish means the cork holder will fit in practically anywhere, no matter the decor, and though it’s huge enough to hold over 70 corks, the takes increase surprisingly small room.

It’ll look an excellent in any kind of kitchen, wine room, lounge or patio.

Satisfy His Sweet Tooth: cacao Gift Basket Gourmet Snack Food crate in Keepsake Tin

You can’t have a ‘C’-themed gift list and also not encompass chocolate. Coco is pretty much the ultimate gift for any kind of occasion. This delectable gift basket includes over a lb of assorted truffles, and pretzel clouds, cashew clusters, sea salt caramels, English toffee, coconut haystacks and more.

Every item is individually wrapped because that safety and also ease that sharing, and there’s no a solitary piece that’s no absolutely delicious. If you’re purchase a gift because that a diabetic, don’t worry; there space plenty of sugar-free gift baskets available as well.

Make Small-Game Hunting even Easier: Crossbow 50 lb. Mini Pistol Hand organized Gun Archery

While a real, full-size crossbow can be fairly an high value gift, this mini-crossbow pistol is very affordable option that functions just too for small-game hunting and also target practice. The bow is metal-limbed and impact resistant and also has a 50-pound draw weight.

over there are adjustable sights for precision accuracy, and also five plastic bolts with field tips are had in the package, and also a exercise target and bowstring. It’s a good gift because that a hunter or who who simply really loves archery.

Note: constantly remember to talk to parents before buying tools as presents for children and teens.

For the Cheesy fear Enthusiast: Chucky: finish 7-Movie collection

This is another of those presents that really needs no explanation. If you have a die-hard fear fan in her life, this seven-movie collection includes every Child’s beat (Chucky) movie ever before made.

fans of horror and gore – specifically cheesy, 80’s-style horror and gore – will love it.

Showcase His eco-friendly Thumb: Cactus and Succulent seed Kit for Planting

Whether your friend has actually a environment-friendly thumb or have the right to kill plants simply by looking in ~ them, this set is a great choice because that him. It’s without a doubt the most basic cacti and also succulents kit available. The tree are almost impossible come kill because they need so little, and also what small they do require is had in the kit.

It comes with four planters, drip trays and also plant markers, one cactus seeds mix, one succulent seeds mix, peat soil, kelp fertilizer and a perlite pouch. Step-by-step indict are also included. Your friend, no matter his ability level, will certainly be cultivation his own cacti and succulents in no time.

In enhancement to offering him a fun and unique hobby, tending to this plants is also quite relaxing.

Help Her choose up a brand-new Skill: Calligraphy Starter Kit starting person Calligraphy Lettering Set

This award-winning calligraphy lettering set was developed by the leading professional in calligraphy education and also has been on Amazon’s best-seller list for rather a while. The kit contains everything her loved one will need to begin learning about calligraphy.

There’s an comprehensive instruction guide, pen, ink, nib and calligraphy paper included. The kit deserve to be used by everyone of virtually any age regardless of whether she’s right- or left-handed.

A exorbitant Cookbook complete of good Stuff: Grandma’s Favorites daily Cookbook Collection

Cookbooks are always a large hit v gift exchanges. Even if it is you make her loved one a cookbook by hand filled through your very own favorite recipes or buy she one prefer Grandma’s Favorites, she’s certain to be happy by it.

Anyone who truly loves food preparation will call you the getting brand-new cookbooks never ever gets old, and also anyone who truly hates cooking will call you that getting new cookbooks is always a welcome occurrence because it helps boost her very limited cooking skills.

Cookbooks room also an excellent options for blind gift exchanges, and also the one pictured below is among the best since it’s full of lots of “grandma’s house cooking” recipes to pleasure anyone’s taste buds.

Take care of her Skin: Clay facial Mask L’Oreal Paris Skincare

Clay confront masks room growing an ext and more popular all the time, and this one by L’Oreal Paris is among the most well-known options. Due to the fact that this is a reasonably small, cheap gift, it provides a great stocking stuffer or White Elephant gift.

regardless of its low price, you’ll be surprised how many people fight over it as soon as the presents start being exchanged. This cleansing mask is do with 3 pure clays and also charcoal and also helps skin attain that lovely, radiant glow.

It’s creamy and non-drying, and it works well with almost all skin types.

The Most popular Ugly shoes Around: Crocs Unisex coastline Clog

Love lock or hate them – and also plenty of people do – Crocs are incredibly popular. Human being love them because of how comfortable they are, exactly how easy they room to on slide into and also how durable they room when offered in the rain, mud, garden, etc.

choose all Crocs, these coast Clog Crocs are very lightweight and easy to wear. Castle come in eight different colors and also a wide range of sizes because that both men and also women.

Help Him end up being a far better Chef: cast Iron Skillet Pan 15-Inch

If you’ve ever asked people over the age of 55 what the mystery to your cornbread is, possibilities are that many of them have actually replied, “I usage a cast iron skillet.” Anyone that truly knows just how to cook knows the services of actors iron skillets.

castle are few of the finest skillets you’ll ever before use, i m sorry is exactly why her friend will love receiving this 15-inch skillet because that his vacation gift. It’s been pre-seasoned and also has flared side edges. It’s for sure in temperatures approximately 500°F.

there are various other size options obtainable as well.

For the male Who Smells As great as the Looks: Cremo Bourbon & Oak Cologne Spray

Cremo cologne is a lesser-known brand than something choose Dior, Hugo boss or Versace, yet it’s also less expensive and smells just as amazing. The bourbon and oak cologne is a pan favorite and is described as smelling choose “a sophisticated blend the distiller’s spice, well bourbon and also white oak.

” It’s long-lasting however not overpowering, and also you’re sure to gain smelling it simply as lot as your friend enjoys wearing it. If this isn’t precisely his signature scent, buying his normal favorite cologne is another great ‘C’-themed option.

For the Friend who Can’t save Up v Anything: Calendar – Magnetic dried Erase fridge Calendar Blank

Calendars constantly make nice gifts, however they can be expensive, and also at the end of each year, people just end up throwing them far anyway. Still, if you have actually a friend that can’t store up with what day it is or when her appointments are, she requirements a calendar.

get her this oversized, magnetic dry erase fridge calendar instead. It’s blank except for the boxes and also the work of the week, therefore she can fill in her own dates each month. Plus, it’s large, straightforward to see and also will be hung in one oft-visited location, therefore she’ll be certain to look in ~ it because that upcoming events reasonably often.

A Cut over the Rest: Cuisinart Stainless stole Hollow manage Block Set

Cuisinart knives are several of the sharpest, most durable and also most attractive velvet available. This collection features knives v high-carbon, stainless steel blades and strong, ergonomically design stainless steel handles because that comfortable and also easy cutting.

They’re lightweight, but their edge are exceptionally sharp and cut through nearly anything without much hassle. They’re dishwasher safe and also come with a life time warranty. The set includes one each of the following: chief knife, slicing knife, serrated energy knife, santoku knife, paring knife and bird’s mine paring knife.

There’s also sharpening steel, 6 steak knives, a collection of shears and also a convenient storage block so your friend can easily keep up through them all.

Practical and also Beautiful: Ceramic Coaster collection of 4

These gorgeous coasters room lovely functions of art, yet they additionally serve a very practical purpose. They’re do of ceramic rock and wood, which allows them come absorb a maximum amount of water much more quickly than other varieties of coasters.

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They have actually cork backing that holds them in place and also keeps them native scratching her friend’s furniture, and also they feature an amazing, Bohemian architecture that’ll include a splash of shade to any kind of room.

For Healthy, Happy Lips: ChapStick full Hydration 100% Natural vital Oils Set

Chapstick is another an excellent ‘C’-themed gift that virtually anyone of any age have the right to use. This nice gift crate comes with four of Chapstick’s finest lip balms, each one made from 100% natural crucial oils. They’re all non-tinted, therefore they deserve to be used by guys or women, and they’ll provide your friend through absolute hydration and also super soft lips.

Plus, they taste and smell great.


Thanks for exploring this list of amazing presents that begin with the letter ‘C’. Allow us recognize what you think about our options in the comment section, and don’t forget to like and share this write-up with others.