Sometimes, gift-giving can get a little boring, specifically if you have actually those world on her list for whom you acquisition the exact same thing year ~ year. This vacation season, why not shot something a small different.

This list features a ton of fun gift ideas that start with the letter ‘E’, just in case you want to try an ‘E’-themed gift exchange this year. No matter your budget plan or the types/ages/genders that the human being for whom you’re buying, this list has something for everyone.

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30 gifts That start With The Letter E


‘E’ is for Earrings: SWAROVSKI Women’s Sunshine Floral Rhodium complete Earrings

One that the most evident ‘E’-themed presents you can offer to who you love is a pair that earrings, and also these are absolutely stunning. Made by Swarovski, a leader in fine jewelry, this earrings feature rose-gold-plated stems and gorgeous Swarovski crystals excellent in a lovely sunlight pattern.

back the company markets them as mother/daughter earrings, they’re lovely because that anyone on any type of occasion, and also there’s nothing that needs them to be provided specifically to or from either mommy or daughter.

They’re built to last and also aren’t simple to damage, and also they come in a gorgeous gift crate for an easy and attractive gift-giving experience.


The Gift of endless Books: E-Reader – Kindle Paperwhite

An e-reader is another an excellent gift because that just about anyone on your gift list who enjoys analysis books, magazines, listening to audio books, etc. If you have a bibliophile in your life, the Kindle Paperwhite is one unbeatable gift.

there are 4 colors indigenous which to choose, and also you can select either eight gigs of inner memory or 32 gigs. Friend can also buy the machine with or without ads, which is at sight odd, however it’s convenient if you’re trying to find a means to conserve a little money and also still give a an excellent gift.

This is the thinnest version of the Kindle yet, and it’s waterproof, so your friend have the right to take it v him in the bath, come the pool or sitting at the beach. If you desire to add a tiny extra oomph to the gift, friend can also order the with three months that Kindle Unlimited.


Electronics just Make Life Easier: Echo Dot 4th Generation + Amazon clever Plug

It’s simply a basic fact that electronic devices make life easier, and if you’re law an ‘E’-themed gift exchange, you could make a precious argument regarding why any electronic might fit the theme. Luckily, with the Echo Dot, girlfriend don’t even have to argue since the ‘E’ is right there in the name.

This is the 4th generation of the Echo Dot, and also it’s the ideal one yet. The looks a small different than all the generations that come before, but it functions all the same good stuff and also a whole lot more.

you can pick from white, blue or black and also you can obtain one v or without an LED clock. There’s also a really cute one for kids that limits the content that can be streamed come kids-safe stuff only.

Whether your loved one desires to listen to music, examine out the news, call a friend, manage her smart gadgets from her bed or shop just by talking, she deserve to do that all v the Echo Dot.


Music is Magic: Epiphone SG distinct VE electrical Guitar

Electric guitars space awesome, and whether you’re buying for a man, woman or child, this Epiphone through a heritage cherry sunburst end up is even more awesome than the rest. It’s Epiphone’s course SG style; it features open humbuckers through ceramic magnets and premium machine heads.

The neck is done in the 1960s SlimTaper style, and the sound the comes the end of this beast is just magical. It has actually a warm, rich, full-bodied sound that simply can’t it is in beaten. It’s good for beginner or experienced players, and also it’s not as hefty as a the majority of other electrical guitars, therefore it’s even a great choice for younger players.


Easel for the Artist: Artist Easel Ohuhu 66″ Aluminum field Easel Stand with Bag

If the artist in your family members is an ext of a intuitive artist than a music artist, he can prefer this quite easel instead. It’s a 66-inch ar easel that’s perfect for full-sized adult to use while standing, however it’s additionally adjustable, for this reason it have the right to be provided by children as well.

If adjusted to the smallest size of 21 inches, that can additionally be supplied as a tabletop easel. It attributes a spring clamp to host his canvas in place, and also each separation, personal, instance leg is adjustable, therefore he deserve to make that work even on uneven ground.

once not in use, it deserve to be folded up and also stored inside the contained carrying bag, which attributes a shoulder strap for basic handling.

Make clean Easier: Eureka Power speed Turbo Vacuum

Research over the last numerous years has shown that many civilization (approximately half) would rather have actually practical, beneficial gifts together opposed to sweet, sentimental or romantic gifts that serve no useful purpose.

This Eureka vacuum totally fits the bill there. That has five height adjustment settings that’ll enable your friend to switch between her carpet, hardwood and also rugs there is no trouble. It also has one LED headlight, therefore she have the right to see what she’s vacuuming, even in dark locations like under the bed or behind a cabinet.

It functions an extra-large dust cup that calls for less frequent emptying, and it’s very lightweight. Accessories the come through the vacuum encompass a detachable handle, a pets turbo brush, a versatile telescoping crevice tool and also a two-in-one upholstery tool.

A brand-new Part of her Beauty Routine: Epilator – Braun Epilator Silk-épil facial Hair remove

If you’ve never ever heard of an epilator, you need to look it up appropriate away because it’s an awesome small tool that’ll aid your loved one acquire rid of every one of her unwanted body hair and carry out her through weeks that smooth, silky skin.

It features a vast head the pivots for easy use and an ergonomic take care of that’ll allow her to gain to any type of area she wants. It’s entirely waterproof, therefore she deserve to use the in the bathtub or shower, and also there’s an had smart-light in the handle of the epilator that she have the right to use to see the finest, tiniest hairs and also get rid of them.

An Attractive Piece: Entertainment center by pedestrian Edison Furniture Company

If you’re looking for a yes, really nice “main” gift for someone this vacation season, examine out this gorgeous entertainment facility from walker Edison Furniture Company. Pictured below is the 58-inch TV entertainment was standing done in grey wash, but there space all type of an excellent options to suit her friend’s space, color and purpose needs.

There’s a buffet-style or a fireplace-style stand, together with an extra tall TV stand and also one with glass doors. There’s even an accent stand that’s fairly a bit smaller in case your girlfriend only has a tiny area in which to put his television.

everything his needs, the pedestrian Edison Furniture agency has that covered. This entertainment stands space made that high-grade certified MDF the looks favor real wood. They’re super durable and have flexible shelves.

They’re absolutely high-quality piece that can be bought for reasonable prices.

High-Quality clean Supplies: EVERSPROUT Foot versatile Microfiber Feather Duster

This is one more one the those good gifts for the human in your life that prefers useful over pretty. This feather duster can extend to a size of approximately 14 feet, so your loved one will be able to clean his ceilings, ceiling fans, high corners and more without even having come stretch to his tip-toes.

It’s make of microfiber, which will attract even the smallest, most minute specs of dust thanks to the tiny confident charge the the material. The finish of the duster is extended in a soft rubber tip, so he won’t scrape anything accidentally.

that can also be bend to any shape he requirements to do cleaning easier.

Keep she Young and Beautiful: Estee Lauder 4-Piece Skin Gift Set

This gift collection from Estee Lauder is the perfect gift for any type of lovely woman who’s serious around taking treatment of she skin. It’s a four-piece set, and it comes through a full-size container that multi-protection anti-oxidant 24-hour moisture creme vast spectrum SPF 15 and also one deluxe travel size container of every of the following: progressed night fix synchronized recovery complex II, perfect clean multi-action foam cleanser/purifying mask and also eye cooling anti-oxidant moisture gel.

friend love your loved one’s beautiful skin, so aid her take care of it because that years to come with this an excellent set.

Everyone needs a elevator Sometime: E-HEELP Electric vehicle Jack

While no one ever wants to be in a situation where his tire blows out and also he’s grounding on the next of the road, it’s constantly nice to have everything he requirements when the does inevitably happen. Make sure your girlfriend has precisely that by buying that this E-HEELP electric vehicle jack.

It comes with every little thing he’ll should lift cars up to three loads to heights of about 16.5 inches in only two minutes. It’s a full electric jack, therefore he doesn’t have to worry about nearly breaking his eight trying come pump the handle enough times to obtain it jacked increase to adjust a tire.

The remote is completely waterproof, together well, therefore he doesn’t have to worry about tearing it up if he’s an altering a tire in the rain.

A Soft, Luxurious bath Set: Everplush Diamond Jacquard bathtub Towel Set

While towels may not it is in the most interesting gift ever, this six-piece set by Everplush is the exemption to the rule. The collection comes through two large bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths, and also the firm picked a very appropriate name due to the fact that these towels are definitely ever plush.

They’re the softest, warmest and also most luxurious towels a person can buy, and your friend will certainly love exactly how soft they feel against her skin. They’re made of soft cotton and microfiber, so they’ll dry her off quickly and also can absorb as much as eight time their own weight in water! This is truly a high-quality, premium bath set.

Practical and also Hygienic: Hanasco Sonic electrical Toothbrush through USB Rechargeable

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced gift that’s both practical and lovely, girlfriend can’t to win this pink electric toothbrush native Hanasco. It uses sonic technology for a remarkable cleaning experience that gets between teeth and also into the gum line.

The brush comes with 3 removable heads and also features four different cleaning modes: clean, whiten, polish and also gum-care. V this brush, her friend will have the ability to feel approximately 38,000 brush strokes every minute, and she have the right to use the other modes to assist polish, remove stains and also take treatment of her gums.

It’s fully safe for use by civilization with braces, crowns or other dental work, and also it’s rechargeable. ~ one full, six-hour charging session, the toothbrush have the right to last up to four weeks without needing to it is in recharged again.

For maintaining the edges Trim: Edger and Trencher through BLACK+DECKER

If there’s one thing anyone deserve to tell you about yard work, it’s that you have to keep her edges clean. With this edger and trencher by Black and Decker, her friend will be able to do just that. He can regulate the reduced easily with the three-position tongue depth adjustment, and by using the pull-up sheet guide, that can transform the maker from one edger right into a trencher in a issue of moments.

It has actually a 12 amp, high-torque motor, i beg your pardon is perfect for tackling tangled, thick overgrowth, and at a small over seven and a half inches long, the hardened stole blade can reduced through almost anything.

Green v Envy: Emerald and Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold

Diamonds might be a girl’s finest friend, however emeralds will make them environment-friendly with envy. This gorgeous ring features both. The band of the ring is done in ten-karat white gold. The 6×4-millimetre emerald is beautifully centered right in the center of six stunning white diamonds.

It’s an absolutely resplendent ring that’ll make your loved one feel choose royalty every time she put on it. The looks best with night wear, however it’s likewise casually elegant, therefore she can wear the on a everyday basis if she choose to execute so.

finest of all, the piece comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so if anything goes wrong, she can return that to it is in repaired or for a full refund.

An essentially Amazing Gift: necessary Oils collection by VSADEY

Essential oils have end up being all the fury over the past year or so, but usually, they’re for this reason expensive, most world don’t buy lock as regularly as they’d like. This 26-bottle collection of vital oils by VSADEY, though, is actually fairly affordable.

every bottle consists of five millilitres that the many popular necessary oils consisting of peppermint, lavender, vanilla, tea tree, eucalyptus, patchouli, sandalwood, thyme, cherry blossom, rose, lemongrass and also more.

They’re every 100% pure, therapeutic class oils. They contain no parabens, are cruelty-free and are vegan-friendly as well. They all come in a nice, attractive box for straightforward gifting.

A Stylish way to lug Things Around: Eddie Bauer places & Spaces Bridgeport Diaper Bag

Whether you’re buying because that an adult, teen or child, this Eddie Bauer backpack will offer him a stylish means to bring his things. Eddie Bauer bags are always high-quality and also durable, therefore you know you’re providing him other that’ll last.

This one has actually 11 pockets, consisting of two pockets particularly designed for bottles/drinks and also a height flap opening that’ll offer him quick access to points he’ll require often. It has actually adjustable, padded straps and also a top handle, so he can carry it or wear it, and also it has actually stroller loops and a removable changing pad and wipes situation in case he wants to usage it together an on-the-go diaper bag.

Small, however Awesome: Earbuds Wireless Ear sprout Bluetooth

A person can never have actually too numerous pairs that earbuds, specifically wireless, Bluetooth-connected earbuds. These aren’t name brand, yet they room really nice. They’re small, therefore they have a good fit, especially for world with smaller ear holes that don’t like regular sized earbuds.

They additionally pack a most power and, thanks to the hi-fi stereotype sound, castle sound absolutely amazing. Castle come in your own small charging case, feature one-step pairing and also are controlled by touch. They’ll last up to 4 hours on a single charge.

A total Holiday Tradition: The Elf ~ above the Shelf

If you’re trying to find an ‘E’-themed gift specifically for the holiday season, friend can’t win the Elf top top the Shelf, specifically if you’re buying for a son or because that a household who has actually a child in the household.

by now, anyone knows just how the Elf top top the Shelf works. He watches the home for indicators of the children being an excellent or bad and also then, while everyone is sleeping, that reports earlier to Santa to let him understand what species of presents the kids deserve.

It’s a an excellent little gift, and also if her loved ones don’t currently have one, now’s a an excellent time to help them start a brand-new family tradition. This kit comes through the elf and also the storybook that tells his story.

Like go on Air: simple Spirit Women’s Equinox Mule

Easy soul shoes might not it is in the most renowned shoe brand, but they’re one of the most comfortable. This certain pair the shoes come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. The shoes are made the 85% suede and feature fabricated soles and also removable insoles.

They’re durable and also weatherproof, and despite being such good, high-quality shoes, they’re exceptionally lightweight. The open earlier makes them an excellent for slide on to run errands, however they’re also comfortable enough to be offered as work shoes for someone who needs to stand on she feet every day.

For the friend Who’s not a great Cook: elite Gourmet EGC-007 Easy electric Egg Poacher

The elite Gourmet egg poacher comes in 12 various colors and also holds increase to 7 eggs at once. It’s the easiest, quickest and also most convenient means to chef the perfect egg every time. Her friend deserve to make very delicious soft, medium or tough boiled eggs specifically to his tastes by simply filling increase the cup v water and hitting a switch to turn it on.

It has a built-in timer that’ll buzz when the eggs are done, and also in situation he’s too busy to come appropriate away, the automatically shut-off duty will turn it off so his egg don’t acquire overcooked prior to he it s okay to them.

It’s perfect because that boiling, scrambling, steaming or do omelets. It’s small and takes up just a tiny amount the space, so it’s also an excellent for university kids. Plus, the comes with a life time warranty!

A completely Cute Aesthetic: Elephant Aesthetic Ornate Line art Yoga T-Shirt

This gorgeous elephant aesthetic t-shirt is perfect for any woman who loves elephants. It functions a v-neck and also is lightweight and moisture-wicking, for this reason it’s the perfect shirt for yoga, spin course or the gym.

It come in sizes small to 3XL, and because it’s just 25% cotton, that shouldn’t shrink after ~ a wash. It’s very soft, and also your friend will love wearing it around, emotion the soft fabric versus her skin.

The style is published using high-quality QCM screen-printing inks, so it’s safe to wash in the machine, and also the color shouldn’t fade even after countless washings.

For the Eco-Warrior: Ecowaare 15 fill Reusable produce Mesh Bags

This 15-pack that multi-size Ecowaare reusable create bags is a great gift for that vegan friend in her life that cares an ext about saving the planet than she does about her very own convenience. There space three size of bags included: 12″ x 8″, 12″ x 14″ and 12″ x 17″.

every size attributes a different color, therefore she can easily grab the size she needs without having to stop and compare them versus one another. They’re simple to clean and also safe come reuse, and also although they’re draft as create bags, they can really be used for just around anything.

They’re lightweight, and all the materials used to do them room 100% food safe. Lock close via a convenient, easy-to-use drawstring.

A Baker’s Delight: Eclairs: Easy, Elegant and modern-day Recipes

There’s nothing quite like a delicious, homemade eclair. Give your friend this eclair cookbook, and also reap the services of his numerous cooking experiments. The book, released by award-winning pastry cook Christophe Adam, attributes recipes for dozens of various eclairs such as black currant eclairs, caramel eclairs, cacao eclairs, fig eclairs and also more.

There room over 220 pages of delicious eclair goodness in this small book, and also if you’re lucky, her friend will want to find out to make every one of them!

For setting the Seasonal Mood: Evergreen Candle pine Candle deluxe

There’s nothing quite favor the odor of evergreen to obtain someone in the mood because that winter, the holidays, gift-giving and also all those other great things that come follow me in the colder months that the year. This exciting 16-ounce candle puts the end a maximum amount of scent and also smells just like cedar, pine and also musk.

If you have a friend the enjoys “the smell of Christmas,” this candle is definitely the gift because that her. It’s hand-poured, functions a lead-free noodle wick, and will fill the entire house v the most amazing scent.

Traveling in Style: Eagle Creek Travel gear Pack-it Starter Set

The Eagle Creek take trip gear collection comes in three various colors – blue, red or black color – and comes with 3 bags of differing sizes. Each one is made of 300D poly micro-weave and also has a zippered closure for extra security.

The collection comes with a tool folder the fits in most carry-on bags and also can compress in between eight and also 12 dress shirts and/or slacks there is no wrinkling them and two initial compression cubes (14″ x 10″ x 3″ and also 10″ x 7″ x 3″).

lock come through a lifetime warranty, together well, so your friend will be able to get a many use out of them end the next several years.

Music That’s complete of Nostalgia: Eagles Their biggest Hits quantities 1 & 2

If you have a friend who’s a pan of 70s and 80s rock, he’ll absolutely appreciate this two-disc collection of the Eagles greatest hits. The arsenal comes in one of two people CD or vinyl format, but either way, it’s pretty sensibly priced.

It attributes some that the Eagles very best songs, such as “Hotel California,” “Take that Easy,” “Life in the Fastlane” and “Desperado.” It’s a an excellent collection, and if her buddy’s a fan, he’s sure to love it.

Time Is on her Side: Wireless Charging alert Clock

This Emerson alarm clock isn’t your typical, old-school alarm clock. It’s much, much more. The clock attributes a wireless mobile charger that’ll permit your love one come simply set her phone on peak of the to charge it without plugging in anything.

There’s also secondary USB harbor for classic charging. It has actually an at home thermostat, for this reason she can constantly keep monitor of the temperature within her house, and it acts together both a night light and an alarm clock.

(The night irradiate option have the right to be turned turn off if she doesn’t like it.) The clock and also the irradiate are regulated with a four-level dimming regulate so the the light isn’t too bright, and the clock features both a snooze feature and also a steady wake alarm because that easy, much less abrupt waking increase in the mornings.

An Oldie yet a Goodie: standard Red illustration Toy v Magic Screen

This is an ‘E’-themed gift the literally requirements no description. It’s one Etch-A-Sketch!!! If you’re buying a gift for a kid, she’ll love this impressive Etch-A-Sketch, particularly if she’s never had the satisfied of playing v one prior to now.

If you’re buying for an adult, she’ll still love it because it will give her every kinds of nostalgia because that her own childhood once she most likely spent hours drawing squares ~ above the Etch-A-Sketch since she didn’t know just how in the human being to attract anything else.

Seriously, though, the Etch-A-Sketch is a classic, and you definitely need to buy one for at the very least one person on your list this year.

For a fast Pick-Me-Up: Ethiopian Coffee Yirgacheffe region Organic

Everyone needs a tiny caffeinated pick-me-up every now and then, and also there’s no far better way to give your friend the than with 16 ounces the pure Ethiopian coffee. This delicious, extremely caffeinated coffee comes right from the Yirgacheffe an ar of Ethiopia, and it absolutely packs a punch.

do by Volcanica Coffee, it’s medium-boiled and features undertones that rough, fruity/wine-like flavors. It’s thick-bodied v an earthy smell and also just a note of strawberries and cinnamon. The beans room fresh roasted instantly before pack to ensure freshness, and if her friend has actually never had the pleasure of trying authentic Ethiopian coffee, he’s in for a actual treat.

It’s most likely he’ll never ever again resolve for something less.

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Hopefully, you found several entertaining, specifically exciting and eternally endearing presents for her loved persons on this list. Let us know which persons were your favorites, and tell us around anything friend can’t think we to let go in the comments section below. As always, remember come like and also share this guide and also come earlier again because that more great gift-giving ideas.