ICQ is the surname of among the very first online messengers, i m sorry was created in 1996. Now the program is obtainable for virtually all the feasible operating systems and has numerous users throughout the globe. The surname “ICQ” was acquired from “I look for you”, as its aim to be to connect people from different corners that the world.

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Meaning and also history


ICQ has actually been connected with the green flower because that years, however the above emblem was only designed for the messenger in 1998, and for the an initial two years after its relax the product has been making use of a totally different emblem.

1996 — 1998


The very first logo because that the ICQ was composed of a stylized wordmark, consist of of 3 letters, be separated by 2 solid black dots. The lettering in a custom typeface looked elegant and playful and had a distinct gray shadow, i beg your pardon made that look airier and light. A bit later on the agency adopted an additional emblem — a three-dimensional red flower, v a yellow middle and one the the petals contempt darker 보다 others.

1998 — 2014


The iconic eco-friendly flower emblem was presented in 1998. It to be a flower with 7 green and also one red petal and a yellow center, wherein each aspect featured a thick black outline. The emblem might be additional by a rounded sans-serif lettering in the lowercase or also outlines in an oval frame.

2014 — 2015


In 2014 the flower gets a thinner black outline and also gradient shades that the petals, which make it look at three-dimensional. The composition continues to be the same, and also even the black color lowercase “ICQ” lettering keeps the same rounded sans-serif typeface.

2015 — 2020


The redesign the 2015 gotten rid of the black outline and also adds some room between the petals. The contours of the image have actually been refined and cleaned and the “ICQ” wordmark to be enlarged.

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2020 — Today


2020 lugged another significant redesign to the renowned messenger’s visual identity. The green flower is currently composed the only 5 petals, put on a solid black circle. No yellow or red details are on the emblem anymore. Together for the wordmark, the has also been removed, so the logo, draft in 2020 is the most minimalist and also progressive amongst all the ICQ designs.