I am can not to download the PS4 version of GTA V. It is a physical copy. Now here are the details and I hope someone can drop some advantageous knowledge due to the fact that I\"m at my wits finish with this.

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I decision to boots up the video game in preparation of obtaining the

. Together it\"s to be so long because I critical played i didn\"t have actually the video game installed on my PS4, no to mention I didn\"t have the memory obtainable anyway. Ns pop the key in, download patches and go to play it. At the install screen it is literally grounding at 0% nevertheless of exactly how long ns leave it there for.


I remember something comparable happening to me earlier in 2014 when I very first got the game (really slow install time). I can\"t remember what i did to solve the issue though

as well as that, this time the won\"t download at every so various situation. This also seems to be among the most usual issues affecting human being who have actually the game. There space thousands the threads and also stories about this happening however very little in the means of concrete, 100% guaranteed to work details to aid out.


I\"ve tried every the period old tricks: Deleting and also reinstalling, installation without net connection, you surname it. The closest ns have concerned a resolve is installation the game first, then downloading and install the recent patch. By doing the I regulated to with 50% install before the video game stops and tells me the the disc can\"t it is in read and I have to boot out to the PS4 menu and also have my progress reset to 0.


I know the bowl is fine. I understand my PS4 is fine. This happened to me prior to (slightly different instance but similar all the same) and also obviously wake up or has actually happened to plenty of others so I know there is a equipment somewhere out there.


Just come reiterate:

The bowl is clean but has to be cleaned again anyway. No scratches etc.

My PS4 has actually the latest update installed.

I have deleted the game and also reinstalled the (tried to anyway).

I have actually tried to install the game, then the patch. (This somewhat worked).

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Tried sports of the above, with and also without an net connection.


Please have the right to someone help me out before I decision to usage the disc as a shuriken and also throw it directly out the my home window