Does anyone have that English dub ZZ Gundam by Animax? Aired in 2005. I’m yes, really trying to discover it. Someone had actually a 2+ hour OVA dubbed on YouTube however it appears to be gone. I understand that this is taken into consideration a “lost dub” however if people even have one illustration on tape... Upload it.

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I've been interested in recognize this as well. Clearly it's not a great dub, however I've just ever uncovered clips like this: girlfriend can try sending the uploader of these clips a post on YouTube.

Yeah I’m not worried about the top quality as I sort of favor the Zeta and Trilogy dubs. Lock don’t stroked nerves me and also honestly the MSG dub could be poor at times with lex and kika IMO.

Anyways.. Someone uploaded a 2+ hour vid they labeling an OVA for ZZ Gundam but it was removed legit the second I visited watch it.

Ever because I’ve to be searching and found only clips but clips signify recorded episodes and also I’m curious to view if we have the right to dig castle up. Somebody uploaded the ZZ Gundam video. Ns was watching it for around 20 minutes and also it disappeared. It seemed okay albeit rushing roughly the plot yet that’s... No a poor thing because that the very first half.

I have episodes 45 and also 46; there space (or were) much more out there (that's how specific channels post clips from it), but I don't understand whether anyone has the full series. If we can find any other episodes, let's swimming pool our resources and also assemble of much of it as we have the right to (perhaps using Google Drive)?


found a website that seems to be unable to do that seems to have actually had, before coming to be inaccessible, the last 5 episodes in English.

Trying through archive to watch who may have actually uploaded it and the videos regrettably aren’t on there either.

Looking extra grim lol..

In the situation of Gundam, whereby a great chunk of characters aren't Japanese, arguably the makes more sense to have English be the "in-universe" standard language.

I’m sorry I come off rude yet it’s much more or less simply the suggest of it must be available. Also the MSG Trilogy is obtainable online called if ya look hard. But this? It’s impossible to find.

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It’s much more the major of the matter to find the dub and also share it since sunrise won’t.


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