Here"s how to get in the Funland company and fulfill Alice in Harvest Moon: Hero of leaf Valley. Friend must understand the working schedule!

If you want to propose and also marry Alice in Harvest Moon: Hero of sheet Valley, surely you have to know whereby you can uncover her and her daily schedule. Mostly, she spends her time functioning at Funland Company. For this reason it"s a bit an overwhelming to meet her since she is a busy person.

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In case you don"t know, the Funland agency building is located in the Northern component of the valley, in front of the mine. Funland workers can be discovered there.


One of the things that are fairly confusing is once we want to go into the Funland Company. Occasionally we can and also sometimes not, even if we can gain in, the elevator come Alice"s office does not work. There is a "The elevator is broken" notification.

Maybe numerous questions might come up in your mind, "How do deserve to I go into the Funland company? when is the building open?

Therefore, in this post Droid Harvest will explain clearly how to enter the Funland firm so you can satisfy Alice, Charles, and Renton.

Funland Company"s functioning Schedule

The most necessary thing you should understand if you desire to get in the Funland company is their functioning schedule.

From Monday come Friday you can enter the Funland agency from 12:00 afternoon - 2:00 PM. I think it"s the job-related break. In these hours, girlfriend can meet Alice in her office. If you shot to gain into the Funland company outside this hours, climate it will certainly not work.

On Saturdays and Sundays, there will certainly be little change in the schedule. Alice will be the end in front of the Funland firm to breathe new air indigenous 08:00 to be - 10:00 AM. Use these hrs to meet Alice due to the fact that outside of these hours, you will certainly not have the ability to meet her within the Funland company.

At 09:00 to be - 11:00 AM, friend can get in the Funland Company, yet you deserve to only see Charles. You will not be able to use the elevator to Alice"s office.

When Charles comes out of the building from 11:00 to be - 2:00 PM, girlfriend can"t get in the Funland company. However when he goes earlier inside in ~ 2:00 PM, you can go into the Funland agency back until 5:00 PM. After the hour (5 PM), you have the right to not enter again.

So, ~ above Saturdays and Sundays, friend only have a possibility to accomplish Alice in ~ 08:00 to be - 10:00 to be in former of the Funland. Even though friend can go into the building outside these hours, yet you will certainly not be able to go to she office.

This is because the elevator to she office does not job-related and constantly appears a notice saying the "The elevator is broken".

How around in the 3rd year?

If you regulate to conserve the town by the "Best Ending" (You clear the Shoot because that The Star/The best Farm in the human being event path), then the schedule will certainly be the very same as ns have defined above.

But if not, they will leave the town and you will certainly not have the ability to meet them.

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That"s Funland company"s working schedule and how to meet Alice, Renton, and also Charles in Harvest Moon: Hero of sheet Valley, ns hope this write-up could be useful...