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By Freyashawk
Hero of leaf Valley PSP Cookbook Recipes Guide

By FreyashawkFor details on exactly how to find for certain information in any kind of of my travel guide usingthe most popular web browsers, you re welcome visit: ~ above 5 might 2010Note on 5 May: now is the anniversary that the death of Napoleon I, Emperor ofthe French. As a male who appreciated good cooking, ns dedicate this littleGuide to his memory.Tip: use the 'Search/Find' duty for any kind of ingredient to find all Recipes thatuse the item.Last updated on 9 June 2010Table that ContentsIntroductionGeneral principles of food preparation Obtaining a Kitchen Recipe sources Martha's Asscentregalilee.comments Fish Recipes indigenous Ponta Birdman's present Trial and also Error increasing Values through food preparation Special Seasonal Profits many Wanted Items and Delivery Requests

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storage in HoLV Obtaining ingredient Ingredients from the general Store Olive Oil Miso Fluffy Bread Honey 3 Sizes the Milk Butter and Cheese Fish Dishes cooking for EnergyComplete Cookbook Pot Recipes tiny Pot Recipes Onion Soup Stewed Fish Cheese good Cheese Baked gold Potato warm Milk Mashed potato Boiled Octopus Boiled Egg Boiled Lobster Yogurt tool Pot Recipes Monkfish Stew Fried octopus Squid Rice Marinated Sardines Pickled Char Fried Leatherfish Cream of Mushroom Soup Mushroom and Rice Carrot Soup Grouper Stew clam Chowder Chestnut and Rice Cream the Corn Soup Marinated Salmon Miso Mackerel Triangle Soup Pike Rice Stew Buttered Potato Porgy and also Rice Marinated Octopus Tomato Cream Soup Marinated Herring Pumpkin Soup Tiger Globefish Stew Porridge French Fries Minestrone Loach Stew Stewed Masu Salmon Fried smelt Marinated scented Bouillabaisse big Pot Recipes Chicken Grunt Vinegar Fried Huchen Strawberry Jam Fried Shrimp Orange Marmalade Canh Chua Mushroom Risotto Cranberry Jam Croquette Salmon Cream Stew Spanish Mackerel Stew Seafood Stew Seafood Risotto ko Soup Cheese Risotto Egg Custard Tomato Risotto Dark Sleeper Stew Blueberry Jam an extremely Berry Jam Spinach Risotto blended Berry Jam to apologize Jam Frying Pan Recipes tiny Frying Pan Recipes Broiled octopus Broiled Eel Broiled Chub Fried mushrooms Broiled Fish Broiled Loach Broiled Catfish Teriyaki Amberjack Tuna Steak Fried Egg Fried Corn Stewed Apples tool Frying Pan Recipes Sauteed Mushrooms loaded Omelet Fish meal Butter-Fried Salmon Sandwich Jam Sandwich Porgy Carpaccio Cheese Omelet Fried Rice Rainbow Trout Kebab Butter Corn Sauteed shell Fruit Omelet level Omelet Sauteed Spinach Popcorn Tuna Carpaccio huge Frying Pan Recipes Shrimp Pilaf Omelet Rice Fish Cream Saute Fish Meuniere Seafood Pilaf Gourmet Mushroom Saute Assorted cheese Tomato Salad Flounder Meuniere French Toast Pancake range Recipes cooktop Recipes through FR value Fish and also Mushrooms Herb Bread Herb Cookies various other Oven Recipes Onion Bread Orange Cake Mushroom Gratin Mushroom Doria Carrot Cake Cookie Walnut Bread Cake Cornflakes Cornbread Fried Clams Fish and Tomatoes Fish and also Herbs Fried Fish baked Fish Seafood Gratin Shortcake Cheesecake Cheese Potato well Cheesecake Doria Butter role Honey Cake Pumpkin Cake Pumpkin Pudding Pizza Pudding Fruitcake Fruit Pudding Potato Gratin Muffin Chestnut Cake Lobster Roast Mixer Recipes Miso Greenling Strawberry Milk Dace Dumplings Orange Juice Grape Juice Fried Dolphinfish Tomato Juice Butter combined Juice vegetables Juice apologize JuiceRecipes on Channel 3 Birdman's Recipes Thursday Fishing display Introduction
This is just one of the mini-guides I create for any type of Harvest Moon or Rune Factorygame for a specific solitary aspect the the game. All aspects of the game are disputed in information in my HoLV Walkthrough andGeneral Guide, which friend will find at:Hero of sheet Valley Walkthrough/General Guide: schedule of all occasions that deserve to be competent in the an initial year is includedin my 1st Year occasions Calendar overview at:Hero of leaf Valley 1st Year occasions Calendar Guide: have created a characters Guide that gives detailed information about everyCharacter in sheet Valley and also a Shop and Business overview that gives the WantedItems Lists and also Delivery request Lists and also schedules of business hoursand Part-Time Labour.Cooking commonly is crucial aspect of any type of Harvest Moon game and also Hero ofLeaf sink is no exemption in this respect. Cooking Dishes have an ext power torestore Stamina and also alleviate exhaustion or stress than life ingredients. Theyfetch a far better price once sold come a local Shop as well. As Gifts, they oftentend to be valued more than life ingredients.General values of CookingObtaining a KitchenIn Hero of sheet Valley, girlfriend must increase your House prior to you will certainly be maybe toCook. What makes this expansion different from countless other Harvest Moon gamesis that the home expansion consists of a Kitchen, a Bath and a Toilet. The Bathand toilet both have the power to gain back your Energy. Her Kitchen actuallywill it is in equipped v both a small Pot and also a little Frying Pan. The price ofthis development is 10,000G + 50 piece of Lumber.When you own a Kitchen, an oven and Mixer will appear on Louis' 'Buy' food selection atthe items Shop. The Mixer is 1500G and also the range is 2000G.At the same time, friend will find a bigger Pot and also Frying Pan in his 'Upgrade'Menu. Medium Pot or medium Frying Pan each cost 1500G and require a piece ofSilver Ore come create. You can chef Dishes that require two ingredients in aMedium Pot or Frying Pan. As soon as you have the tool Utensils, you will discover aLarge Frying Pan and also a big Pot in the update Menu. The price is 3000G plusa piece of yellow Ore. The big Pot and big Frying Pan can create Dishesthat require three ingredients.The Oven and Mixer have actually no upgrades and can be supplied to create any type of Dish thatrequires a Mixer or one Oven.Recipe SourcesYou can obtain new Recipes for your Cookbook native a selection of sources,including Part-Time tasks at the Villa's Kitchen, food preparation Programmes on theTelevision and by offering Fish to Ponta.Trial and also Error can produce good results together well, although her ExperienceLevel partly will recognize your success or failure also when you do notdeviate native an created Recipe.Whenever your job-related Part-Time because that Martha at the Villa, she will request aspecific dish without giving you the Recipe because that it. You will be required tomake a specific number of the asked for Cooked Dish. After you finish yourasscentregalilee.comment successfully, she will certainly pay you your wage and enable you to save anyleftover ingredients.You can make use of the chance to acquire ingredients by selecting the leastvaluable, most common ingredients because that the asked for Dish and saving the mostvaluable, unusual ingredients for her 'Bonus'.Martha's food preparation Asscentregalilee.commentsMartha's food preparation Asscentregalilee.comments are:Boiled EggsMartha will ask friend to make 10 Boiled Eggs. The just ingredient is an Egg andyou must chef it in a Pot.Mixed Berry Jam or Strawberry Jam. Martha will ask you either to make five portions the Strawberry Jam or fiveportions of mixed Berry Jam.The ingredients for combined Berry Jam room 1 Blueberry, 1 really Berry and 1Cranberry. The ingredients because that Strawberry Jam room 3 Strawberries. Jams aremade in a large Pot.CheeseShe will certainly tell girlfriend to make 5 block of Cheese, giving you 14 tool Milk. Asyou require only tool Milk x 2 to make 1 Cheese in a Pot, you may receive 3-4Medium Milk together your Bonus.Fish Meal:She will certainly tell girlfriend to do 3 Fish Meal.Fish Meal: 300G Ingredients: Any form of Fish + eco-friendly Herb/RedHerb/Potato/Tomato/Corn/Breadfruit/Mushroom/Full Moon Berry cook in a FryingPan.Description: 1 fish and any year-round vegetable, mushroom, nut or eco-friendly herb.It appears that the item she provides chance native asscentregalilee.comment to asscentregalilee.comment forthis, yet you can receive as numerous as 3 Mushrooms, 3 Walnuts, 2 Tomatoes and also 1Breadfruit as your Bonus. This is one of the cooked Dishes that have the right to be madewith one assortment the ingredients. If you use the least beneficial in the Dishand conserve the rest, her Bonus will certainly be precious more.Sandwich:Martha will certainly ask you to do 5 Sandwiches. The ingredients for a Sandwich areFluffy Bread v Tomato or Boiled Egg or Cheese, made in a Frying Pan. TheEggs will certainly be boiled once she gives them come you. You can pick which that theingredients you great to use, detailed there are much more than you actually willneed.The actual Asscentregalilee.comment the you will certainly be given is established randomly native theset Assigments detailed above. Even if it is or not any kind of ingredients will be leftafter you complete your Asscentregalilee.comment correctly is completely random together well.If you do the food improperly, causing a Failed food or you do not makethe required number of Dishes she requested, you will certainly be payment less and willnot be given any kind of leftover ingredients as a bonus. Your wages need to be 250Girrespective that the yes, really Asscentregalilee.comment.Fish Recipes from PontaThe Character who is linked to Fishing in a fundamental manner is the Tanuki,Ponta. Girlfriend will uncover him at the ideal fishing areas in the sink atdifferent time of the day. In your first meeting v him, he will certainly tell you:Ponta: I'm pretty certain you have the right to buy a fishing rod in ~ the item Shop here. Youshould to buy one. Hey! If you lug me any fish girlfriend cuaght, I'll do a fishprint for you! just becuase you're mine friend. It'll it is in a quite souvenir. AndI also know that some mystery fishing spots roughly here. However it wouldn't it is in anyfun if I just told you whereby they all space now. How about I phone call you as soon as youcollect enough fish prints?If you offer Ponta a brand-new variety of Fish, friend will have the following options:Make into fish print.Get recipe.A 'Fish Print' is a gorgeous comprehensive drawing of the Fish you caught withPonta's paw print as his scentregalilee.comature. These Prints immediately are save on computer inyour Fish publish Album in her Bookshelf.After providing him the first fish for a Fish Print, you can give him one more ofthe same range to learn a new Recipe that functions the Fish as aningredient. Return you will certainly not have the ability to cook until you have actually expandedyour house and also purchased a Kitchen, it always is a good idea to collect asmany Recipes as possible whenever you have actually the opportunity.Note that ANY type of Fish for which girlfriend have obtained a Fish print previouslycan be provided to Ponta in order come learn brand-new Recipes in many cases where therequired ingredient is any form of fish. In other words, you deserve to save yourleast valuable Fish as presents for Ponta in order come elicit brand-new Recipes and sellthe many valuable varieties to sellers once you acquire Fish Prints for each newvariety.There room Cooked Fish Dishes that are based on a specific type of Fish, together asBroiled Eel or Broiled Squid. To learn these Recipes native Ponta, girlfriend mustgive the the specific form of Fish the is used to produce the Dish.As much as Friendship through Ponta is concerned, it is only the an initial Fish thatyou give to that on any given day that will rise his FP by +3 Points. Afterthat, you acquire only Prints for her Album and also Recipes for your Cookbook.There space 54 varieties of Fish. All true Fish room eligible because that their very own FishPrints.Incidentally, Shellfish and also Crustaceans are not considered to it is in 'Fish' because that thepurpose of consist of in the Fish Prints Album. If you give Shrimp or octopus toPonta, he will teach you Recipes however never make a print of them. If girlfriend givea Clam come Ponta, he will certainly accept it, however it will not elicit also a Recipe.In the case of brand-new Fish types that can not be offered in any kind of Recipes, Ponta simplywill provide you a Fish print without supplying you the choice to choose.Ponta is the vital to unlocking brand-new Fishing areas as well. You will unlockthe Harvest Goddess Spring location when you give him the 11th Fish for a FishPrint and also the secret Lake once you give him the 21st new type of Fish torequest a Fish Print.Birdman's ShowAs is regularly the case in Harvest Moon, the tv is a resource both ofinformation and also casual entertainment. Channel 1 is a regional News station,Channel 2 is the Weather Channel and Channel 3 uses a selection of programmesthat readjust daily. Top top Friday, you will find a food preparation programme ~ above Channel 3. Your organize for the present is called 'Birdman'.Recipes imparted by Birdman will certainly not be included to your Cookbook the means they arewhen offered by an really Character favor Ponta or 'learned' in Martha's Kitchen. The show is strictly informational.Trial and ErrorIf friend look at every the Recipes in HoLV, friend will view that there are specificcombinations that almost always create the exact same results.For example, if you include Milk to virtually any Crop and also cook it in a Pot, theresult typically will be a type of Soup. Various other items such together Clams, whencombined with Milk in a Pot develop Soup together well. At any time Olive Oil is added to a Fish and cooked in a Pot, the result usuallyis Marinated Fish that one particular type.Risottos are made with Rice and Olive Oil and also one various other ingredient.If you simply integrate Rice with one other ingredient, you regularly can produce asuccessful dish.Increasing Values with CookingOften you can increase the value of an object scentregalilee.comificantly by cooking it. Thisis as true in HoLV together in other games.For example, a life Egg sells because that 50G but a Boiled Egg sells for 80G. The valueof a raw fish is based on its kind and there space Fish that room worth no morethan 20G as soon as sold. Place virtually any Fish in a Frying Pan and you will certainly obtainBroiled Fish, which can be sold for 120G. There are exceptions in the form ofFish that, as soon as fried, develop their own distinct Dishes, such together Broiled Loachwhich sell for just 70G or Broiled Catfish, worth 110G. Because that the most part,however, a Fish's value can be raised to 120G by frying it before you sellit.There room single-ingredient vegetable Dishes that increase the value of theCrop in favor fashion. Ar an ear the Corn one of two people in a Pot or in a Frying Panand friend will be able to sell it for 80G rather of 40G. Energy Valuesincrease when items are cooked together well.It is the facility Cooked Dishes because that the most component that will offer you NO profitwhen you offer them. This is disputed in the section that deals with Milk.Special Seasonal ProfitsAlthough some Cooked Dishes will certainly not yield lot profit ordinarily, lock oftenwill appear on seasonal many Wanted list or as delivery Requests. All MostWanted Lists and also Delivery Requests perform are had in mine HoLV Shops andBusinesses guide at:Hero of leaf Valley Shops and also Businesses Guide: you refer to the most Wanted Lists and Delivery Requests at the begin of anySeason, girlfriend may be able to make a decent profit marketing or transferring a numberof cook Dishes to a regional Merchant. Storage deserve to represent a difficulty sometimes in Harvest Moon and Rune Factorygames. Girlfriend will have actually a toolbox v 60 slots from the begin of the game. Anynon-edible item deserve to be save in the Toolbox, including Flowers, Insects,Seeds and items from the Mine. A couple of edible items in the type of medicinalHerbs can be save on computer in the Toolbox as well. In HoLV, you will certainly not achieve aRefrigerator until you have expanded your residence to add a Kitchen, bathtub andToilet. Your Refrigerator includes 60 slot in 12 rows that 5 slots each. Edible Items, except wild Herbs space stored in the Refrigerator. In bothToolbox and Refrigerator, you have the right to stack as much as 99 item of any kind but youcannot use much more than one slot for any item.Most want Lists change each Season but are valid every year. DeliveryRequests readjust each Season and each year according to a bicycle of three years. In other words, in the 4th year, you will find the same delivery Requeststhat were posted in the an initial year. Some delivery Requests indicate ratherlarge amounts of particular items. You therefore may wish to keep items andadd to them. Discovering which items to store in your Fridge and also Toolbox andwhich to sell to complimentary slots deserve to be an essential strategy consideration.Obtaining IngredientsMost of the items that are provided in Recipes can be acquired either throughfarming, ranching, foraging or fishing but there constantly are a few items inHarvest Moon and also Rune manufacturing facility that need to be purchase from local merchants. InHoLV, those items are discovered solely at the local Grocery Store.There is a philosophical basis because that this. In any kind of Harvest Moon or Rune Factorygame, your success is connected to the success of your community. The products thatyou create or achieve by Fishing and Mining deserve to be offered by regional merchants,but they require your patronage too if they are to prosper. Ronald will certainly make this clear once he tells you: Ronald: Hey, Freyr. I'm happy that you offer items to me, however could you buythings sometime, too?Ronald selling a number of ingredients and Cooked Dishes, every one of which deserve to bestored in her Rucksack uneven the items marketed at the Cafe and also Pub i m sorry mustbe consumed on the premises.Some of the items that he sells are critical ingredients in a same number ofCooked dishes but among these are Eggs, tiny Milk, Butter and Cheese. Eggsand Milk have the right to be produced on your Ranch by your own Chickens and also Cows. Butterand Cheese deserve to be do in your own Kitchen if you have actually Milk and also the properUtensils. Cheese is made in a Pot. The size of Pot needed depends ~ above thesize the the Milk the you intended to use. 1 big Milk deserve to be inserted in aSmall Pot to make Cheese. If you have actually only tiny Milk, girlfriend will require 3 ofthese to do Cheese and any Cooked dish with 3 ingredients deserve to be madeonly if you have a large Pot. Butter requires a Mixer. Together there is just one size of Mixer and also Oven, thenumber that ingredients required to make Butter will certainly depend only on the dimension ofthe Milk that you have.Of the ingredients that deserve to be uncovered solely at Ronald's grocery Store, OliveOil is the one that is used most frequently in Recipes. In pet Parade, youcould prosper your own Olive Trees and also produce your own Olive Oil but Olives arenot found in leaf Valley.Miso is supplied in a number of Fish Dishes. Fluffy Bread is provided in a few Recipesand love husband is offered only to make a pair of Dishes. Of all the items the canbe discovered only at the grocery Store, love husband is the one that has actually the highestEnergy Values as soon as consumed raw.The items the cannot be derived elsewhere yet which room utterly essential ifyou great to be able to make every Cooked food are provided below v theRecipes for which castle are compelled ingredients:Olive OilOlive Oil: 200G Olive Oil is an ingredient in Marinated Octopus, Marinated Herring, FrenchFries, Fried Smelt, Fried Huchen, Fried Shrimp, Mushroom Risotto, Croquette,Seafood Risotto, Tomato Risotto, Spinach Risotto, Porgy Carpaccio, Popcorn,Tuna Carpaccio, Fish and Tomatoes, Fried Fish and Lobster Roast.MisoMiso: 200G Miso is an ingredient in Miso Greenling, Miso Mackerel, Chicken GruntVinegar, ko Soup, Dark Sleeper Stew and Rainbow Trout Kebab.Fluffy BreadFluffy Bread: 150G Fluffy Bread is one ingredient in Sandwich, Jam Sandwich and French Toast.HoneyHoney: 200G love husband is an ingredient in honey Cake and also Stewed Masu Salmon.Milk in 3 SizesTwo items that Ronald sells that are offered in plenty of Recipes are small Milk andEggs. Small MilkSmall Milk: 150GEggEgg: 70GAlthough there yes, really is no excuse for a player come be compelled to acquisition anyEggs together the very first Egg Ronald provides you as a bonus once you occupational Part-Time forhim can be incubated to flower your very first Chicken, he nonetheless does sellEggs to the shiftless individuals who never ever use the Chicken Coop top top theirfarms.Small Milk is a various matter entirely. Your Cow should give you large Milkthe very first time girlfriend Milk her. Any kind of Recipe that requires Milk accepts Milk ofany size, but it is rather wasteful to use huge Milk in Recipes when you canconvert it right into Cheese instead and sell that for 450G. Purchasing tiny Milkfor 150G is a an excellent investment as soon as seen in this light. After ~ all, you cansell Ronald one Cheese and also buy THREE small Milks v the proceeds, in orderto do three different Cooked dishes requiring Milk.Cheese and also ButterThere space no 'Makers' in HoLV to produce Cheese or Butter because that you. Girlfriend mustmake castle in the Kitchen. Through respect come either, the size of ingredient usedwill identify the variety of ingredients needed. You have the right to make one of two people Cheeseor Butter using 1 large Milk, or you can make either utilizing 2 medium Milk or 3Small Milks. If you very own an adult Cow, as debated previously, girlfriend should be able to obtainLarge Milk from she the very first time you milk her. In other Recipes thatrequire Milk as an ingredient, any Size the Milk will certainly do. The is better,however, come purchase little Milk from Ronald or obtain Medium Milk together a bonusfrom Martha for usage in other Recipes and also reserve your big Milk because that Cheeseand Butter.In terms of offering Cooked Dishes, any kind of Dish that requires Butter as aningredient will certainly not provide you as much profit as basic Cheese once sold. Plain Cheese can be offered to a vendor for 450G.Stew and also Buttered Potato room two instances of two Cooked Dishes the requireButter. Stew, make with any type of size that Milk and also Butter, sells for 300G. AButtered Potato, inquiry a Potato and Butter, sells for 260G. If friend useLarge Milk to do Butter and also buy little Milk indigenous Ronald because that the Stew, theamount earned may be 300G but you need to deduct the expense of the little Milkand the 'lost profit' the the big Milk would have provided you if you had actually madeCheese instead. 300G thus is halved by the cost of the small Milk andthe staying 150G is a pitiful trade for 450G because that Cheese. In various other words, itis NOT useful to view complicated Cooked Dishes because that the most part as a goodmethod of earning income. In the case of the Buttered Potato, offered for 260G, you can use 1 huge Milk tocreate the Butter. A raw Potato sells because that 60G. Butter sells because that 450G. Bymaking Buttered Potato rather of selling the 2 ingredients separately for atotal of 510G, you effectively lose250G in profit.Nor space these cook Dishes better options in terms of restoring energy Levels. Back Butter has actually no energy Value, Cheese restores +30 SR. As you can see,Stew restoring +24 SR and also Buttered Potato restoring a only +16 SR cannotcompete.Stew: 300GIngredients: Any form of Milk + ButterEnergy Values: +24 SRButtered Potato: 260GIngredients: Potato + ButterEnergy Values: +16 SRWhy, then, must you bother through the majority of cooking Dishes at all? that isfor the benefits of completion that you require either to make every Cooked dish onceor acquire the cooking recipes from a resource such together Ponta. When you accessibility yourBookshelf, you will uncover two books there. One is her Fish publish Album,containing a document of each variety of Fish the you caught and also offered toPonta for a Fish Print. The other publication is her Cookbook, include everyRecipe that you have actually obtained.Whenever Ponta provides you a cooking recipes in return for a Fish, that is included immediatelyto your Cookbook, also if you never ever make the yes, really Dish. The other method toadd a recipe to her Cookbook is by do the dish successfully, either inyour very own Kitchen or in Martha's Kitchen.Cooked Dishes can be a preferred Gift because that many personalities in HoLV, butindividuals do not distinguish between expensive or facility Recipes andsimple single-ingredient Dishes. If a personality likes Fish Dishes, girlfriend cansatisfy him/her as easily with Stewed Fish or Broiled Fish similar to FishMeuniere. In favor fashion, a Character who loves Egg Dishes can be satisfiedwith a Boiled Egg.There room some cooking Dishes that absolutely WILL increase the value of theingredients used to produce them. These have tendency to it is in single-ingredient Dishes. For example, few Fish when sold raw have a value higher than 80G and many ofthem have a worth as low together 20G. If you take a raw Fish and also pop it into a Potor Frying Pan, in most cases, friend will develop Stewed Fish or Broiled Fish,each of which sells because that 120G. This is discussed at length in an earliersection the this Guide.Fish DishesAs disputed elsewhere, Ponta will teach you numerous Fish Recipes once you givehim Fish. Specific Fish will prompt Recipes that use a particular variety ofFish. Others will prompt Recipes that have the right to be made through any kind of Fish. Crustaceans are thought about a distinct classification in HoLV, although there areRecipes that deserve to be made using ANY form of Crustacean. Others, together as'Roasted Lobster' cannot be made with any kind of Crustacean apart from Lobster.In some cases, together in Sunshine Islands, a details item might prompt a Recipewithout gift an ingredient IN the Recipe. An instance of this is theOcellate Octopus which will prompt the Boiled Octopus recipe when given toPonta but which, if supplied in the Recipe, will an outcome in a failure Dish.Cooking for EnergyWhen you have the option to cook in HoLV, you actually will have actually a wonderfulresource for power Recovery available in the kind of your Bath andToilet. Food preparation will be valuable in terms of creating Dishes with an excellent EnergyValues however you may uncover that you market your cook Dishes or offer them as Giftsmore regularly than you in reality consume them.The main difficulty in HoLV in any kind of event generally is fatigue rather 보다 Stamina. Unlike numerous other Harvest Moon games, wherein you deserve to brew Herb Tea in yourKitchen, HoLV walk not enable this option. You deserve to purchase Herb Tea in thedaytime at the Cafe and Herb Wine in ~ night in ~ the Pub yet anything purchasedat a restaurant should be consumed on the spot. AP Medicine deserve to be purchased atLouis' items Shop but it prices 1000G. Her Dog most likely will be her bestsource of energy Recovery items together he can 'search' to find Pontata root whichrestores +20 FR. Herb Wine only restores +10 FR.When you have only the cooking Utensils that came v your Kitchen, friend willbe forced to uncover the best single-ingredient Recipes to regain your EnergyLevels. In this respect, it is crucial to realise that no all fish areequal. Most Fish if boiled in a pot or fried in a Pan will end up being Stewed Fishor Broiled Fish, precious +18 SR. This is far better Energy Recovery value than anEgg boiled or fried, worth just +12 SR. Nevertheless, there are details Fishthat space worth more in terms of restoring Stamina.Broiled Eel: 130G Ingredients: Eel power Values: +24 SREels are very common. One more Fish v decent energy Values when fried is:Broiled Catfish: 110G Ingredients: Catfish power Values: +20 SRThe only trouble with this Recipes is the the Fish space season-specific. Whatis nice around Fish Stew or Broiled Fish is that practically any Fish in any type of Seasoncan be offered to produce the Dish.Your ideal sources the Stamina restore in regards to Cooked Dishes room Cheese andCheese dishes or the Sweets that you deserve to make in her Oven.Fortunately, Cheese is made from Milk i m sorry is accessible in every Season if youhave a Cow. You deserve to purchase small Milk native Ronald but making Cheese fromthree tiny Milk purchased because that 150G each is not very practical also though itis 50G less than Cheese purchased indigenous Ronald. If you have actually a Cow, she shouldproduce huge Milk and only one big Milk is compelled to make Cheese:Cheese: 500G Ingredients: little Milk x 3, medium Milk x 2 or huge Milk x 1 energy Values: +30 SRYou deserve to purchase Cheese indigenous Ronald because that 500G and also any article purchased indigenous himcan be lugged in her Rucksack. Much less expensive but really effective at 200G isthe Honey the he sells.If you have Gold Milk, you can make well Cheese which has an also betterStamina recovery Value:Fine Cheese: 600G Ingredients: 1 yellow Milk energy Values: +32 SRA sweet made through Cheese the is marketed at the Cafe for 350G and also which hasexcellent SR worth is Cheesecake:Cheesecake: 340G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Any kind of Milk + Cheese power Values: +36 SR +0 FRCake is another item offered at the Cafe because that 300G during the day:Cake: 240G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Egg + Any kind of Milk power Values: +32 SR +0 FRShortcake is even an ext powerful yet requires a Strawberry, a Fruit that deserve to begrown only during the feather season:Shortcake: 340G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Any form of Milk + Strawberry energy Values: +34 SR +0 FRAs potent as Shortcake is love husband Cake, however you can achieve Honey just bypurchasing that from Ronald for 200G.Honey Cake: 400G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Any form of Milk + Honey power Values: +34 SR +0 FRSavoury Cheese Dishes re-publishing the high SR worths of Sweets:Cheese Risotto: 600G Ingredients: Rice + Olive Oil + Cheese power Values: +36 SRSelling cook DishesOddly enough, back Martha, Wallace and also Ronald will certainly buy cook Dishes fromyou, lock discriminate in between one type of dish and another. Friend thereforecannot assume that any kind of of these characters will to buy EVERY Cooked food you havein her Rucksack. For example, neither Wallace no one Ronald will certainly buy a Sandwich although lock willbuy many Fish Dishes.The only method to be specific that some one will certainly buy her items is by selecting the'Sell' alternative at the counter. Every item that the individual is ready tobuy will certainly be provided with your values.If the items is a most Wanted Item, girlfriend cannot expect to discover this bychoosing the 'Sell' option. It constantly is finest to choose the 'Most Wanted'Menu first to watch if any of your items will certainly command a higher pricetemporarily.Complete CookbookIn HoLV, there room four various Utensils that can be supplied to make CookedDishes. The really Dishes the you can make, however, depend on the size ofthe Utensil that you own, as smaller Utensils are minimal as to the numberof ingredient that can be provided in cooking. There room 'Small', 'Medium' and'Large' Utensils. Through a 'Small' Utensil, you have the right to make cooking Dishes with only a singleingredient. The little Pot and little Frying Pan will be offered to you through yourKitchen. Through a 'Medium' Utensil, you have the right to use two ingredients. A 'Large'Utensil is compelled for Recipes that contact for 3 Ingredients. Some Utensils, prefer the Oven and Mixer are available only in a solitary size. You because of this will not should upgrade them in order to be able to prepare allCooked dishes that are made using either that those Utensils. They just willappear top top the menu at Louis' item Shop once you have a Kitchen.All Recipes are organised by Utensil and also minimum required Size of that Utensil. Whereby a Recipe like Cheese can be made with one, two or 3 Ingredients,the recipe that needs one ingredient is offered in the 'Small Pot' section,that for two ingredients in the 'Medium Pot' section and also finally, for threeingredients in the 'Large Pot' section.Pot RecipesSmall Pot DishesOnion SoupOnion Soup: 100G Ingredients: Onion power Values: +12 SRStewed FishStewed Fish: 120G Ingredients: any kind of Type/Size the Fish energy Values: +18 SRCheeseCheese: 500G Ingredients: 1 big Milk* energy Values: +30 SR*N.B. Cheese have the right to be made utilizing 2 tool Milk or 3 little Milk as well, yet ifmade with an ext than one Ingredient, need a larger size of Pot.Fine CheeseFine Cheese: 600G Ingredients: 1 yellow Milk power Values: +32 SRBaked golden PotatoBaked gold Potato: 210G Ingredients: 1 golden Potato power Values: +32 SRHot MilkHot Milk: 180G Ingredients: tiny Milk power Values: +10 SRMashed PotatoesMashed Potatoes: 90G Ingredients: Potato power Values: +16 SRBoiled OctopusBoiled Octopus: 90G* Ingredients: Octopus energy Values: +14 SR*N.B. Back Ponta will offer you this recipe if you provide him an OcellateOctopus, utilizing one will an outcome in a fail Dish.Boiled EggBoiled Egg: 80G Ingredients: Egg power Values: +12 SRBoiled CornBoiled Corn: 80G Ingredients: Corn energy Values: +12 SRBoiled LobsterBoiled Lobster: 140G Ingredients: Lobster power Values: +16 SRYogurtYogurt: 350G Ingredients: 1 tool Milk power Values: +22 SRMedium Pot DishesMonkfish StewMonkfish Stew: 310G Ingredients: Monkfish + Potato/Corn/Tomato/Carrot/Pumpkin/Spinach power Values: +32 SRFried SquidFried Squid: 180G Ingredients: squid + Breadfruit power Values: +22 SRSquid RiceSquid Rice: 220G Ingredients: ink + Rice power Values: +24 SRMarinated SardinesMarinated Sardines: 290G Ingredients: Sardine + Olive Oil energy Values: +18 SRPickled CharPickled Char: 200G Ingredients: Char + Rice power Values: +16 SRFried LeatherfishFried Leatherfish: 200G Ingredients: Leatherfish + Breadfruit power Values: +20 SRCream the Mushroom SoupCream that Mushroom Soup: 250G Ingredients: Any type of Mushroom + Any form of Milk energy Values: +12 SRMushroom and RiceMushroom and Rice: 250G Ingredients: Rice + Any type of Mushroom power Values: 18 SRCarrot SoupCarrot Soup: 230G Ingredients: Carrot + any form of Milk power Values: +12 SRGrouper StewGrouper Stew: 340G Ingredients: Grouper + Potato/Corn/Tomato/Carrot/Pumpkin/Spinach energy Values: +20 SRClam ChowderClam Chowder: 280G Ingredients: clam + Any kind of Milk energy Values: +24 SRChestnut and RiceChestnut and also Rice: 220G Ingredients: Rice + Chestnut energy Values: +18 SRCream of Corn SoupCream that Corn Soup: 190G Ingredients: Corn + Any type of Milk energy Values: +12 SRMarinated SalmonMarinated Salmon: 280G Ingredients: Salmon + Olive Oil power Values: +18 SRMiso MackerelMiso Mackerel: 280G Ingredients: Mackerel + Miso power Values: +18 SRTriangle SoupTriangle Soup: 240G Ingredients: Salmon + Potato/Corn/Pumpkin/Carrot/Spinach energy Values: +22 SRPike RicePike Rice: 220G Ingredients: Pike + Rice power Values: +18 SRStewStew: 300G Ingredients: Any kind of Milk + Butter energy Values: +24 SRButtered PotatoButtered Potato: 260G Ingredients: Potato + Butter energy Values: +16 SRPorgy and also RicePorgy and Rice: 270G Ingredients: Porgy + Rice power Values: +18 SRMarinated OctopusMarinated Octopus: 240G Ingredients: Octopus + Olive Oil power Values: +22 SRTomato Cream SoupTomato Cream Soup: 180G Ingredients: Tomato + Any kind of Milk power Values: +12 SRMarinated HerringMarinated Herring: 270G Ingredients: Herring + Olive Oil energy Values: +18 SRPumpkin SoupPumpkin Soup: 240G Ingredients: Pumpkin + Any kind of Milk power Values: +12 SRTiger Globefish StewTiger Globefish Stew: 340G Ingredients: Raven/Tiger Globefish + Potato/Corn/Carrot/Pumpkin/Spinach energy Values: +26 SRPorridgePorridge: 210G Ingredients: Any form of Milk + Potato power Values: +12 SRFrench FriesFrench Fries: 360G Buy for 400G Ingredients: Potato + Olive Oil power Values: +20 SRMinestroneMinestrone: 200G Ingredients: Tomato + Onion power Values: +20 SRLoach StewLoach Stew: 260G Ingredients: Loach + Egg power Values: +26 SRStewed Masu SalmonStewed Masu Salmon: 240G Ingredients: Masu Salmon + Honey energy Values: +18 SRFried SmeltFried Smelt: 180G Ingredients: smelt + Onion energy Values: +18 SRMarinated SmeltMarinated Smelt: 230G Ingredients: scented + Olive Oil energy Values: +18 SRCheeseCheese: 500G Ingredients: tool Milk x 2 power Values: +30 SRYogurtYogurt: 350G Ingredients: small Milk x 2 power Values: +22 SRBouillabaisseBouillabaisse: 240G Ingredients: Tomato + any type of Size that Fish energy Values: +28 SR Description; 1 tomato and 1 fish.Large Pot RecipesChicken Grunt VinegarChicken Grunt Vinegar: 330G Ingredients: Chicken Grunt + Miso + environment-friendly Herb power Values: + 20 SROfficial Description: Chicken Grunt, Miso, green HerbFried HuchenFried Huchen: 350G Ingredients: Huchen + Breadfruit + Olive OilStrawberry JamStrawberry Jam: 160G Ingredients: Strawberry x 3 energy Values: +24 SRFried ShrimpFried Shrimp: 330G Ingredients: Shrimp + Breadfruit + Olive Oil energy Values: +18 SROrange MarmaladeOrange Marmalade: 130G Ingredients: Orange x 3 power Values:+22 SRCanh ChuaCanh Chua: 280G Ingredients: Blotched Snakehead + Tomato + environment-friendly Herb energy Values: +22 SRMushroom RisottoMushroom Risotto: 330G Ingredients: Any form of Mushroom + Rice + Olive Oil energy Values: +18 SRCranberry JamCranberry Jam: 100G Ingredients: Cranberry x 3 power Values: +18 SRCroquetteCroquette: 250G Ingredients: Potato + Breadfruit + Olive Oil energy Values: +26 SRSalmon Cream StewSalmon Cream Stew: 330G Ingredients: Salmon + Any type of Milk + Butter power Values: +24 SRSpanish Mackerel StewSpanish Mackerel Stew: 360G Ingredients: Spanish Mackerel + Shrimp + Spinach power Values: +20 SRSeafood StewSeafood Stew: 350G Ingredients: Any form of Fish/Shrimp/Lobster/Octopus/Clam + any form of Milk+ ButterOfficial cooking recipes Description: 1 milk of any kind of type, 1 butter and any 1 s fish energy Values: +22 SRSeafood RisottoSeafood Risotto: 360G Ingredients: Any type of Fish/Shrimp/Lobster/Octopus/Clam + Rice + Olive OilOfficial cooking recipes Description: 1 scoop of rice, 1 dab that olive oil, and 1 oceanfish energy Values: +20 SRCod SoupCod Soup: 340G Ingredients: ko + Miso + Potato/Tomato/Corn/Pumpkin/Carrot/Spinach energy Values: +16 SRCheese RisottoCheese Risotto: 600G Ingredients: Rice + Olive Oil + Cheese power Values: +36 SREgg CustardEgg Custard: 290G Ingredients: Egg + complete Moon Berry + Any type of Mushroom energy Values: +22 SRTomato RisottoTomato Risotto: 280G Ingredients: Rice + Olive Oil + Tomato power Values: +20 SRDark Sleeper StewDark Sleeper Stew: 320G Ingredients: Dark Sleeper + Miso + Potato/Carrot/Pumpkin/Spinach energy Values: +28 SRBlueberry JamBlueberry Jam: 100G Ingredients: Blueberry x 3 energy Values: +20 SRVery Berry JamVery Berry Jam: 140G Ingredients: really Berry x 3 power Values: +20 SRSpinach RisottoSpinach Risotto: 310G Ingredients: Spinach + Rice + Olive Oil power Values: +18 SRMixed Berry JamMixed Berry Jam: 110G Ingredients: Blueberry + an extremely Berry + Cranberry energy Values: +16 SRApple JamApple Jam: 120G Ingredients: apologize x 3 energy Values: +18 SRCheeseCheese: 500G Ingredients: tiny Milk x 3 power Values: +30 SRFrying Pan RecipesSmall Frying Pan RecipesBroiled SquidBroiled Squid: 90G Ingredients: Squid energy Values: +18 SRBroiled EelBroiled Eel: 130G Ingredients: Eel power Values: +24 SRBroiled ChubBroiled Chub: 60G Ingredients: Chub energy Values: +16 SRFried MushroomFried Mushroom: 80G Ingredients: Any type of Mushroom energy Values: +18 SRBroiled FishBroiled Fish: 120G Ingredients: Any kind of Fish energy Values: +18 SRBroiled LoachBroiled Loach: 70G Ingredients: Loach energy Values: +18 SRBroiled CatfishBroiled Catfish: 110G Ingredients: Catfish energy Values: +20 SRTeriyaki AmberjackTeriyaki Amberjack: 120G Ingredients: Amberjack energy Values: +20 SRTuna SteakTuna Steak: 200G Ingredients: Tuna energy Values: +22 SRFried EggFried Egg: 80G Ingredients: Egg power Values: +12 SRFried CornFried Corn: 80G Ingredients: Corn energy Values: +12 SRStewed ApplesStewed Apples: 60G Ingredients: Apple energy Values: +12 SRMedium Frying Pan RecipesSauteed MushroomsSauteed Mushrooms: 350G Ingredients: Any type of Mushroom + Butter power Values: +20 SRLoaded OmeletLoaded Omelet: 300G Ingredients: Egg + Potato/Tomato/Corn/Breadfruit/Carrot/Pumpkin/Spinach/GreenHerb/Red Herb/Full Moon Berry power Values: +20 SRFish MealFish Meal: 300G Ingredients: Any type of Fish + green Herb/RedHerb/Potato/Tomato/Corn/Breadfruit/Mushroom/Full Moon BerryOfficial recipe Description: 1 fish and any year-round vegetable, mushroom, nutor environment-friendly herb power Value: +20 SRButter-Fried SalmonButter-Fried Salmon: 280G Ingredients: Salmon + Butter energy Values: +18 SRSandwichSandwich: 350G Ingredients: Fluffy Bread + Boiled Egg/Tomato/Cheese energy Values: +27 SRDescription: 1 fluffy bread, and either 1 boiled egg, 1 cheese or 1 tomatoJam SandwichJam Sandwich: 300G Ingredients: Fluffy Bread + Any form of Jam power Values: +18 SRPorgy CarpaccioPorgy Carpaccio: 280G Ingredients: Porgy + Olive Oil power Values: +18 SRCheese OmeletCheese Omelet: 400G Ingredients: Egg + Cheese power Values: +28 SRFried RiceFried Rice: 250G Ingredients: Rice + Egg energy Values: +28 SRRainbow Trout KebabRainbow Trout Kebab: 290G Ingredients: Rainbow Trout + Miso power Values: +20 SRButter CornButter Corn: 220G Ingredients: Corn + Butter power Values: +16 SRSauteed ClamSauteed Clam: 240G Ingredients: seashells + Butter power Values: +18 SRFruit OmeletFruit Omelet: 290G Ingredients: Egg + Any type of Fruit (Apple/Strawberry/Orange/Grape/BlackWatermelon/Golden Strawberry) power Values: +16 SRPlain OmeletPlain Omelet: 250G Ingredients: Egg + Any kind of Milk energy Values: +20 SRSauteed SpinachSauteed Spinach: 280G Ingredients: Spinach + Butter power Values: +16 SRPopcornPopcorn: 240G Ingredients: Corn + Olive Oil energy Values: +16 SRTuna CarpaccioTuna Carpaccio: 260G Ingredients: Tuna + Olive Oil power Values: +18 SRLarge Frying Pan RecipesShrimp PilafShrimp Pilaf: 390G Ingredients: Rice + Butter energy Values: +20 SROmelet RiceOmelet Rice: 280G Ingredients: Egg + Rice + Tomato energy Values: +24 SRFish Cream SauteFish Cream Saute: 550G Ingredients: any type of Size the Milk + 1 Butter + any type of Size the Fish main Recipe Description: 1 milk of any kind of type, 1 butter and also any 1 fish energy Values: +36 SRFish MeuniereFish Meuniere: 350G Ingredients: any kind of Size the Fish + Breadfruit + Butter power Values: +18 SRSeafood PilafSeafood Pilaf: 410G Ingredients: Rice + Butter + any type of Size ofFish/Clam/Squid/Shrimp/Lobster/OctopusOfficial recipe Description:1 scoop of rice, 1 serving of butter, and also 1 ocean fish. Power Values: +20 SRGourmet Mushroom SauteGourmet Mushroom Saute: 400G Ingredients: Butter + Any form of Mushroom x 2 power Values: +28 SRAssorted CheesesAssorted Cheeses: 480G Buy because that 500G Ingredients: Cheese x 3 power Values: +32 SRTomato SaladTomato Salad: 340G Buy for 400G Ingredients: Tomato x 3 power Values: +20 SRFlounder MeuniereFlounder Meuniere: 370G Ingredients: Flounder + Breadfruit + Butter power Values: +20 SRFrench ToastFrench Toast: 350G Ingredients: Fluffy Bread + Egg + any Size of Milk energy Values: +16 SRPancakePancake: 240G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Egg + Any form of Milk power Values: +30 SROven RecipesOven Recipes that reduce Stress/FatigueThere are only three cook Dishes the act come restore fatigue or alleviateStress and restoring her Character's Stamina. All of them are OvenDishes and the Recipes are as follows:Fish and also MushroomsFish and Mushrooms: 320G Ingredients: any type of Size of Fish + Any form of Mushroom + environment-friendly Herb power Values: +20 SR +10 FRHerb BreadHerb Bread: 120G Ingredients: Breadfruit + green Herb power Values: +14 SR +5 FRHerb CookiesHerb Cookies: 200G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Egg + environment-friendly Herb energy Values: +20 SR +5 FROther range RecipesOnion BreadOnion Bread: 260G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Onion energy Values: +14 SROrange CakeOrange Cake: 270G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Egg + Orange energy Values: +20 SRMushroom GratinMushroom Gratin: 440G Ingredients: Cheese + Any kind of Mushroom + Any kind of Milk power Values: +27 SRMushroom DoriaMushroom Doria: 440G Ingredients: Rice + Any kind of Mushroom + Any type of Milk power Values: +20 SRCarrot CakeCarrot Cake: 370G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Carrot + Any kind of Milk energy Values: +32 SRCookieCookie: 220G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Egg + Butter power Values: +20 SRWalnut BreadWalnut Bread: 210G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Walnut power Values: +16 SRCakeCake: 240G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Egg + Any type of Milk energy Values: +32 SR +0 FR sold at sunny Garden Cafe for 300GCornflakesCornflakes: 190G Ingredients: Corn + Any kind of Milk power Values: +14 SR +0 FRCornbreadCornbread: 180G Ingredients: Corn + Breadfruit power Values: +20 SR +0 FRFried ClamsFried Clams: 60G Ingredients: Clam energy Values: +24 SRFish and TomatoesFish and Tomatoes: 350G Ingredients: any Size that Fish + Tomato + Olive Oil energy Values: +20 SR +0 FRDescription: 1 fish, 1 tomato, and also 1 dab that olive oilFish and also HerbsFish and also Herbs: 280G Ingredients: any kind of Size of Fish + green Herb power Values: +30 SR +0 FRDescription: 1 fish of any kind of kind and 1 eco-friendly herbFried FishFried Fish: 300G Ingredients: any type of Size the Fish + Bradfruit + Olive Oil power Values: +18 SR +0 FRDescription; 1 fish, 1 breadfruit and 1 dab the olive oilBaked FishBaked Fish: 130G Ingredients: any type of Size of Fish power Values: +18 SR +0 FRDescription: 1 fish of any type of kindSeafood GratinSeafood Gratin: 450G Ingredients: Any kind of Milk + Butter + any kind of Size ofFish/Squid/Octopus/Shrimp/Lobster/Clam power Values: +22 SR +0 FRDescription; 1 of any type of milk, 1 cheese, and any 1 s fishShortcakeShortcake: 340G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Any kind of Milk + Strawberry power Values: +34 SR +0 FRCheesecakeCheesecake: 340G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Any kind of Milk + Cheese power Values: +36 SR +0 FR marketed at Cafe for 350GCheese PotatoCheese Potato: 410G Ingredients: Cheese + Potato energy Values: +25 SR +0 FRFine CheesecakeFine Cheesecake: 400G Ingredients: good Cheese + Milk + Breadfruit power Values: +36 SR +0 FRDoriaDoria: 400G Ingredients: Rice + Any type of Milk + Cheese power Values: +22 SR +0 FRButter RollButter Roll: 170G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Butter energy Values: +10 SR +0 FRHoney CakeHoney Cake: 400G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Any form of Milk + Honey power Values: +34 SR +0 FRPumpkin CakePumpkin Cake: 330G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Any kind of Milk + Pumpkin energy Values: +32 SR +0 FRPumpkin PuddingPumpkin Pudding: 240G Ingredients: Egg + Any type of Milk + Pumpkin power Values: +26 SR + 0 FRPizzaPizza:540G Ingredients: Cheese + Tomato + Breadfruit power Values: +32 SR +0 FRPuddingPudding: 250G Ingredients: Egg + Any form of Milk energy Values: +24 SR +0 FRFruitcakeFruitcake: 320G Ingredients: Breadfruit = Any form of Milk + Blueberry/Cranberry/Very Berry power Values: +28 SR + 0 FRFruit PuddingFruit Pudding: 280G Ingredients: Egg + Any form of Milk + Blueberry/Cranberry/Strawberry/VeryBerry energy Values: +26 SR + 0 FRPotato GratinPotato Gratin: 460G Ingredients: Potato + Any kind of Milk + Cheese energy Values: +22 SR +0 FRMuffinMuffin: 180G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Blueberry/Very Berry/Cranberry/Strawberry/Apple orOrange power Values: +20 SR +0 FR marketed at sunny Garden Cafe because that 250GChestnut CakeChestnut Cake: 350G Ingredients: Breadfruit + Any type of Milk + Chestnut energy Values: +32 SR + 0 FRLobster RoastLobster Roast: 480G Ingredients: Lobster + Butter + Olive Oil power Values: + 18 SR + 0 FRMixer RecipesMiso GreenlingMiso Greenling: 210G Ingredients: Miso + Greenling power Values: +28 SR +0 FRStrawberry MilkStrawberry Milk: 200G Ingredients: Strawberry + Any type of Milk energy Values: +14 SR +0 FRDace DumplingsDace Dumplings: 210G Ingredients: Dace + Spinach power Values: +10 SR +0 FROrange JuiceOrange Juice: 140G Ingredients: Orange x 3 energy Values: +10 SR +0 FRGrape JuiceGrape Juice: 170G Ingredients: Grape x 3 energy Values: +10 SR +0 FRFried DolphinfishFried Dolphinfish: 250G Ingredients: Dolphinfish + environment-friendly Herb energy Values: +16 SR +0 FRTomato JuiceTomato Juice: 120G Ingredients: Tomato x 3 power Values: +10 SR +0 FRButterButter: 450G Ingredients: small Milk x 3 OR tool Milk x 2 or huge Milk x 1* energy Values: N/A sold at Ronald's Grocery store for 500G.*The best way to do both Butter and Cheese is by using 1 big Milk. Recipesthat need Milk together an ingredient will accept Milk of any type of size. That thereforeis best to usage the huge Milk to do Cheese and Butter and also buy small Milkfrom Ronald or acquire Medium Milk as a bonus indigenous Martha for various other Recipes.Mixed JuiceMixed Juice: 130G Ingredients: to apologize + Orange + Grape power Values: +12 SR +0 FRVegetable JuiceVegetable Juice: 180G Ingredients: Pumpkin/Potato/Corn/Carrot/Spinach x 3 energy Values: +16 Sr +0 FRApple JuiceApple Juice: 120G Ingredients: to apologize x 3 power Values: +10 SR +0 FRBirdman's show on Channel 3Channel 3 airs a various broadcast every work of the Week. Fridays aredevoted to a food preparation Show with a organize named Birdman. Return the Recipeswill no be added automatically to your Cookbook, his instructions areaccurate.On Friday, 5 Spring:Hey, I'm Birdman, and starting today, I'll be your cooking instructor! Allright, space you ready? Today, we'll learn how to make 'Stewed Apples'!! Firt,go acquire an apple!! climate stick the in a frying pan, and you're every done, gotit?!!Friday, 12 Spring:Hey, I'm Birdman, and also I'll be your cooking instructor for the week! every right,are friend ready? Today, we'll learn exactly how to do 'Fried Eggs!' First, go graban egg!! climate stick that in a frying pan, and you're all done, obtained it?!!Friday, 19 Spring:Hey, I'm Birdman, and I'll be her instructor for the week! every right, areyou ready?! Today, we'll learn how to make 'Boiled Eggs'!! First, walk graband egg!! climate stick that in a pot, and also you're all done, gained it?!!Friday, 26 Spring:Hey, I'm Birdman, and I'll be your food preparation instructor for the week! all right,are girlfriend ready?!! this particular day we'll learn exactly how to make 'Fried Corn'!! First, go graban ear the corn!! Thenk pole it into a frying pan, and also you're all done, gotit?!!Friday, 10 Summer:Friday, 3 Summer:Channel 3: Hey, I'm Birdman, and also I'll it is in your food preparation instructor because that the week! all right, room you ready?! Today, we'll learn just how to do Broiled Fish! First, grab any type of fish girlfriend can obtain a hold of!! climate stick it in a frying pan,and you're all done, got it?!!Friday, 17 Summer:Channel 3: Hey, I'm Birdman, and I'll it is in your food preparation instructor because that theweek! every right, are you ready?! Today, we'll learn just how to do 'BroiledHorse Mackeral!!' First, walk grab a steed mackerel and also a mushroom!! then youstick all of it in a frying pan and also you're done, gained it?!! that doesn't matterwhat mushroom you use!Hey, I'm Birdman and also I'll it is in your cooking instructor for the week! all right,are you ready?! Today, we'll learn exactly how to make 'Broiled Squid'! First, gograb a squid!! climate stick the in a frying pan, and you're every done, obtained it?!!Friday, 1 Autumn:Hey, I'm Birdman, and I'll be your food preparation instructor for the week! every right,are girlfriend ready?! Today, we'll learn how to do 'Broiled Loach'!! First, gograb an loach!! then stick it in a frying pan, and you're all done, gained it?!!Hey, I'm Birdman, and also I'll be your food preparation instructor because that the week! every right,are girlfriend ready?! Today, we'll learn exactly how to make 'Broiled Catfish'!! First, gograb a catfish!! then stick it in a frying pan, and also you're every done, gotit?!!Friday, 22 Autumn: Hey, i’m Birdman, and also I’ll it is in your cooking instructor because that the week! every right,are girlfriend ready?! Today, fine learn how to do ‘Fried Clams’!! First, gograb a clam!! Then litter it in the oven and also you’re done, gained it?!!Thursday Fishing present on Channel 3The Fishing present that airs top top Thursday is specialized to Fishing rather thanCooking, yet the organize tends come be fairly courageous in his willingness toexplore other topics. That criticises Funland in one transfer in Autumn. Atthe end of Summer, the teaches you just how to do Clam Chowder.Thursday, 30 Summer:Channel 3: Yee-haw! We're gonna try something various today. Rather offishing, let's take a walk down the shore! Hey, look at that! A clam! Wecan usage this to do clam chowder! simply mix part milk into a pot with theclams and also simmer! Hmm ...This tastes great! check out ya!Hero of sheet Valley travel guide by FreyashawkHero of leaf Valley Walkthrough/General Guide: of leaf Valley 1st Year occasions Calendar Guide: N.B. The first Year events Calendar Guide includes ALL events that deserve to occurin the 1st Year.Hero of leaf Valley 2nd Year events Calendar Guide N.B. The 2nd Year occasions Calendar Guide has all occasions that have the right to occurin the 2nd Year.Hero of leaf Valley Perpetual Calendar Guide: N.B. The Perpetual Calendar consists of ALL Seasonal information, includingBirthdays, Festivals, Crops, Fish, Insects, Items found in the Wilds and MostWanted ListsHero of sheet Valley personalities Guide: of sheet Valley Cookbook Recipes Guide of leaf Valley Shops and Businesses Guide: