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*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**Game: Havest Moon: magical Melody for Gamecube.**Date the Release: march 28th, 2006 **Guide Title: mystery Items **Date that Creation: Wednesday, may 10th, 2006 **Author: marjo5858 **~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Table the Contents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*0. Updates1. Recipes 2. Food preparation Tools3. Crops4. Shops5. Various other *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0. Updates~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*This guide Is version 2.0 (as of may 11th, 2006.).Version 1.0: The guide was created on might 10th, 2006. I still need a few more points in here.Version 2.0: ns forgot a couple of shops. I also added to the Spoilers section at the bottom.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. Recipes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Here room the recipes that should be unlocked. Ns still need a few more.*Grass Juice: delivery 1 that every ore therefore Tai\"s Blacksmith moves in. Obtain Tai in ~ 5 hearts. Tai likes ores. Then, the next day watch him, the will provide you this recipe.Grass Juice Recipe:Cooking Tool: MixerIngredients: ?*Potato Gratin: ship 1 great Clay. Saibara will move in. Provide him an excellent Clays and Eggplants (only 1 every day so he doesn\"t get annoyed.) and ship great Clays. Acquire him at 2 hearts, and then the next day go to his shop (if it\"s no closed.) He will certainly ask girlfriend to go remind the mayor of a clay plate that he requirements to choose up. Just go come the Mayor\"s home so the can provide you the Potato Gratin Recipe.Potato Gratin Recipe:Cooking Tool: OvenIngredients: Egg, Butter, Milk, Potato *Truffle Saute: placed a pumpkin in the repertoire box in the square just before the Pumpkin Festival (Fall 30) and also go to the Festival. Gourmet will provide you the Truffle Saute Recipe.Truffle Saute Recipe:Cooking Tool: Frying PanIngredients: Truffle, Butter*Stamina Drink: in ~ some suggest in the game, the Harvest Sprites will provide you the Stamina Drink cooking recipes in the morning. They will certainly be at your door.Stamina Drink Recipe:Cooking Tool: mixing PotIngredients: Pontata Root, Honey, Red Herb*Potion: Buy one XL kitchen. (This can be purchased in ~ the Workshop as soon as you have actually a Lvl. 5 house.)Potion Recipe:Cooking Tool: mix PotIngredients: Pontata Root, Honey, green Herb*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2. Food preparation Tools~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Here room the cooking tools that need to be unlocked. Ns am details that i have all of them.*Aging Pot: watch the Potato Gratin recipe in Recipes section. Go back to the pottery shop, and Saibara will offer you one Aging Pot.Recipes: Things favor Sodas, Pickled Vegetables.*Mixing Pot: get Saibara at 5 hearts, and also see that the next day in his shop. The will offer you a mix Pot.Recipes: Things choose Stamina Helpers.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3. Crops~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Here space unlockable crops. I might not have them every yet, however I don\"t think the there is much left to unlock.*Strawberry: ship 50 cabbages, then they will certainly be in feather Farm, OR simply buy a feather Seed pouch (the range seed pouch) and plant it. There will certainly be strawberries.Recipes: This crop can be offered for things favor juices and shakes.*Bell Pepper: that can\"t be purchased, for this reason buy a autumn Seed bag (the range seed pouch) and plant it. There will be Bell Peppers.Recipes: This chop can be provided for things favor pizzas and stews.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4. Shops~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*This is all the shops and also how come unlock them.*Library: walk to a festival to check out Maria. She will open her Library in the very first summer.Description: Read books here. (Books vary upon season.)*Blacksmith: ship 1 the every ore.

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The next day, the Blacksmith will relocate in.Description: Upgrade devices cheap here. Friend can additionally bring a gem or ore to buy together a ring or brooch.*Hearty