The parents admit they were ravaged to learn their daughters were conjoined, yet only since doctors stated they might not make it.

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Rare similar triplet girls to be born in Texas over the weekend, two of lock conjoined in ~ the pelvis.

The odds of having identical triplets without fertility therapies is one in a million, if conjoined twins happen only once in every 200,000 births. That method the centregalilee.combined scenario your parents, Silvia Hernandez and Raul Torres, were faced with actually had a one in 50 million chance the occurring.

Catalina, Ximena and Scarlett were delivered by caesarean ~ above Saturday at body Christi clinical Center, at virtually 34 weeks and each weighing an identical 2.1kg.

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The conjoined babies, Scarlett and also Ximena, are linked at the pelvis. They have actually separate legs and bladders, but part of their intestines and abdominal wall surface are attached.

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Scarlett & Ximena law great!