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Dashboard lights in your Honda Civic and also their definitions can it is in intimidating for numerous Anaheim, Lake Forest, and also Laguna coast drivers, especially with so countless symbols to transaction with. Decoding each symbol deserve to be stressful and also can do anyone feel favor they’re trying to analyze a different language.

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Fortunately, there’s a means to define and also simplify every little thing you have to know around these signs thanks to this Honda public dashboard light overview from norm Reeves Honda Superstore Irvine.

Indicator light Overview

The dashboard lamp on her Honda public are beneficial tools the warn you of any automotive difficulties your car is experiencing. Some signs are specialized to alerting girlfriend of faulty parts, and others space designed to make you aware of young issues.

The lights in your auto can shine in four various colors. Those that room blue or environment-friendly are scheduled for general information. Ones the glow in orange or red show that there’s serious damages to your vehicle and action needs to it is in taken immediately.

Malfunction Symbols

Malfunction icons illuminate once there’s a serious issue with your vehicle’s interior systems. They have the right to come ~ above at any type of time and also usually remain lit, also when you’re driving. These symbols are few of the most critical ones. When you see one of these lights on your dashboard, call Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Irvine immediately to schedule her repair.

Below are some important failure indicators you need to keep one eye out for:

Brake Light: words BRAKE in red and also indicates a faulty mechanism or short fluids.Oil Light: a red oil can that warns you once you require an oil change.Battery Light: a red battery that method the component isn’t charging.Check Engine Light: one orange engine the signals emission manage problems, a loose fuel cap, or a cylinder misfire.

Condition Lights

Condition lamp are less serious but still call for your attention.

Here room a few common indications you have the right to see ~ above the dashboard of your Honda Civic:

Maintenance Minder: an orange wrench the notes once you’re due because that maintenanceSeat Belt: a guy with a seat belt in red that lets you konw to buckle upLow Fuel: a gas terminal in ornage tht advises you once you don’t have enough gasLow tire Pressure: an orange exclamation point in a circle that suggests low tires air pressure

The dashboard lights in her Honda civic are good tools the can help you administer exceptional treatment when your automobile needs the most. While knowledge their details warnings have the right to be intimidating, it’s incredibly crucial to understand what these lights average to stop costly fix bills and also a breakdown.

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If you’re from the Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, or Anaheim communities and also want much more information about this Honda civic dashboard irradiate guide, call (949) 540-1840 or visit the service department at share Reeves Honda Superstore Irvine, 16 Auto Center, and talk to our specialists to schedule your appointment and also learn more.