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I\"m certain everyone has had actually experience changing out bulbs in the previous on your CRV\"s but because this was the very first of mine on the gen 3 - I thought a small \"black pearl\" kind write up could be pretty to make the task simpler for those who will need to complete this task in the future.Tools needed:small flat screwdriver - to eliminate covermedium phillips screwdriver (or 8mm socket) - to eliminate screwrubber gloves come avoid acquiring grease\\oils top top bulb.brakelight\\tailight pear 34906-ST5-003 local honda dealership1. Open up rear hatch and locate 2 one screw housings one top, one bottom of desk lamp assembly.2. Use small flat screwdriver to eliminate cover - set aside so you don\"t shed it - duh!3. Usage either tool phillips driver or 8mm socket to eliminate screws - set aside so girlfriend don\"t lose4. Friend will should pull the entire lamp assembly turn off of the rear of the CRV. It will seem prefer it is loosened but doesn\"t really desire to come every the method off; be patient and also gently pull the unit off. You deserve to see in picture 4 the there space are 2 (4 complete on unit) fasteners -one on the lower left hand side and also one right over the lamp (which i let fall off). You need to be mindful that these fasteners deserve to come loosened and loss off that the unit, yet easily can be changed so the the unit will snap earlier into place. (see picture 5)4a. Twist desk lamp holder 1/4 revolve to release and also expose poor bulb. (see photo 6) if wearing gloves (I wasn\"t in photo), pull bulb straight out. To replace bulb, make certain to push firmly into socket together it clicks into place otherwise the bulb falls easily out that the fastener and also falls come the floor breaking so you must use the \"spare\" the you bought. Check bulb with brakes (or every little thing bulb is out) to make sure it works.5. Take bulb and replace ago into assembly unit and also turn 1/4 turn to lock earlier into place.6. Make sure that every 4 fasteners are on the light assembly unit before trying come replace earlier onto the CRV. This step is fairly redundant but trust me ns made every these mistakes... It\"s an extremely easy to acquire the assembly unit back onto the CRV vs.

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Taking it off.7. Usage phillips screwdriver to replace screws that lock assembly unit to vehicle; snap covers back into place.Total cost $7.62 for 2 bulbsTotal time 15 minutes.Mechanical skill level - easy