Fast Outline The Backdraft Exhaust for the Honda Shadow VT750s are a killer exhaust pipe architecture that is unlimited and allows you to gain the...

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Satin Babsence Cerakote Dump Out - $379.99 - $ 322.99 Chrome Dump Out - $369.99 - $ 314.49 Satin Babsence Cerakote Straight Cut - $379.99 - $ 322.99
Satin Black Cerakote Dump Out - $379.99

Chrome Dump Out - $369.99

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Satin Babsence Cerakote Straight Cut - $379.99

Fast Outline The Backdraft Exhaust for the Honda Shadow VT750s are a killer exhaust pipe style that is unlimited and also permits you to gain the many out of your Honda Shadows performance! Click below for VT600 exhaust. 


Spirit VT750DCA as much as 2007All VT750 ACE Models 1998-2003All VT750 RS Models 2010-2013VT750DC Babsence Widow 2001 - 2003 


VT750 Aero and Phantom 2004 and upVT750C2F Spirit Models VT750C2 Spirit ModelsVT750C 1983 - 1987VT600, VLX 600 All YearsVT700 All YearsVT800 All YearsYour grandmothers pright into, All years

Fits Honda Shadow Spirit and also ACE 750 through the metal appropriate side engine cover. If the appropriate side engine cover is a plastic beauty cover, these pipes will certainly not fit that year.


16Gga steel tubingTIG welded contructionTJ Brutal Customs DOM exhaust bosses3/8" thick steel collars

If your bike has the plastic right side engine cover favor the bike in this video - 04 Up Backdraft These WILL NOT FIT YOUR BIKE. 

You will certainly need exhaust gaskets as soon as installing brand-new exhaust on your Shadow bobber! You get them HERE!You will certainly need to tune your bike as soon as these have actually been installed! Be certain to pick up among our Performance Tuning Kits - Single Carb, or Dual Carb ! Otherwise, your bike will not run effectively and you run the hazard of doing major damage to your motor by running as well affluent or lean. Get that performance tuning kit PRONTO!

Do not wrap these pipes, doing so will certainly void the warranty as well as increase the opportunities of corrosion and failure. Please refer to the FAQ area for an explacountry as to why we do not wrap pipes. All pipes are handmade right here in the shop and also will certainly have actually minor differences from collection to collection, being the nature of tradition handmade parts. You might watch some plating distinctions or welding distinctions or exceptionally minute marks from the cutting of materials and also fabrication of these pipes, however all pipes have actually been checked to make sure they will have a lengthy life on your bike. Color readjust is normal on steel pipes, also when plated as they are single wall exhaust. Raw steel pipes WILL rust unless you plate or coat them.