Man, I understand we had actually a the majority of tragedies lately.I just wanna say remainder in tranquility to Aaliyah,Rest in peace to Left Eye,Rest in peace to Jam master Jay,And everybody lost in the twin Towers,And everybody lost period.All we acquired is HOPE!I great the means I to be living might stop, offer rocks,Knowing the cops is hot when I"m ~ above the block, and also IWish my brothers woulda made bail,So i won"t need to travel 6 hrs to view him in jail, and also IWish that my granny wasn"t sick,Or that us would simply come increase on part stacks and also hit a lick, and I (I wish)Wish mine homies wouldn"t need to suffer,When the streets acquire the upper had on us and also we shed a brother, and IWish I can go deep in a zone,And lift the spirits of the world with the words through in this song, and I (I wish)Wish I might teach a might teach a spirit to fly,Take away the pain the end cha hands and help you organize them hi, and IWish God never provided the guys powerTo be able to hurt the world inside the twin Towers, and also I (I wish)Wish God woulda turned castle hearts righteous,When they started to take chaste lives and also become snipers, but uhWe will never break, despite they devistate, us shall motivate,And we gotta pray, all we got is faith.Instead the thinking around who gonna die to day,The lord is gonna assist you feel better, so friend ain"t gotta cry today.Sit in ~ the irradiate so long,And then we gotta move straight forward, cuz we fight for this reason strong,So when right go wrong,Just to speak a small prayer, get ya money man, life walk on!Let"s HOPE!Cuz I"m hopeful, yes i am, hopeful for today,Take this music and also use itLet it take you away,And be positive (hopeful) and also he"ll do a wayI recognize it ain"t easy but that"s okay.Let"s be hopeful!I wish the you could show part love,Instead that hatin so lot when you check out some other civilization commin up (I wish)I great I could teach the human being to sing,Watch the music and have "em trippin that the joy I bring, (shiit)I wish the we might hold hands,Listen rather of dissin lessons from a grown man, and I (I wish)Wish the family members that lack, however got love, acquire some stacksBrand brand-new shack and also a absence that"s on dubs, and also IWish we can keep achieve wonders,See the vision of the civilization through the eyes of Stevie Wonder, (you feel me) (I wish)And i hope all the children eat, and also don"t nobody in my household see 6 feet, (ya dig)I hope them mothers stain" strong,You have the right to make it even if it is you wit the or your mans gone, and also I (I wish)Wish I might give every celly part commissary,And the po po bring the warm on castle priest choose they go R. Kelly, and also I Wish that DOC could scream againAnd bullets might reverse so Pac and Biggie breath again, (shit) (I wish)Then at some point they could speak again,I wish that we only saw good news every time us look in ~ CNN,I wish the enemies might talk,And the super homie Christopher Reeves can still walk, (I wish)I wish that we can walk a path, continue to be doin the ideal thingHustle difficult so the children maintain up in the game,Let"s HOPECHORUS (Cee-Lo)Cuz I"m hopeful, yes i am, optimistic for today,Take this music and also use itLet it take it you away,And be optimistic (hopeful) and he"ll do a wayI recognize it ain"t easy but that"s okay.Let"s be hopeful!VERSE 3 (Twista)Wish the planet wasn"t so apocalyptic, I shot to spread my blog post to the civilization the best way I can offer it,We deserve to make it constantly so optimistic,If you don"t listen gotta live mine life the best method I have the right to live it,I pray for justice as soon as we walk to court,Wish it to be all good so the country wouldn"t need to go come war,Why can"t we kick it and just gain em on,And in the well known words the Mr. King "Why can"t us all just obtain along",Or we can discover a better way to shop and please, and also IHope we discover a better way come cop a keys, and also IWish everyone would just stop and freeze, and also ask method are we fulfillin this downfalls and prophecies,You can be dorn if it"s girlfriend doubting,With the confidence of a mustard particle you deserve to move mountains,And only the heavenly father and also ease the hurt,Just let the go and also keep prayin on your knees in church!And let"s HOPECuz I"m hopeful, yes ns am, hopeful for today,Take this music and also use itLet it take it you away,And be confident (hopeful) and also he"ll do a wayI understand it ain"t easy however that"s okay.Let"s it is in hopeful!Cuz I"m hopeful, yes ns am, optimistic for today,Take this music and use itLet it take it you away,And be confident (hopeful) and also he"ll make a wayI recognize it ain"t easy yet that"s okay.Let"s be hopeful!