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Jan 8 2021

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There are countless different kinds of numbers that us come across in algebra. Several of these kinds of number are related to each other.

Before us learn how these number are concerned each other, we have to learn about them separately. In this article, you will learn about integers and their operations.Whenever you walk to another country, girlfriend will have to exchange your currency for those countries’ currency. Not only that, the worth of your money may either boost or decrease in different countries.

Because each country has various values in relation to your currency.

These positive and negative values room the building blocks that mathematics. On the number line they are stood for as follows:-


These number have many uses in real life and in math class. Friend will much better understand through the adhering to examples:

Money that we receive from somewhere together salary or gifts is included to our account and also the money the we offer someone is subtracted from our account.


When you obtain your blood push checked. It may come out to it is in high or low. A value that is over normal pressure is referred to as positive and a value that is listed below normal is called negative.

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Download the PDF to recognize the definition and properties of Integers.