It"s been years because I experienced it, however I number it"s an ext about offering him two reminders the his guilty so he"ll never forget and always stay top top a right path. (the 2 scars space from her and her fiance?)I i do not know remember if its in the TV series or manga, however I think maybe even the scars actually vanish native his face at the end, for this reason they"re there till he can be fully redeemed, or concerned the suggest where he can forgive himself.

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Hmm, 1 scar can still it is in reminder the his sins. Besides, why would certainly Tomoe if dying want to offer him something to remind him the his sins? She had fallen in love with him and already forgiven him, so she should want him to be complimentary of the shadows the his sins. :/

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In the manga version, the second scar came from Tomoe's dagger paris backward and also hitting Kenshin's cheek.In the OVA version, I've always believed Tomoe crossed the scar to stop it from bleeding. In effect, the cut from she dagger canceled the "curse" left ~ above Kenshin through Kiyosato's grudge.

LOL and also I believed she go it due to the fact that she was dying and wasn't in her right mind. Ah me and also my mundane explanations.
RedSwordHeart said:In the manga version, the second scar come from Tomoe's dagger flying backward and also hitting Kenshin's cheek.In the OVA version, I've always believed Tomoe crossed the scar to protect against it indigenous bleeding. In effect, the cut from her dagger canceled the "curse" left top top Kenshin through Kiyosato's grudge.
yFANTgirl said:LOL and also I thought she go it because she to be dying and also wasn't in her best mind. Ah me and also my mundane explanations.

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I'd speak it was not just to release the effects of the first scar but likewise to leaving him with a permanent note of remembrance, something to look at everyday and also remind himself not to kill again.
Confucius said:Yes, my translate was an ext like a "cancellation" impact on Kiyosato"s inflected wound
I"d honestly have to agree that this is what the character to be going for.After see Akira"s shade bring the flower to her, it appeared that stood for some type of closure because that Tomoe and Akira, as if he told her "I don"t want you to live in guilt, It"s ok to relocate on". What was stopping her from jumping in to assist Kenshin was the guilt end loving Akira"s murderer. After that vanished, she immeaditely exploited the opportunity to save Kenshin from a specific death.That in mind, ns think she really did "cross" the "line" the end in his face since she love him, and she didn"t desire him to be so absorbed in his guilt as to not store living and fightning to protect human being without killing like he told her he would do. He would certainly be in remarkable pain, favor he said, but at the very least his guilt wouldn"t it is in so strong for damaging her happiness.Also, ns think the reality that his scar stops bleeding points to the theory that this to be what Tomoe was intending - after all, she likewise embraces that to lull him even after death.PS:Sorry because that the bump, but I simply watched this anime recently and also It"s that kind of an effective anime the I just need to speak about!