Cougarlife is one online dating website which is really popular to find the perfect life partner. If you got your life partner and want to delete cougarlife account permanently then you are at the appropriate place.

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In this article I to be going come tell friend how to delete cougarlife account permanently. If friend don’t desire cougarlife account anymore you deserve to delete it permanently or likewise you deserve to temporarily deactivate it.

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In reality temporary deactivating the cougarlife account is the best an option because friend can constantly reactivate cougarlife account in future easily.


But if girlfriend think deactivating the account is the far better option then deleting account. Climate you are right. Since once the account is turned off there is no way to access back.

I am sure that in future girlfriend will call for your dating account to uncover a partner and creating the new account is a an extremely frustrating task. You have to submit a most information and pictures and also it will take 24 hours to activate the account.

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So always deactivate cougarlife account instead of deleting the account. Fine if you want to momentary delete cougarlife account climate follow the below steps.

Step 1. Login to her account, click on the avatar on the optimal right and also select My Account Settings native the dropdown menu

Step 2. click on the “Account” tab

Step 3. click Deactivate your account, and then click the bottom attach (“If you room sure you want to deactivate her account, click here.”)

Step 4. Click the Deactivate account button. If you still want to proceed, click the OK choice to deactivate her account

Congrats, friend have successfully temporarily deleted her cougarlife account. Girlfriend can always reactivate her account by just logging right into cougarlife account anytime as soon as you need.

FAQ (Frequently inquiry Question)

Q. 1 How to delete cougarlife account permanently?

Ans. Monitor the steps over to delete cougarlife date account permanently.

Q. 2 can i reopen account when i turned off it?

Ans. No, one the account is turned off you space not may be to recover the account in any type of condition. If you need the account later on then deactivate the account instead of deleting.

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Q. 3 Why i Can’t maybe to access my account?

Ans. There space multiple reason favor your account has actually been blocked because of violating terms or your account has actually been canceled or deleted.

Q.4 Why my profile information acquired changed?

Ans. All profiles must fulfill the adhering to guidelines:

Profiles can not contain an individual contact details – including email addresses, phone numbers, addresses or websites.