Life rafts are provided as a life-saving appliance ~ above every seagoing seller or passenger ship, in addition to the lifeboats.

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Life rafts room much less complicated to launch 보다 lifeboats. In case of emergencies, evacuation from the ship can be excellent without manually launching any type of of them, as the life rafts space designed v an auto-inflatable system.

SOLAS thing III gives all the details for types and the number of life rafts come be carried as per the dimension and type of the ship.


Launching of a liferaft as soon as the ship sinks and HRU activates (Auto)

A general overview that the launching procedure that a liferaft once the delivery sinks are:

When the ship sinks as much as 4 metres, the water pressure will activate a spicy knife in the HRUIt will cut the securing rope about the container/canister of the raft, and the raft will certainly float freeAs the ship sinks further, the painter line will certainly stretch, and it will inflate the life raftDue to the increase in buoyant pressure, the weak attach will rest at roughly 2.2 kN +/- 0.4, and also the raft will be ~ above the surface

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Launching the life raft manually

Take out the artist of the raftFasten it to the ship next at a strong pointRemove the railing and also check overboard for any obstructionsUnfasten the hook native the cradleTwo human being can background the life raft and also throw that overboardAfter that is thrown, pull the painter sharp till the life raft inflatesWith the painter, pull it towards the ship sideLower the embarkation ladder or jump directly onto the life raft relying on the situation and also the time in ~ handSit order vast face to face to prevent any type of imbalanceTake a headcountCut the painter making use of the knife given and also the paddle or the anchor, clear away from the ship.

If the life raft inflates and also it is upside down, the raft has actually a to the right strap capable of stability it. Rise onto the CO2 cylinder and pull it in the exact same direction together the wind to perform so.

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Launching the life raft through the davit

Remove ship’s handrailRemove lashings from the containerLower the davit and lock it v the lifting shackleSecure canister present outboardSecure browsing linePull the artist out roughly 5-6 metresSecure the artist linePull the complete length the the painterNow background the life raft canister to some heightPull the artist sharply and also let it inflateAfter that inflates, for sure the liferaftOne human should go in and also make some checksCollect the SART and also EPIRBGo inside and also sit evenlyRelease the bowsing line and pass to the raftCheck if the launching area is clearLower the raft making use of the brake releaseOperate hook relax 1m above the water or allow the raft come ride a stakes of the tide to put the load on the water, and also it will instantly releaseCut the painter and also clear away

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