If you’re going come be utilizing a the majority of enchanted weapons and armor in Skyrim, you’re walking to uncover that you’ll require Souls Gems. In this guide, we’ll operation you with how come fill soul Gems in Skyrim, as well as what castle do, for this reason you know why you’d want them in the very first place.

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As we eluded come above, spirit Gems are provided for enchanting weapons and also armor or recharging formerly enchanted weapons. Heart Gems come in six various variants. The different of soul Gem you have actually will identify what souls have the right to be trapped inside it. We’ve listed these alongside the variants below:

Petty – Holds creature souls below level 4.Lesser – hold souls below level 16.Common – Holds biology souls listed below level 28.Greater – stop souls below level 38.Grand – Holds any soul, not included humanoids.Black – Holds any type of soul, consisting of humanoids.

Getting soul Gems in Skyrim

There are a couple of ways you can obtain Soul Gems. The an initial is to death mages and also other enemy species that commonly use magic, and also looting their corpses.


You can likewise get them by just purchasing them indigenous magic shops, court wizards, and members of the university of Winterhold. Lock can also just it is in randomized prey in containers you find scattered transparent the world.

Soul Gems obtained this method can be empty or full, meaning you may have the ability to use lock immediately. You can examine if they’re complete or north by checking it in your inventory.

Finally, it’s feasible to mine heart Gems in Blackreach’s Dwemer secret realm. To perform this, you’ll require to discover a Geode Deposit and interact v it. Any type of Soul jewel you acquire this way will it is in empty, for this reason you’ll need to fill them prior to they have the right to be used.

You can’t usage a soul Gem once its empty, though. You’ll have to trap souls in ~ the gem chin in order to use it for enchanting or recharging your weapons and armor.

Filling heart Gems in Skyrim

To fill heart Gems in Skyrim, you’ll have to use the spirit Trap spell. This is an Apprentice level order in the Conjuration institution of magicka.

Once you’ve unlocked this spell, every you should do is usage it on an enemy, and then loss it through an empty heart Gem in your inventory. Girlfriend can additionally enchant a weapon v the heart Trap assignment to conserve you having actually to usage the order separately.

As lengthy as the enemy beat grants a spirit that fits in ~ the spirit Gem, it’ll fill it. Down below, you’ll uncover a perform of all creatures that provide souls, and also which kind of spirit Gem they’ll fill.

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All Soul species in Skyrim
CreatureWhat spirit Gem castle Fill
Alpha WolfLesser
Ash HopperLesser
Ash SpawnCommon
Ash spawn ImmolatorGrand
burned SprigganGreater
cavern BearCommon
Chaurus HunterGreater
Chaurus ReaperCommon
Corrupted ShadeGrand
Dragon PriestGrand
Draugr death OverlordGreater / Grand
Draugr DeathlordGreater / Grand
Draugr OverlordLesser
Draugr ScourgeCommon
Draugr Scourge LordCommon
Draugr WightLesser
Falmer GloomlurkerCommon
Falmer NightprowlerCommon
Falmer ShadowmasterCommon
Falmer SkulkerLesser
Falmer WarmongerGrand
flame AtronachLesser
Frost AtronachCommon
Frost TrollCommon
frostbite SpiderPetty
huge Frostbite SpiderLesser
Guardian SaerekGrand
Guardian TorstenGrand
Hulking DraugrCommon
ice cream WolfLesser
ice cream WraithLesser
Restless DraugrLesser
Riekling ChargerGrand
Sabre CatLesser
eye BearCommon
Snowy Sabre CatLesser
Spectral WarhoundLesser
Spriggan planet MotherGreater
Spriggan MatronCommon
Storm AtronachGreater
Wounded frostbite SpiderLesser

Black heart Gems can be to fill with any type of of the over souls, alongside the following:

Any personality from the 10 playable racesDremoraForsworn BriarheartSoul FissuresVampire

That’s whatever you need to recognize on filling soul Gems in Skyrim. For much more tips, tricks, and guides top top the game, be certain to examine out more of ours coverage below.