Whenever I interpret the indigenous ambitious digital I always get "ambicioso". But in Mexica in ~ least, every time ns hear it has actually a very negative connatation and it usually equates to something choose greedy. What is the correct method to translate "ambitious" together we use it in the USA, which is with a really posotive connotation? -edit sorry if this has currently been answered.

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In Spain, "ambitious" is "ambicioso" and only has a connotative meaning depending ~ above the context. "Greed" is "codicia" o "avaricia", and the world with greed are "codiciosos" or "avariciosos/avaros". The ambitious human being have "ambición" instead.

In Spain, "codicioso" and also "avaricioso"/"avaro" are much more connotative 보다 "ambicioso".

Ambicioso is definitely (but not always) provided in Spain to signify a an adverse quality. In my language of English, to be "ambitious" is typically perceived as a confident or neutral quality. Something comparable happens through "motivado". Come be urged in English is a 100% hopeful quality. In peninsular Spanish, that's not the case--especially in the noun form--ser un motivado--which is basically an insult because that someone who cares too lot or tries also hard.

I think civilization will recognize your intentionally as lengthy as you provide context. Because that example, if you say "yo creo que este idea es ambiciosa" world will understand you think it's a daunting task/idea, and also you're no describing anything as greedy. But if you to speak "Francisco es un ambicioso. No le importa nadie más que él mismo." It's noticeable you space calling Francisco greedy.

In various other words, it deserve to mean both in Spanish, uneven in English wherein it only has one basic meaning.

Here in Mexico, ambicioso deserve to have both meanings. Because that something prefer "David is a an extremely ambitious man", provided the appropriate context David es un hombre muy ambicioso works simply fine, however if you want to be much more explicit, on the safer side, you could say something choose David es un hombre con grandes aspiraciones.

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