How go one to speak "Happy Travels" in German?I"ve purchased a quite travel guide for a friend, for Germany, and also I desire to create "Happy Travels" or "Happy Traveling" in German in the prior of the book.What execute Germans say??? thanks friends!

Jul 29th, 2009, 07:04 PM
"Gute Reise"

Jul 29th, 2009, 07:21 PM
Please don"t to speak Schein. Obtained to the BBC or Travlang website and learn just how to pronounce Schön properly. Ns don"t know exactly how to compose it the end here, yet Schein is so not good.

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That"s actually pretty close, yet there"s no "r" almost everywhere in it. Thanks, ns couldn"t think of exactly how to describe it.
StCirq--Well, over there is no precise English equivalent to the unlauted-o. I have been teach to express it somewhere between uuuh and urrr, through the r"s never quite obtaining vocalized.
Nope, certainly not also a hint of an "r." You do hear world all the moment inserting that sound, but that doesn"t do it right. It"s difficult for English speakers to do the ö sound, ns think, for this reason they instead of the "r."
It"s an "almost r" in terms of lip and also tongue shape and also placement. Yet you cut it off just before the rrr component of the r is actually vocalized. Tough. If you don"t learn it from birth, it"s really daunting to gain it later. It"s prefer the difficulty Koreans have with the English "F" sound, or the infamous "R/L" concern for plenty of east Asians.I remember years earlier in a Seoul restaurant once the waiter asked if ns would choose a "Huanta." Well, I always like to shot local food and also drink--and ended up v a bottle of orange Fanta soda pop.
I agree through Paul1590 re lip/tongue form & placement have the right to make Ön sound favor ern (very soft /silent r)There"s likewise no r in pizza, yet if you closed your eyes and also listened come some brand-new Yorkers you"d be persuaded there was.And there room plenty that r"s in "Park the car in Harvard Yard", yet you"d never know it.

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If you"re place lip or toungue choose in "r" come say "ö" there"s definitivly something not correct wth your pronunciation. It need to be round lips, the toungue emotional your lower teeths and the sound forming right between your lips. No "r" at every
As othe_s have w_itten, fo_ most non-native speake_s, the is difficult to do ce_tain sounds as a native does. Isn"t being unde_stood the impo_tant thing, not t_ying to pass as a aboriginal speake_?(Even in English, friend can communicate with or there is no making the "r" sound!!)
It"s a very an easy sound, just kind your mouth as if you"d choose to whistle. It"s not difficult to make any type of sound of any type of language, if you simply examine exactly how a indigenous speakers mouth and also lips and lung kind that sound. Also Prof. Higgins might teach it.

Keep the lips and tongue regarding say "O", yet say E (from d_E_stination). Sorry, I can not explain better, English is not my native language.
Go to this site for the suitable pronunciation, assuming the you spell that correctly: Danke schön

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